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Oral History; My Own Experience.

The topic of oral history comes up in the season of the resurrection. Even though I’m no longer a public official, I still have the opportunity to visit with people who are, or were, commonly in the news.  I ask … Continue reading

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Bart Ehrman’s Book Reviewer Had Not Read It.

Bart Ehrman just published a book called, How Jesus Became God.  I had just about finished reading the book when several readers here joyfully posted links of a review by Catholic Priest, Robert Barron. Barron is a go-to Catholic interviewee on … Continue reading

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Apostle Paul Loved Government.

When I was a Mayor, I said and did lots of things different parts of the community did not like. I never understood religious fundamentalists who would complain vigorously about what I was doing but end with something like, “We respect and intend … Continue reading

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At Easter, like in the Movies, the Underdog to Wins.

The story of the resurrection is like the many sports movies where the skinny little kid comes in wins the big game.  Or, the nobody horse wins the Triple Crown. Or, the Rocky movies.  It’s always a good story. Here is … Continue reading

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The Affordable Health Care Act and Abortions.

Economics teaches us that virtually everything is rationed.  There is not enough land, labor or productive capacity (called “capital” in economics) to produce endless amounts of everything.  There are markets ( stores, internet, etc.) which put higher prices on things  most needed. It was common … Continue reading

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Atheists Meet in Salt Lake City on Easter Sunday

This Easter weekend, the American Atheists are meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.  This is the heart of Mormon country. A few years ago they met in Des Moines, IA, and before that Minneapolis, MN, always on Easter weekend.  I … Continue reading

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Moral Failings of Christianity; The Slippery Portrayal of Pontius Pilate.

The most interesting takes on Christianity are sometimes on Jewish sites.  There you can come across observations of changes in the New Testament portrayal of the character Pontius Pilate.  When you see it, and figure out why it happened, it’s not Christianity’s proudest moment. Pilate, as … Continue reading

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How to Decide if Something in the Bible Might be True or Not.

Bart Ehrman, a New Testament scholar, has a methodology for deciding the probability of any part of the NT is fact or fiction. We have to remember even with Ehrman’s methodology, there is still scant evidence of what happened a couple of thousand … Continue reading

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The Bible and Homosexual Marriage.

Some religious leaders have been hammering on homosexual marriage for decades now.  Once in a while, someone such as this link, challenges the conventional wisdom homosexual marriage is condemned in the Bible. The references in the Bible of same sex acts … Continue reading

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A Refreshingly Simple Way to Explain the Changes in Christianity.

On this blog, and on the discussion page, various factions of Christianity are discussed, ”fundamentalists”, “evangelicals”, “pentecostals”, “literalists” and other variations.  This will continue, but I came across a simple way to explain  realignment in the faith in a political or applied sense. It is that … Continue reading

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