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I am a former President of the Red River Freethinkers in Fargo, ND, a retired NDSU economics professor and was Mayor of Fargo for 16 years. There is more about me at

What Does God’s Voice Sound Like? What Will He Look Like When He Returns?

If you were to make a movie that included the voice of God, would you make the voice clear, muffled, high pitched, low pitched or with an echo chamber? They have all been used. I read today a discussion of what … Continue reading

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Christian Conservatives Deliver Themselves into the Hands of Their Enemies.

Albert Mohler of the Southern Baptist Convention now agrees same sex attractions are not the choice of an individual.  This admission means there is now no place to hide. Agreeing that there is no choice in one’s sexual orientation is like admitting there … Continue reading

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God is Talking to Republican Presidential Candidates Again.

Lots of candidates for President have told us God told them to run. I can’t even remember all of them now. I recall Michelle Bachmann was one. All the candidates who claimed they heard  instructions from God to run for President … Continue reading

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When Christians Make Light of Themselves.

Last night I attended a charming performance of the famous musical, Guys and Dolls. It was an abbreviated version, done at a Junior High School in Rochester, Minnesota. A cast member was our Granddaughter, Mali. The setting for Guys and … Continue reading

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There Are the “Nones”, Then There are the “Dones”.

“They quit the church. Mostly, they don’t come back.” These are the words of an analyst in the Baptist branch looking into declining church membership. He was referring, not to the young people, who are disinterested in church at twice the rate of … Continue reading

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One Thing We Can Predict in the Faith, Splintering.

I remember being surprised years ago in adult Sunday School at First Presbyterian. A lay member had dug into the history of Presbyterianism and touched on its great events. Previously, I had no idea how many times down through the centuries different … Continue reading

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Mormons Need to Man Up.

One of my favorite writers on religion is Johanna Brooks. She was raised as a Mormon and has maintained an interest in it. She writes especially insightful articles about her church.  Where many look at their church and walk away entirely, she stays … Continue reading

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The Christian Right’s Message: More Judgement is Needed.

A broad swath of the faith is appalled at the new view. This view is that there really is no sin and no hell. In other words, there is no judgment. This focus on sin and its consequences is so ingrained … Continue reading

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Muslim Prayers in the National Cathedral.

The National Cathedral in Washington, DC, is a religious place where various events that involve our government or its politics play out. Presidential funerals are held there. President W. Bush appeared there following 9/11. Besides being a tourist stop, the … Continue reading

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Why People Don’t Believe the Gospel.

What is surprising to me is how little those who do believe understand those who do not. I’ve seen several explanations of why some do not believe. The explanations from believers are always about why they believe, not why others do not. I’ve … Continue reading

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