Did The Pope Say God Made Gays Gay

In an extraordinary disclosure, a gay man said the Pope told him God made him Gay. As another link tells us, we do not know for certain the Pope said this. In addition, it would be better if what the Pope tells someone in private not be retold to the public.

The Pope does pastoral counseling to troubled people and that is to his credit. What he is alleged to have said to people like this gay man and to a trans man and to a boy whose father was an atheist are against church doctrine. My guess is he has been saying the same thing all of his career as a priest and it never occurs to him to do things differently now.

The allegations are interesting at several levels. One is that it appears church doctrine is not the most important thing in the world to the Pope. This must be frustrating to those who think of almost nothing else but doctrine. Rules people love rules.

Interesting too is that many thousands of priests will read how the Pope provided pastoral counseling. They may see the opportunity to say similar things to those they counsel. The result has to be some sliding away from the old rigid  rules of the rule-obsessed Catholic Church.

This Pope seems comfortable with opposing views remaining unresolved in the church. And why not? Disagreements have been there since day one and will be there as long as there is a church.

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  1. Jinx II

    It sure looks like he did! Science supports gender identity is determined around 6 weeks in utero. We all start out as females, those with y chromosones begin to receive the so called ‘androgen bath’ that triggers the development of physical and brain more to the male side….a series of biochemicals steps over a period of time and completes the process of becoming male.

    1. Jinx II It sure looks like he did!

      That is does. My impression is most, maybe a large majority, of church goers do not care one twit about “rules” and theological dogma. And further, many pastors don’t either. It’s the “rules people” that love rules.

    2. Juan Ruiz

      “We all start out as females”

      Which likely explains men’s nipples, which seem to have no function beyond erogenous zones.

      1. Juan 8:39 Maybe when that chemical force takes over is the moment women lose the ability to become priests and conservative preachers. We’ve never heard a good reason for this rule. 🙂

        1. Catcher

          @ 3;04;; Question; Why do women fiddle with their hair at a stop sign? Answer;– They don’t have nuts to scratch.

    3. rudysfire

      The Pope may have said those things, sure! God does call us to love everybody, including gays and trans and whoever, but what a great disservice secular media does when they attempt to interpret something they understand very little about, or only explain it according to their lens or agenda. If I want to first learn about the Muslim faith, I’m going to learn about it from Muslim sources first. If I’m going to learn about fishing, I’m not going to first learn about it from radical left groups such as PETA, but rather fishing guides, people who been fishing their whole lives, etc. It’s also disappointing that a huge number of protestant religions devote much of their theology to being anti-Catholic as opposed to forming their own values and doctrines.

      1. rudysfire 9:02 …but what a great disservice secular media does when they attempt to interpret something they understand very little about..

        That’s a valid point to bring up. Atheists, too, are broadbrushed by Christians. It is often said atheists “have no values.” That’s nuts.

        But, if that is a misconception about atheists, atheists need to recognize its out there. Same with Christians. For Christians, Pagans or atheists the most important piece of information is not what they themselves think they are about but what the public thinks they are about. Even church members have impressions of what their brand is about and it is different than their denomination’s documents say it is about.

        I think the Pope understands this bit of black magic. He does not mind it if Catholics think God made homosexual people and if they then conclude it is not a sin. I believe he is unconcerned that people do not all adhere to doctrine–it’s not important.

        1. Juan Ruiz

          ” I believe he is unconcerned that people do not all adhere to doctrine–it’s not important.”

          Francis reminds me of a new CEO facing enormous problems thanks to his predecessors: lousy PR, falling market share, declining revenues, loss of brand loyalty, and has to do something to change the corporate mindset. Think Weinstein, Wynn, and a host of others. At the same time he is stuck with the “We’ve always done it this way” attitude from his underlings.

        2. rudysfire

          I have a lot of friends who are atheist/agnostics. They are just as intelligent and bright as me, or more so. There are definitely things we disagree with but I’m still great friends with many, including my best friend. I’m pretty well-versed in why I believe what I believe – it was archeology and forensics that first set me on this path… but I’ll never use religion and politics to prevent from being friends with somebody. I can take a well thought-out opinion and interested in hearing varying arguments and beliefs. We should celebrate our commonalities and* discuss our differences in pursuit of truth.

          1. rudysfire 3:13 Thanks for posting that. Well said. I go to church occasionally and, like every atheist, I have close friends and relatives who are devout Christians. These relationships are one thing. This blog discusses reasons why we should reject making Christianity our national religion as many want to do. Such folks want to put their religious rules into our laws, including laws against same sex marriage and making one fertilized cell into a human being.

            Most Christians I know are not preoccupied with putting these beliefs into laws. They share with me the view we who live now should focus on making the earth a place for humans as far into the future as we can.

          2. mark anthony

            even Jon and I might be friends if we could sit down with a supply of good wine and have at it. It would be fun. But I doubt that it would rise to the level of Aristotle’s virtue friendship.

  2. Ervin Miller

    I believe Christians, for the most part, love gays as well as they do heterosexual people, it is same sex marriage that concerns them. The free thinkers jump on anything that can be turned into an argument to denigrate Catholicism and Christianity in general. They are hypocrites when in comes to a fair and honest evaluation of significance of religiosity to humanity. It’s just be on them to recognize the phenomenal good Christians do throughout world for underprivileged people living in poverty and illiteracy. The list of other charitable services to help those in serious need is yet another unrecognized area by the merciless secularists as they debase any thing Christian. Jesus we trust in you

    1. Juan Ruiz

      Marriage is a state-validated contract. Every priest, rabbi, minister, Imam says in the ceremony,”by the power vested in me by the state of__________.” Given that, would it also be analogous to refuse driver’s licenses, building permits, hunting licenses, gun permits, and all other state-sponsored documents to gays?

  3. mark anthony

    Jon 425. same old, same old. never quite sure why we make the world safe for future humans. just ’cause?

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