Some Stuff Floats Across The Atlantic

There is so much news generated within the U.S. we often don’t have time to read foreign news. Yet, it can be helpful.

What we call “values” seems to move back and forth between the U.S. and Europe. Our pop music seems to flow over there more often than the other direction. Europe’s solutions to problems like health care and government moves ever so slowly from there to here. With religion, Europe has been going secular for decades. The U.S. is slowly following in the same direction.

It is fun to speculate about what other changes might (the future is uncertain) be coming our way.

When Ireland voted last week to allow abortions, the large “yes” tally was unexpected. Ireland had always been thought of as a political/religious backwater. It was as if the state of Mississippi suddenly became a political Massachusetts. This although Ireland had already approved gay marriage.

Ireland is “the Motherland” for lots of Americans. Plus, a small army of U.S. Catholic priests are Irish. I wonder how the vote back home affects their thinking here.

A new referral of the Irish Constitution is being considered for a “yes” get-rid-of-it vote. Irish Constitution says government should respect women by making certain they do not have to work outside the home. Lots of young Irish don’t like it.

If this Catholic language were removed another pillar of Catholic dogma–that women must remain where men tell them to be–would be rejected.

New thinking in conservative Christianity has never been welcome.

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  1. mark anthony

    Jon, lots of stuff has flow across the Atlantic after WWI. It’s loosely called postmodernism. Much of it comes from Germany, quite a bit from France. And much of it does not comport well with your Enlightenment view of the world.

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