Trump Continues The Christian Pattern Of Denial

Last week President Trump proposed the pardoning of Muhammad Ali, the boxer who refused to be drafted into the Vietnam war because of his Muslim beliefs. Never mind that Ali’s conviction was overturned. Trump also lauded the work of Martin Luther King, who is famous for his civil rights protests.

The current version of Ali and Trump are football players who protest civil rights issues by taking a knee during the National Anthem. Trump hardly goes a day without condemning these current protesters. Yet, they are exactly the same as Ali and King. As King wrote in his Letter from the Birmingham Jail, a protest “seeks dramatize the issue that it can not longer be ignored.”

Trump tries to honor those that are already dead. He had plenty of opportunities when they were both alive.

For all those black people shot by police, he taunts the players to tell him of a case where the justice system did anyone wrong. Those killed by police are already dead and the cases are closed.

In 2016 Trump appeared in West Bend, WI, near where a young black man had been killed by police. He vented his anger on protesters.

Spokespersons for the faith like to point to parts of it that were active for civil rights. Certainly there were such activists, the Quakers and later liberal elements of the faith. Other parts were staunchly in favor to both slavery and segregation.

The collective memory of the faith only includes liberal actions in history. Much of it continues to be prejudice against gays.

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  1. Juan Ruiz

    ” his Muslim beliefs. ”

    This is a clever way of skirting the issue that Clay/Ali joined what was nothing more than a Black racist cult, founded by Elijah Poole, who proclaimed himself another prophet of God. When Malcolm X discovered that the Black Muslims had nothing to do with authentic Islam, they assassinated him.

    1. Henry

      Assassination…black racist cult….sounds pretty radical. One should read the dossier on X. He would have made the Russians and paraders proud.

  2. Henry

    Wow! Trump got done in Korea what 12 previous presidents could not do, just simply meeting with the despot. Clinton would have had to give away all the Bakkan crude to achieve much less. Obama would have had to give them a C-5 full of palletized US cash in order to allow North Korea to continue their nuclear program (logical gap intended).

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