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Politicians Can Teach Christianity How to Succeed.

President Obama is the first President to recognize in a speech people of no faith. He is now navigating a fault line within the Muslim faith. Like gay marriage has moved across the U. S. state by state, data on religious beliefs shows something … Continue reading

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Economists and Theologians.

I had forgotten from my student days how often the Almighty showed up in the field called The History of Economic Thought. Today there are still factions on both the religious left and the right who both blame societies ills on economics … Continue reading

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The Lesson from ISIS.

There is a lot of concern just now about the spread of Islam.  It’s moving from country to country by the power of the sword. Some Muslims have crowed they will take Rome in time. We all know the branch of Islam … Continue reading

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It’s Come to This: Religious Rules About Rest Rooms.

The reason those of us outside the faith get our hackles up about religion in government is that there are factions within the faith that have no concept of boundaries.  To them, the power of government is the way they can … Continue reading

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A Judeo/Christian Absolute That has Been Changed. More to Come.

Several times every day someone must say, “The truth of the Bible never changes. Society changes but we Christians do not.” One of many rules changed over time is working on Sunday. The Bible condemns working on Sunday under no uncertain terms. The link refers the … Continue reading

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Rand Paul Refuses the Opportunity to be a Fake Evangelical.

While I did not watch the interview of Rand Paul on the Christian site, I found an atheist’s review of his comments most fascinating. Those who interviewed him expected the usual response to questions such as, “What led you to … Continue reading

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San Francisco Catholic Students Challenge Their Archbishop.

Students in S.F. protested against the backward views of their Archbishop on homosexuality. Young people who are skeptical of their church’s teaching have the same dilemma as their parents. Do they stay in the church and try to change it? … Continue reading

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Preachers, Spread God’s Word Through Gay Marriages.

Marriage has always been a responsibility of government. In earlier times, and still today in some places, marriages are arranged by those in authority. They are arranged by the tribal leaders or by families which are the government. Religion elbowed its way into marriage from … Continue reading

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Home Schooling and Culture Wars.

It seems logical that parents should have the right to school their children at home. Also, it seems logical the quality of schooling the children get should allow those children to complete with others in their later work life. We’ve … Continue reading

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Iowa’s Republican Rep. Steve King Admits God Might Prefer Hillary

Recently, just a 15 minute walk from where I live, a branch of the Republican Party held what was billed as the Iowa Freedom Summit. It was organized by Rep. Steve King who does not represent this area of the … Continue reading

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