When Women Are Herded Like Cattle Into A Bad Corral

The pro abortion vote in Ireland was so fascinating I subscribed to an Irish newspaper to follow all the aftermath. Reading the events and commentary since then has opened my eyes to new hope.

A few years ago I attended a small late night political gathering at the abortion clinic in Fargo. At the meeting were both older and younger women involved in abortion rights. The topic was the lack of involvement in abortion rights by younger women.

The older women had spent lifetimes to achieve and maintain the right to abortion. The younger women present  were frustrated that so few of their peers wanted to spend time working in this effort. Younger women, it was said, just assumed there would always be a right to abortion and did not see the urgency in working on this.

As a woman wrote in the Irish Times , young women in Ireland slowly came to realize they had been herded into a corral not of their liking. They turned out to vote in numbers that were absolutely astonishing, 94%. They realized arrogant men were controlling their lives and they could stop it.

Ireland has long been regarded by Europeans on the street as a cultural backwater. That is, it has been thought of as a place run by religion while most of Europe has gone secular. That now is changing.

The U.S. is similarly regarded as a religious backwater by much of Europe. Maybe young women will change that here as well.


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  1. PJ

    Do you ever cry for a single aborted baby, like you do for all the other injustices in this unfair world. I’m glad you’re here to let us know how bad things are, maybe that’s why there was 45,000 suicides in US last year.

  2. Henry

    “The U.S. is similarly regarded as a religious backwater by much of Europe.”

    I do not doubt, but nonetheless a strange assessment. I have heard stories of stench on the streets of the larger cities. Poor sanitation practices, etc. Backwater? Ok.

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