The Church Does A Lot Of Navel Gazing

A Christian recently listed six traditions Christianity needs to abandon.  I’ll discuss only a few.

Setting itself above the society rather than being a part of it.  This needs to be abandoned because it really is a myth that Christians are morally superior people. There is no evidence they live more “sin free” than those who do not believe. Noses of some believers are held high when discussing gay marriage and abortion.

Judging the world around us instead of enjoying it.  There is a tendency in the faith to judge others in an unfavorable way. Youth are especially singled out as not conforming to the rules. Youth have always gone their own way and it would be better for the church if it simply accepted this as the normal pattern of life.

Maintaining an uncompromising dogma rather than celebrating diversity. Whether we are talking about Muslims or gays, the Christian church needs to recognize humans are a diverse group, racially and in religion. There is no reason to believe Christianity is superior to Islam or any other of the hundreds of religions practiced around the world. Maintaining one’s faith is not bad, looking down on the faiths of others is not attractive.

Living lives of materialism. As a non believer, it is often said to me that my group lives selfishly not sacrificing for others. Comparing the materialism of believers I know to non believers I am unable to see any difference in the goal of comfort and consumer goods.


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  1. Catcher

    I believe it would be more beneficial to meditate on the link, rather than Jon’s paraphrased versions.

    1. Catcher 7:42 You may also have caught on Christian Post a different faith analysis from a more conservative view by a regular there, Henley. To me, so much of the inward looking analysis as to why faith numbers are falling tip toes around what actually happened. What has happened is kind of simple. The computer came up with challenges to what most of the faith teaches. Rich TV preachers and sex abuse were made to look faith wide. And, when the gay issue came along parts of the faith were reckless, overreached and it lost the majority of a generation.

      1. Catcher

        @ 9;02; Re Christian Post – Henley; I don’t pay much attention to CP these days. Modern evangelicals making excuses for having lost the road map years ago. then doing more of the same to correct it.

        I have found the computer a useful tool.

        1. Catcher — Quiet evening, I was entertained by several videos on You Tube of Flaco Jimenez. It’s amazing what is on You Tube today that one would have to pay $50-$100 to see live.

          1. Catcher

            @ 10;08; Ah yes, Flaco Jimenez. A master of the Tejano style of music on the bi-sonoric diatonic accordion. Just like a harmonica played with the fingers. Reeds and all. It sounds even better with a double shot of tequila and a snit of cerveza. First introduced to the south west by German immigrants who settled in Texas. Almost exclusively Hohners.

            Luther played a lute. That’s why we are called Luterans to this very day.

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