Finally, An Anti Abortion Christian Who Tells The Truth

Older abortion opponets who post here are from a bygone era. They are proud of picketing abortion clinics and praying loudly as patients walk by. Reality is laws against abortions and even closing clinics do not eliminate abortions. So far as we know, they do not even reduce the number of abortions.

This Christian writer admits the number of abortions will only fall when women and their men do not want them. Fewer are being performed in clinics. Easy to purchase medicines are used increasingly. If women want abortions they will have them, he says. Only if they don’t want them will abortion numbers drop.

So, why do women (and often their men) want abortions? The majority already have children. Thus, I think we can generalize to say most women like having children. Let’s see if we can agree on the one big variable that drives the need for abortions.

This has to be money, either present money women do not have or future money/career opportunities they do not want to sacrifice by having a baby at this time. If I am correct and that is a central reason, what can be done to reduce the need for abortions?

Certainly, laws requiring longer waits, more expensive procedures and greater travel will not reduce the need. Comparing these relatively small expenses with the $100,000 plus it takes to raise a child make them insignificant.

Those who are serious about their anti abortion views need to address the money problem. To ignore it is to promote abortions.

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  1. ritajoseph

    Good laws should provide appropriate legal protection from intentional harm before as well as after birth for every child as well as for every mother.

    Good laws are not just punitive–they are educative and protective as well.

    Normally, duty of care towards our children is something we engage in with humanity, responsibly and willingly. Where mother and fathers are irresponsible and unwilling, we need to change hearts and minds with loving care, practical assistance and genuine education that overcomes fears and prejudices that lead them to harm their children because they are facing economic or social distress.

    We must work each mother’s problems–not kill her child.

  2. Juan Ruiz

    “Where mother and fathers are irresponsible and unwilling, we need to change hearts and minds with loving care…”

    When school systems are feeding kids breakfast and lunch and, in some cases, providing winter jackets, where is the incentive for parents to be anything more than biological units?

    1. catcher

      @ 9;16; Mostly mothers minus fathers; Quite often those children receiving these needed benefits pick up on it, and become the next generation of “biological units”.
      There are no illegitimate children, but there are illegitimate parents.

      1. Henry

        “Quite often those children receiving these needed benefits pick up on it, and become the next generation of “biological units”.

        True, but how refreshing when some of these kids can exceed the capabilities of some of the trust fund kids. However, more often than not, the saga continues, and their self-inflicted tragedies slightly counteract the breeding-like-rabbit factor. It puts society in a tough spot, and then we get offered all kinds of zany solutions like “kill/abort the kid/fetus/cell”. That solution is too final for me.

    2. Catcher

      @ 9’15’ More often than not, mothers minus fathers. those children needing those benefits pick up on it, and they become the next generation of “biological units”. Often, it is generational.
      There are no illegitimate children, but there are illegitimate parents.

  3. Catcher

    Question; In years past, on the birth certificate, there was a place to check if illegitimate or not. Do they do that today? Such a horrible stigma to officially place on a child from the moment of birth.

        1. Henry

          Actually, the one I linked to is a different long form version than the long form Obamba originally released. We were chastised that the previous long form was the one. If you remember the previous one, it was computerized font. The more recent one I linked to is typewritten in the blanks. Now, I am not sure which is the official long form. I don’t believe either, and law enforcement officials were correct in declaring at least the first one fraudulent.

  4. Schurkey

    Don’t breed ’em if you can’t feed ’em!

    That should not be that difficult to figure out, but even so, don’t count on price increases for abortion services to not drive demand down…folks are NOTORIOUSLY short-sighted. Having to pay for college later is not as important as having money for beer and chips this week. Can’t afford an abortion, ’cause I’m paying for a new tattoo.

    For that matter, buying a rubber today can prevent the need for hundreds of dollars of abortion services two or three months from now…and yet unwanted kids are still conceived even though Pills and IUDs and a whole menu of contraception is readily available.

    The “welfare system” rewards irresponsible breeding. The alternative to abortion is often to go onto tax-funded handout programs, as if the “parent(s)” weren’t unfit due to poor decision-making skills.

    1. Schurkey Don’t breed’em if you can’t feed’em

      That’s a common diversion anti abortion people use (I don’t know your position on abortion). Women will need abortions as long as men want sex with women. The only way to reduce abortions is to solve the money problem women face. All discussions about bad choices, “murder”, laws against abortion, heartbeat, DNA, counting fingers, soul, ad nauseam have no impact on the number of abortions.

      1. Schurkey

        My point is that the number of CONCEPTIONS has a dramatic effect on the number of abortions, as does the zillions of dollars blown on “assistance” programs subsidizing, in some cases, multiple generations of children that should never have been conceived.

        I believe that abortion is *absolutely the worst-possible way* to provide “family planning”, except for NOT having legal abortion.

        The primary issues are that 1. Society has made it too easy to get “free money” from The Government by having excess children, and 2. too many people are so concerned about buying pop and fast-food and having a “smart phone” and premium cable channels and fresh ink, that they don’t have money for important things like buying condoms or Pills or getting Vasectomized/tied.

        You’ll never convince Society that sex isn’t fun. You’ll never convince some people to be responsible. Subsidizing irresponsible behavior is counter-productive. IN GENERAL, abortions are for people too stupid or short-sighted to plan for the inevitable (no matter what their financial situation.) They’re too lazy to be proactive, therefore there’s a need for after-the-fact options. But better that than ANOTHER, BIGGER CROP of people learning from their “parent(s)” to be too stupid or short-sighted to plan for the inevitable, which is the current situation and has been since at least the ’60s when the government began encouraging excess children in a big way.

        Yes, there are rape victims, yes, there are fetal abnormalities that shouldn’t go to term. I bet these don’t make up ten percent. Maybe not one percent of current abortions. (I don’t know the proportions–I’m making wild guesses.)

        Legal abortion is Society’s self-preservation kicking-in. We have ENOUGH people on welfare, and The Government goes out of it’s way to import more every week, as if there were a shortage. We don’t need millions of additional unwanted/high-risk children who then “grow up” to conceive unwanted kids of their own.

  5. Jinx II

    Schurkey–There is so much misinformation in the above posts your christian Jesus would send you to your hell. Guess you have to justify your cruel opinions no matter how unchristian they are.

    1. Schurkey

      You’re right. People should just pop out as many babies as possible, demand “assistance” and then subcontract the raising of the kids to the low-bidder (and Television. And internet.)

      Responsibility doesn’t matter. Learning from mistakes is discriminatory. Learning from other people’s mistakes is impossible.

      And if you do work, or have worked and have savings or investments…just send it all to the Government. They’re here to help. From each, according to their ability. To each, according to their need.

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