Look Out Conservative Christianity, Women Will Break Your Doors Down

Regardless of how many times it is said, the claim that Jesus only had male disciples does not justify a prohibition against women being clergy. The world-wide anger of women is going to hit the Catholic and conservative Protestant churches smack between the eyes.

Besides the grievance of woman being frozen out of the clergy in some branches of Christianity, there is the over arching skepticism women face in allegations of rape. In the several recent celebrity rape allegations it took several, not just one or two, allegations to bring down powerful men.

Whether the issue of the day is gay marriage, abortion rights or women behind the pulpit, when you see a press event to discuss the conservative take on an issue it is line of white men doing the talking. When there is an event at the White House to pray for Trump it is all men except the photogenic prosperity gospel preacher Paula White. Nearly all the women in Trumps female line up are blonds so she made the cut.

The news today is the resignation of Rev. Paige Patterson, head of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. His public remarks some years back, and restated again recently, was that women should not divorce a husband who is physically abusive. He said women should live separately but not divorce. His resignation was directly the result of women expressing outrage a male preacher would give such advice to women.

Bar the church doors. The women are coming.


5 Responses

  1. mark anthony

    Do you think that anti-discrimination laws should be invoked against churches with an all male clergy?

    1. mark 6:44 Do you think anti discrimination laws should be invoked against churches with an all male clergy?

      All kinds of strange things go on inside churches. There are snake handlers, smoking peyote and, in this case, only men at the pulpits. I’m in favor of people practicing whatever religious beliefs they might hold–inside their churches and private homes. I’m not in favor of churches using their religion to discriminate outside their churches like racial segregation in housing.

      Church members themselves, however, can change what goes on inside their churches. They always have and in this blog I’m predicting they always will.

    2. Juan Ruiz

      They’d certainly be overturned by the courts. The government couldn’t get away with its sports gambling prohibition. The Establishment Clause works both ways.

  2. Grandma

    I am delighted that Mr Patterson got a whippin’. He certainly deserved it. If he had been married to someone bigger and stronger who knocked him around he might have come to his senses sooner, but finally the women of his church won out.

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