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I am a former President of the Red River Freethinkers in Fargo, ND, a retired NDSU economics professor and was Mayor of Fargo for 16 years. There is more about me at

Here’s Something Fun to Discuss, Purgatory.

Some of my critics here on the blog say I’m “obsessed” with religion because I discuss it almost everyday. I can counter by saying there are stranger obsessions than my interests.  One of the strangest is discussing topics as improbable as the afterlife. I find it … Continue reading

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Ecclesiastes Prophesied the Decline in Christianity.

One of many things that is different between believers and skeptics is their time horizons. Believers find introduction of Christianity as a permanent new direction in all of human history. Skeptics find the Christian faith to be only one of hundreds that have come … Continue reading

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When the Church Falls to Temptation.

I’ve heard that the evil way money affects our thinking is the most discussed topic of the Bible. That is the opposite impression many people have–they think the most discussed topic is homosexuality. Money is discussed for good reason. It plays … Continue reading

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Are Jail Inmates Always Sinners?

On our discussion page it is often said those in jail who claim to be Christian are really not because their sins put them in jail.  It got me to wondering if that was really true.  Surely there are people who break laws … Continue reading

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The Personality Sells the Product.

A few years ago columnists George Will  mused as to why conservative politics had become so popular. “The lesson is,” he wrote, “if you want certain ideas to become popular, wrap them around an attractive public personality.” He was referring to how … Continue reading

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What is a “Cultural Christian”?

The term “cultural Christian” came up most recently here when I discussed the disproportionately large numbers of Christians in jails and the small number of atheists. The response was that those who check the “Christian” box on the intake form … Continue reading

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From Galileo and Gays. Retreat, Then Retreat Again.

Since its beginning, Christianity has had to change its never-to-be-changed dogma to adjust to reality. It began with Paul deciding to market the faith to gentiles. It again happened when Galileo saw that the earth moved around the sun instead of the opposite. Now, the faith … Continue reading

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Cars, Tax Law and the Church.

The link explains something important to religion, the automobile. He explains how the automobile made it possible for people to church shop. They can find a style of church service they enjoy or a theology that suits them by driving … Continue reading

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The Bible: Story Telling 101.

All religions had great story tellers. But the campfire stories that eventually made it to the written language in Christianity must rank among the best.  These stories have heroes to cheer for, villains to hiss at and, most importantly, ways to draw the … Continue reading

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Pat Robertson’s Halloween is About Demonic Spirits.

Pat Robertson said this last Thursday. He suggested churches hold their own parties and put a Christian emphasis on the holiday. Included in a Christian Halloween party, he said, would be bobbing for apples. Pat does not know the controversy about … Continue reading

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