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“So the last shall be first and the first shall be last.”

Before the United Church of Christ pastor read John 20:1-16 this morning, he joked, “This scripture ticks some people off.” Jesus tells of a wealthy vineyard owner who hires laborers off the street. He hires some in the morning and others later in the afternoon. When the … Continue reading

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The Satanists are Coming.

Those of us who are skeptics, atheists, etc., cannot find evidence of a superior being. We know well that individuals feel and see superior beings in dreams and visions.  But since not everyone present experiences this, the only conclusion we can … Continue reading

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Why are There U. S. Flags in Church Sanctuaries?

I wonder if Hindus and Pagans have U. S. flags in their places of worship. I can’t recall a church I have been in that did not display the U.S. and Christian flags.  I never gave it a thought until I read the … Continue reading

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Probability and the Bible.

Richard Carrier does a novel thing when he discusses the difficulties of knowing who lived and what they did in ancient times. There is a lot of information about some things and virtually none about others. When it comes to … Continue reading

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I Wish There Were Agreement on What We Mean by Evidence.

What constitutes evidence in religion? I’ve been reading two  scholars, Bart Ehrman and Richard Carrier. Carrier spoke at our  Zeteticon conference last week. Ehrman’s field is the New Testament. He reads original languages and has in his head endless threads of religious thought. … Continue reading

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The Majority of Adults are Not Married and Moving Downtown.

The future of any religion depends, not on whether it is or is not the “truth”, but whether it is perceived as the truth. How religion happens to be perceived by broad swaths of the population at any moment in time depends, in … Continue reading

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Really, Religious Instruction to Young People Should Include This.

A bit more on euhemerism. I would guess no Christian training of youth includes facts about how and why myths are spread. Yet, for people to apply critical thinking they should be aware, and skeptical, of what is being sold to them. King Arthur, probably … Continue reading

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The Bible as History in Disguise.

This weekend at the Zeteticon conference I tried to master the word, euhemerism. Euhemerism, as defined by Wikipedia, is in part, “..mythological characters as historical personages but which were shaped, exaggerated or altered by retelling and traditional mores.” Euhemerism was practiced regularly in … Continue reading

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The Contest Ahead is Between Islam and Atheism.

I’m often chastised here because I write about the Christian religion and not about Islam. I do this because the Christian religion is the one I encounter. Parts of it try continually to put its beliefs into government. There are … Continue reading

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The Christian Right and Declines in Denominations.

Cause and effect in social change is not easy to establish. There are  many changes going on at any moment. Statistical methods help narrow the likely causes, but sometimes several explanations for some change remain. The link defends conservative branches of Christianity by pointing … Continue reading

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