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Atheists Meet in Salt Lake City on Easter Sunday

This Easter weekend, the American Atheists are meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.  This is the heart of Mormon country. A few years ago they met in Des Moines, IA, and before that Minneapolis, MN, always on Easter weekend.  I … Continue reading

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Moral Failings of Christianity; The Slippery Portrayal of Pontius Pilate.

The most interesting takes on Christianity are sometimes on Jewish sites.  There you can come across observations of changes in the New Testament portrayal of the character Pontius Pilate.  When you see it, and figure out why it happened, it’s not Christianity’s proudest moment. Pilate, as … Continue reading

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How to Decide if Something in the Bible Might be True or Not.

Bart Ehrman, a New Testament scholar, has a methodology for deciding the probability of any part of the NT is fact or fiction. We have to remember even with Ehrman’s methodology, there is still scant evidence of what happened a couple of thousand … Continue reading

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The Bible and Homosexual Marriage.

Some religious leaders have been hammering on homosexual marriage for decades now.  Once in a while, someone such as this link, challenges the conventional wisdom homosexual marriage is condemned in the Bible. The references in the Bible of same sex acts … Continue reading

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A Refreshingly Simple Way to Explain the Changes in Christianity.

On this blog, and on the discussion page, various factions of Christianity are discussed, ”fundamentalists”, “evangelicals”, “pentecostals”, “literalists” and other variations.  This will continue, but I came across a simple way to explain  realignment in the faith in a political or applied sense. It is that … Continue reading

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Why All the Doubt in the Bible About the Risen Jesus?

Bart Ehrman points to the lack of discussion among Biblical scholars as to why there was so much doubt expressed in the Bible about the risen Jesus.  The question is, why would there be any doubt at all when someone you knew … Continue reading

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Ancient Parchment With Jesus’ Wife Comment found to be Authentic.

After a couple of years of back and forth, the ancient piece of writing referring to Jesus’ wife has now been verified as being from as late as the 6th century to as early as the 4th century.  The Catholic … Continue reading

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There are as Many Skeptics About the Bible as There are Believers.

How can it be that even though the Bible is said to be “the word of God”,  there are now as many skeptics as believers?  Surely, if it is the word of God, one cannot be skeptical. In my thinking, what opens the … Continue reading

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Why Did Chick fil a Cross the Road?

There is this old joke, “Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?  A: To get to the other side.” The same could be said about both the modern Chick fil a and Liberty University.  They both want to get … Continue reading

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What is God Thinking Right Now?

I know Christians are not supposed to “know the mind of God”.  They aften do say they know, however.  Since I’m outside the tent, I think it’s OK for me to speculate. Now, I’ve not seen evidence there is either … Continue reading

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