The Declining Influence Of The World Catholic Church

The recent overwhelming approval of abortion rights in Ireland has brought into focus the influence the Catholic Church once had in politics and how much less it has today. Catholics long ago decided to ignore Church teaching about birth control. The decline is much broader now. Could one ever have imagined that a country which polls as 2/3 Catholic would have an out atheist as a Prime Minister?

No matter the language spoken in any country, a vast portion of people who grew up Catholic must be saying, “My church teaches certain things are sin and  might land me in hell for eternity. How can I be sure that is not just stuff made up by pompous men? I think I’ll just try to be a good person and forget about church.”

While it’s risky to say humans are becoming more rational, things have changed. We do not have the common slavery we had during Biblical times. We do not have wide-spread belief in miracles that were common back then. Mostly, people do not treat visions and dreams with the same reverence either.

While Christianity, based upon all those unrealistic notions, grew and gained influence in politics until the 1950’s, it as been in continual decline ever since. As the saying goes, people are leaving behind their childish ways.

Retired Pope Benedict said gay marriage was a “sin”, it was made legal in many parts of the world anyway. Ireland voted in “sinful” abortion. Over half U.S. Catholics voted for Hillary.

Influence is sliding away.

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  1. mark anthony

    leaving behind their childish ways? more rational? Have you been living in a cave, maybe something like Plato’s cave. How about all of today’ s empty chatter about dreams (American or otherwise) , technological miracles, visions (mostly utopian nonsense). And then there’s widespread ignorance of history, blarney about dead white males, empowerment (ala Nietzsche), human trafficking (the new slavery), transhumanism, feel good religion, boogey men like the impending global warming disaster, overpopulation,
    trump hysteria, the list goes on. Hate to tell you this Jon, but the intellectuals of the Middle Ages were much more rational than many of today’s PHDs.

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