Conservative Christians Should Find An Abortion Exit And Take It

The vote in Ireland had world wide significance because the campaign was focused on women. The picture of one dead woman, Savita Halappanavar, a dentist who requested an abortion, was refused and died was on thousands of posters across Ireland. The vote in favor of making abortions legal was two to one. Mostly anti abortion politics has pictures of babies after they are born. Pictures of Savita Halapanavar replaced the babies carried the day.

A prominent writer points out that the Catholic Church and now many right wing Protestants oppose artificial birth control. The Christian right’s male and moral chest beating is ignored by most women. The Irish “yes” vote political technique of focusing on the fate of pregnant women has not been used enough either by Planned Parenthood or other abortion rights groups. Catholic/right wing Protestants painted themselves into a corner on birth control and now have done the same thing with abortion. They need to find a exit.

Slowly it seems a few right to life supporters are seeing the light. They are recognizing that demanding women carry pregnancies to term without offering them support is seen as punitive. Women today need to pursue careers. Without help to maintain careers and care for other children moral rhetoric will be ignored.

Along with that, they need to drop support of anti government politicians who hurt the anti abortion case by their punitive language and small government advocacy.

Offering opportunities to pursue careers and care of other children is an exit from a dead end road.

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  1. Geddy

    I wonder if the ‘Freethinkers’ focused their ‘thinking’ on any other religion, would they be labeled a hate group?

    Seems like a target rich environment out there, there may even be some other religions that are almost as dangerous to civilization as Christianity.

    Or does ‘freethinking’ not work like that?

  2. Henry

    Again, the findings of the official doctor led panel are being overlooked. They did not properly diagnose, monitor, and react to her sepsis. Instead, we are being fed the over-simplified probort agenda version that abortions cure all. Now, the knee jerk reaction will kill many. First, do no harm.

  3. Jinx II

    Juan and Henry, I left that blog topic, sorry I didn’t state that!!!!! I am not leaving Jon’s blog, I like him and several other poster past and present and won’t leave until he closes his blog.

    Juan I completely agree with you!!!!

  4. mark anthony

    As usual you dodge the really fundamental question: i.e. does abortion end an individual human life? and unfortunately for your position on the matter, your one cell ploy doesn’t come close to providing a coherent answer.

    1. mark 5:53 your one cell ploy doesn’t come close to providing a coherent answer.

      There is no coherent answer as to why one fertilized cell is a human being. It’s nuts.

      1. Henry

        Jon 5,46: “There is no coherent answer as to why one fertilized cell is a human being. It’s nuts.”

        Then with that, the leap is taken that it is only human at the final mercy of a doctor’s scrawl on a piece of paper, heartbeat be damned, 1100’s technology. Otherwise, a doctor can inflict the same blunt force trauma that Michael Nakvinda used with a claw hammer on a local deceased Fargo dentist’s skull. Might is apparently universally right, making the issue very conflicted between those who uphold anarchical rights versus those of us who want individual liberty that is balanced for all.

          1. Henry

            Jon 8:32, I get it. The fertilized cell cannot walk, talk, blog, write, add, subtract, work, drive, eat by itself, jump, kick, bellyache about elevator projects, volunteer at food pantry, march in pussy hat parade, and exercise. Therefore, by your logic, a claw hammer can be taken to it. That line of thinking is most certainly might equals right.

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