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Critical Review of Bart Ehrman.

The link is a review of Bart Ehrman’s most recent book, How Jesus Became God.  The reviewer, a New Testament scholar like Ehrman, correctly summarizes Ehrman’s case.  That is Jesus, a relatively unimportant itinerate Jewish preacher, became a god after his death.  … Continue reading

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Countries That Require a Religion for Public Officeholders.

I had always thought the majority of countries in the world required office holders to be of some particular religion.  It turns out only 15%. The majority of these are Muslim countries, seventeen of them.  There are two that require … Continue reading

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The Computer Squeezes the Church in Two Ways.

The link reviews an article written many years ago, long before the web was carried around in a phone.  We all know what has happened, technology has taken away leisure time, not made more of it. The priest who wrote the link was … Continue reading

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Is This the New and Improved Catholic Church?

My first experience in graduate school was studying a now mostly lost branch of economics called “Institutional Economics.”  It was heavily influenced by both sociology and political science. It studied the actual goal of institutions versus their stated goal.  I wonder … Continue reading

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Why Does the Bible Advise the Faithful to Push the Word onto Others?

I think there is an explanation as to why the ancients who wrote the Bible said believers should be pushy with others about spreading the faith.  They, obviously, had some success doing this.   I don’t see much success today spreading … Continue reading

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Different Biblical Authors With Different Goals in Mind.

People like me read the Bible with this assumption in mind:  Its authors aimed at a specific audience and had a specific objective they wanted to achieve. This is illustrated in the portrayal of Jesus on the way to the cross in the Books called … Continue reading

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Nonbelievers, What Would You “Pray” at the Beginning of a Public Meeting?

The U. S. Supreme Court has ruled prayers can be held prior to a public meeting if the opportunity is passed around.  This means atheists and others occasionally will speak as well.  Since they have no one to pray to, they will say something else. But, what? … Continue reading

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Was the Writing Used by Biblical Authors, the “Word of God?”

A million times a day someone says the Bible is the word of God.  It said to be sacred writing.  Some go further and say it is a historical record.   The question is, did the writers think of each other’s writing as the sacrosanct … Continue reading

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The Christian Right’s Goal is to Have Government Meddle in Our Private Lives.

At least three states have had legislation introduced which will mean law enforcement will play some role in investigating miscarriages.  There are other ways the Christian right wants to get government into our private lives. In North Dakota, the November ballot … Continue reading

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500th Anniversary of the Protestant Referendum.

There are articles making the rounds on the web these days discussing this anniversary.  Much of the gazillions of work published about this event centered on arguments in theology and personalities.  Not so much have been published about how people … Continue reading

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