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I am a former President of the Red River Freethinkers in Fargo, ND, a retired NDSU economics professor and was Mayor of Fargo for 16 years. There is more about me at

Spilling Blood for a God.

Sometime there should be a world wide contest the Most Bizarre Religious Ritual. The Christian ritual of pretending to drink human blood might be a contender, but probably only receive honorable mention. The most bizarre on I’ve come across is the ceremonial … Continue reading

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While Anti Abortionists Blare, Women Go By Air.

I predicted here several times something would happen which never did. Until now. I predicted that as abortion clinics closed, women would still find ways to get abortions. From what we know, there was about as many abortions performed when it … Continue reading

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Give the Devil His Due.

This idiom is used when one gives credit to someone or something that otherwise is undesirable. We should use it here to give due to this strange thread of Christian thinking. Thomas Aquinas was an expert on the Devil. He rejected the … Continue reading

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Economics and Religion, The Amish.

One of the fastest growing religious groups in the United States are the Amish. Their population doubles every twenty years. They still remain statistically tiny. But, they are a lesson in religion and economics. While there are a variety of beliefs and practices, … Continue reading

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Can Christians and Atheists Get Along?

During this Thanksgiving Holiday I am thankful I can operate this blog, writing things that the majority does not agree with. I’m thankful, too, that so many of the faithful take the time to share their views, hostile or friendly. There … Continue reading

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What Iran and the U. S. Have in Common.

Except for knowing lots of the Iranian despora and reading about it, I can’t say I know much about it. The impression I get is that some of what is going on there is not that dissimilar from some of U. S. … Continue reading

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Are Either Heaven or Hell Justly Awarded?

I would guess heaven and hell are among the two most discussed concepts in Christianity. It’s fun to speculate where the concept of life somewhere else came from. Perhaps back when humans were the ones hunted instead of the hunters, people … Continue reading

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What Does God’s Voice Sound Like? What Will He Look Like When He Returns?

If you were to make a movie that included the voice of God, would you make the voice clear, muffled, high pitched, low pitched or with an echo chamber? They have all been used. I read today a discussion of what … Continue reading

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Christian Conservatives Deliver Themselves into the Hands of Their Enemies.

Albert Mohler of the Southern Baptist Convention now agrees same sex attractions are not the choice of an individual.  This admission means there is now no place to hide. Agreeing that there is no choice in one’s sexual orientation is like admitting there … Continue reading

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God is Talking to Republican Presidential Candidates Again.

Lots of candidates for President have told us God told them to run. I can’t even remember all of them now. I recall Michelle Bachmann was one. All the candidates who claimed they heard  instructions from God to run for President … Continue reading

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