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Why Would Jesus Tell Followers Not to Condemn When It’s So Much Fun?

There is a standard way to practice Christianity. The Christian says there are parts of the Bible and the message of Christianity he like, and parts he dislikes. Those parts he likes are the what the faith is really about. Some people like others parts, … Continue reading

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Forgery, Adding Fuel to the Skeptic’s Fire.

People do change their minds. But, when we’re talking “the word of God” is seems like we ought to know what that word is. Thessalonians I and II in the Bible have different messages about the end of the world. … Continue reading

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The Influnece of Economics on Religion is Unrelenting.

The announcement recently that the Catholic Dioceses in both New York City and Chicago will be shuttering vast numbers of churches, perhaps over 20%, and consolidating them with others is driven by economics. The New York Diocese has mentioned declining church … Continue reading

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The Movie, “God’s Not Dead.” A Review.

Early in 2014 the movie, God’s Not Dead, was released. It is a low budget film and has made spectacular profits. At an atheists’ breakfast gathering, several of us watched the movie. Though others laughed heartily, the movie explained a … Continue reading

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Pope to the Catholic Clergy Bureaucracy, Back Off, Back Out.

A piece on the web says the largest crisis in the Catholic Church is not sexual abuse or the cover ups. The worst problem is an over arching one, that clergy have taken over areas reserved for laity. The writer, a Professor of … Continue reading

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Interfaith Marriages, How Do They Handle It?

I using using the term, interfaith, as between but two distinct religious traditions. That would be Christian/Muslim, Christian/Jewish, Christian/ Hindu, Christian/atheist and all the other combinations. They always face the question of what to do about their children. I suppose some couples would … Continue reading

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Joy to the World, But Don’t Mess With Orthodoxy.

Probably most readers have not heard of Rob Bell and could care less. I find him one of the most interesting figures in religion. He had a very large church, sold lots of books and then left that church. Now he will have a talk show … Continue reading

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Government Removes Marriage Question.

It’s my impression gay marriage is moving out of the news. Perhaps when the last few states remove prohibitions against it there will be but a sentence or two in the papers. An interesting thing happened recently about all marriage. … Continue reading

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The Kind of Woman Catholic and Conservative Protestant Hierarchies Hate.

Elizabeth Holmes started a company from scratch while a college freshman at Stanford. She quickly dropped out of college to manage the company. She is now worth several  billion dollars.  She is thirty years old. While a student, she invented … Continue reading

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Where The Christian Faith is Headed.

I see a parallel between mega star preacher, Joel Osteen, and the liberal wing of the Christian faith. It seems inevitable that somewhere along the line they are bound to link up and be a force to contend with. An article by a … Continue reading

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