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15 Responses to About

  1. susan sparks says:

    thanks for your economic spin on my article re: ordination of women in the southern baptist church. great stuff! we have a house in wisconsin and head through fargo almost every year on our harley! thanks for your post. susan

  2. Mike Newell says:

    I’ve just produced a book…
    I would like to email you some information about it.
    Please let me know what email address I should use.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Many thanks
    Mike Newell

  3. Wakiza says:

    I really enjoy your writings. Thank you for being a “face” for all of us “Freethinkers”.

  4. Alex says:

    Where can I find current information on Freethinker meetings? I would really like to come check it out.

    • Avatar of Jon Lindgren Jon Lindgren says:

      Alex 3:00 Hi Alex, thanks for posting. Our next meeting is this Sunday, April 21, 1 PM and the Plain Art Muesum, 704 1st Ave N (downtown) Fargo. The program is a talk by one of our new members who has traveled the world for several years and met with atheists in several countries. We’ll also chat and get aquainted. There will be other new people there.

  5. Sharon Kass says:

    “Gay” is parent-caused, preventable, and treatable.

    Justice Anthony Kennedy is a neurotic who had a bully for a father and has resented God ever since.


    The truth will out.

    • Avatar of Jon Lindgren Jon Lindgren says:

      Sharon 2:56 Welcome to the discussion page. All comments are welcome.

      I did open your link briefly. When I saw a headline, “Learn about a former gay man who…” I moved on. Groups like narth always provide personal testimony, never allowing their records to be examined by outside research to determine what is meant by “cured” and what happens to their clients over their lifetimes. So far as we know, they are summarily unsuccessful, as witnessed by the closure and apology of Exodus International.

      Reparative theropy is actually quite a cruel enterprise.

      • Wiggins says:

        So much for the thought of a “free thinker.” Sounds more like the closed mind of an arrogant person who cannot accept any experience that differs from his own preconceived notions.

        • Avatar of Jon Lindgren Jon Lindgren says:

          Wiggins 12:50 “So much for the thought of a ‘free thinker’”.

          Freethinker does not mean one accepts ideas that are outside or facts or reason.

          I wrote correctly that those who “quoted” Jesus never heard Jesus say anything. My opinion is they had bad intentions of making people feel guilty for nothing but the ideas of sin, made up by those who wanted to control the less powerful.

  6. Wiggins says:

    Sorry. Didn’t realize that I mentioned anything about Jesus or any mentioned anything about any quotes. I thought I was just responding to your reply to Sharon. Apparently my bad.

    • Avatar of Jon Lindgren Jon Lindgren says:

      Wiggins 1:35 No problem.. I was uncertain what was going on. Best to write the person and time one is responding to because we usually have three conversations going on at one time. I myself see only a admin screen which is probably keeps track of conversations a little better.

  7. Jon Abel says:

    For someone who claimed to be for secularism, you spent most of your time – turning the RRFT into and LGBT group. You spent much more time – even in your parting article – propping up the LGBT community far more times than the secular community. You are a hypocrite, Lingren. You made it much harder for atheists in the FM area – not easier. Good riddance to you.

    • Avatar of Jon Lindgren Jon Lindgren says:

      Thank you for the first time post, Jon.

      “Good riddance to you.”

      For other readers, Jon has been critical of me and some others in the atheist community–that is his right.

      As to the LGBT community, Jon, some members of RRF are from the LGBT community. So far as I know, the majority of our RRF support the LGBT community. We march with our RRF sign in the Gay Pride Parade. I remember you became quite angry a few years ago when LGBT issues were discussed in the RRF list serve.

      The reason I discuss LGBT issues here is because the issue spills over into religion. In fact, it is virtually impossible to discuss LGBT without discussing religion. This site discusses religion mostly.

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