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The Success of Conservative Politics: Fusing Opposites.

There are two trade marks of U. S. conservatism. One is free markets which are to a lessor or greater degree, libertarianism.  The other is enforcement of social norms which is largely putting religious values into law. The two are completely … Continue reading

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Ancient Depictions of Pagan Gods in Jewish Synagogues

The discovery of drawings on the floors of synagogues used for worship during pre Jesus times adds to the mystery of what Jews, and later Christians, really believed. The drawings depict symbols that appear to reflect pagans gods.  It hints early Jews worshipped more than one … Continue reading

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The Most Hurtful and Cruel Practice of the Catholic Church.

In the 1970′s retired Pope Benedict wrote that the Church needs to live with two opposing ideas. One is that marriage is forever and the divorced who then remarry are no longer in good standing with the Church.  The other is that … Continue reading

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Religions Within Religions. Those Troublesome Boundaries.

Veronica Lucken was a housewife in Queens, New York City, who regularly channeled with the Virgin Mary.  She would gather her Catholic followers, work herself into a trance and relay apocalyptic messages from Mary. She died in the 1990′s. Her loyal band of followers split … Continue reading

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The Death of Marcus Borg.

Marcus Borg, Professor and author, died recently at the age of 72. He leaves behind a large body of work and ideas. Borg’s time at Concordia College overlapped with mine at NDSU–both in the Fargo-Moorhead metro area. He spent much of his … Continue reading

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Republican Candidates Need a New Sin.

A pattern that has been repeated over and over again since the beginning of Christianity is happening again. One sin fades from popular condemnation and the search begins for another. At what was called a Republican Party “Freedom Rally”, six … Continue reading

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To Anti Abortionists, Here’s How Politics Works.

The term, “War Against Women”, was not used by the Republican women who forced the withdrawal of an anti abortion bill from the U. S. House of Representatives this past week. But, the message was there. If a law complicates efforts of women … Continue reading

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The Crisis of Authority in Christianity.

There are hundreds of books and blogs every day about Christian ideas. I find myself scanning all of these for writers who grapple with an over view of what is going on in the faith. As I’ve explained here Christianity is a product of … Continue reading

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Jesus Drank Alcohol.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages has been included among the serious sins in Christianity of the last century or so. Within Alcoholics Anonymous, a spiritual source is called on to treat addiction. Methodists, Mormons and Southern Baptists are among the big temperance names. Islam holds … Continue reading

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Liberal Catholics Say Immigration Reform is Pro Life.

A continual problem for anti abortion politicians is that there are so many simpler ways to save lives than stopping abortion. Their preoccupation with abortion reveals they are not really interested in saving “lives”, but politics. Lives are lost in preventable accidents and … Continue reading

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