Secularism And Atheism

While it is not the end of the world if we do not use words about philosophy in exactly the way someone else does, these two words have some importance in our arguments about religion.  I am guilty of not using the words precisely.

One of the funniest things Newt Gingrich said during his bungled campaign for the Presidency is that his grandchildren may have to live in a secular, atheist country dominated by Islam.   How one could have an secular, atheist country that was Islamic is a mystery to me.

Technically, secularism has nothing to do with either being religious or being not religious.  It is about a government that is not religious.  Thus, the very successful organization, Americans for the Separation of Church and State, is headed up by a minister.  As I recall, it was founded by people who belonged to churches, not atheists.

It seems to be in the interests of some clergy and politicians like Gingrich to confuse people about the meaning of secularism.  They do this by mixing it together with atheism, and even with the religion of Islam.

Some atheists mix them together also.  There are unbelievers who do not want religion to be available to anyone.  If this were the case, they say, we would have a “secular” country.  It would be more accurate to call it an atheist country.

Thus, a secular country could be dominated by either religious and not religious people.  The founding fathers, in fact, seemed to have this in mind.

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  1. Mark

    Praise God for the God driven and motived founding fathers of this great nation. Atheist or creationist have the same desire absolute truth set us free.

  2. It would seem that by definition, there can’t be a theocracy that fits the description of “secular”, so it’s difficult to envision a secular nation that bases its governing values on a faith. I think the distinction lies nearer to where the citizens are allowed the freedom to practice any faith they wish, or none at all, but that the government is self-prohibited from officially acknowledging any faith (or none) as preferable, or even as truth. In defiance of these and other tenets of our constitution, the christian movement is attempting to blur the lines between fact and fiction. discredit science, renounce and/or criminalize some of our rights & freedoms as immoral or outright criminal, and provide us with nothing more than a faith-based environment where once again heresy is punishable by death. I’m by no means a conspiracy theorist or even a radical, but my humble observations over the past six decades have given me in recent times much cause for concern.This is a truly disturbing trend.

  3. Some day humans may evolve to a point that they will slough off the smothering skins of politic and religion. Those two have exacted death, torture and angst for centuries, but still our habit is to include them in our lives.

      1. Some people would say we are living in troubled times. The parody industry, however, is booming (A Face Book page):

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