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Hobby Lobby Lost the Argument?

The general consensus is that Hobby Lobby has won in its objection to paying for birth control medicine in its health care plan. (This medicine is also used for other purposes.) A Christian writes in the link that for all the … Continue reading

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What is Inerrancy, Why is it so Popular?

I’m not an authority on the vocabulary within the study of Christianity. There is literalism, which seems to be taking every word of the Bible as truth. Inerrancy is something a little lighter, but not much. At least one version … Continue reading

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Germans are Finding Church Isn’t Worth the Money.

Some folks resist the notion churches are just another part of the marketplace. In Germany, a new tax on churches is causing people to resign their church memberships. The German church-going public is making it clear the money for church involves a … Continue reading

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How Some Atheists Avoid Death.

I have always assumed religious people are the ones who talk of life after death and those who do not believe cannot also believe there is such a thing. Now I’ve realized this is not true. Apparently, lots of nonbelievers think there … Continue reading

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Anti Abortion Politics Will Not Support ALS Cure Fund Raising.

Anti abortion politics is the most brutal of all politics. It is, literally, a take no prisoners kind of politics. Some parts it say, “If a mother might die from the birth, let’er die. The fetus is more important.”  When it comes … Continue reading

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Economics and Religion: Why There is Mary.

There is one aspect of religion that reappears over and over again. It is that the people in the pews write the sermon from the pulpit.  This happens because people join and donate to the churches which have sermons they like. Churches with unpopular … Continue reading

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Finally, the Truth About God.

We all enjoy a writer we agree with.  I’m especially happy when the writer takes the same contrary-to-conventional-wisdom I have written about.  In this case, I’ve written about it countless times. The link is a review of a book, Our Great Big American … Continue reading

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Semi Literalists are the New Norm.

Semi literalists, those who believe some of the Bible must be taken literally and some of it not, seem to have gained the upper hand in my lifetime. Though they represent progress from literalism, I don’t see how they will be able to stand … Continue reading

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“Fear is the mother of all Gods.”

This quote is attributed to Titus Lucretius Carus in 60 BCE. I recall the first time I ever heard of a relationship between fear/uncertainty and religion.  An economics professor explained religion has flourished more in rural areas than urban.  This is because, he said, there … Continue reading

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Is There “Circumstantial Evidence” Jesus Came Back to Life?

One of our readers made the argument recently there is “circumstantial evidence” that make a convincing case for the historical accuracy of Bible stories.  Circumstantial evidence is different from direct evidence.  Direct evidence would be someone observing a murder first … Continue reading

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