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I am a former President of the Red River Freethinkers in Fargo, ND, a retired NDSU economics professor and was Mayor of Fargo for 16 years. There is more about me at

I Wish There Were Agreement on What We Mean by Evidence.

What constitutes evidence in religion? I’ve been reading two  scholars, Bart Ehrman and Richard Carrier. Carrier spoke at our  Zeteticon conference last week. Ehrman’s field is the New Testament. He reads original languages and has in his head endless threads of religious thought. … Continue reading

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The Majority of Adults are Not Married and Moving Downtown.

The future of any religion depends, not on whether it is or is not the “truth”, but whether it is perceived as the truth. How religion happens to be perceived by broad swaths of the population at any moment in time depends, in … Continue reading

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Really, Religious Instruction to Young People Should Include This.

A bit more on euhemerism. I would guess no Christian training of youth includes facts about how and why myths are spread. Yet, for people to apply critical thinking they should be aware, and skeptical, of what is being sold to them. King Arthur, probably … Continue reading

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The Bible as History in Disguise.

This weekend at the Zeteticon conference I tried to master the word, euhemerism. Euhemerism, as defined by Wikipedia, is in part, “..mythological characters as historical personages but which were shaped, exaggerated or altered by retelling and traditional mores.” Euhemerism was practiced regularly in … Continue reading

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The Contest Ahead is Between Islam and Atheism.

I’m often chastised here because I write about the Christian religion and not about Islam. I do this because the Christian religion is the one I encounter. Parts of it try continually to put its beliefs into government. There are … Continue reading

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The Christian Right and Declines in Denominations.

Cause and effect in social change is not easy to establish. There are  many changes going on at any moment. Statistical methods help narrow the likely causes, but sometimes several explanations for some change remain. The link defends conservative branches of Christianity by pointing … Continue reading

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No Magic Allowed, Unless Jesus Did It.

I’ve know lots of people in the news business, both print and TV. They have told me you cannot make up news stories that are as strange as the stuff that actually happens. Cities and town across the U. S., maybe around … Continue reading

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What is the Oddest Ancient Christian Myth? Women Cannot Hold Clergy Positions In the Church.

I’m always surprised when I learn of ways women are excluded from positions in some branches of Christianity. Sometimes it is women who support this. Most often it is men. In either case, I wonder, “What is wrong with you?” Prior to Christianity, there were … Continue reading

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The New Gender: None

It’s amazing how our ways of thinking about things seemed so clear at one point and then get turned on their ear at another point. I would guess there are millions of people who once thought homosexuality was a taboo at one … Continue reading

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Up From the Grave it Arose: Obamacare

How soon we forget that Obamacare, the Affordable Healthcare Act, was supposed to be dead by now. “The government will go broke. If we raise the demand for healthcare by expanding the people eligible, costs can only go up.” But, … Continue reading

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