Why Do Atheists Write About Christians

Atheists write about Christianity because it interests them. This raises the question of why Christians write about atheists.

The link is one such example. The writer says atheists have no moral grounding and all moral issues are relative. We   must note, however, this is not an atheist writing about atheism. What he writes is far from how atheists view themselves.

I write about Christianity here and readers comment often that I don’t know anything about it. It is true I have not been a practicing Christian for a long time. But, I hold the view I know more about Christianity than most Christians who write about atheism know about atheism.

What I know about Christianity was written by Christians. What Christians know about atheism is mostly what other Christians have written or said about atheism.

One of the common things Christians say is that atheists have no moral values. I have never heard an atheist say or write this. It is a historical fact that morals are not absolutes, even though Christians say their morals are absolutes. Different societies have different moral standards. One controversial statistic is that atheists are under represented  in prisons compared to the size of their population. Christians are over represented

All moral standards come from the societies where the reside. They are the result of human experience not religion. Societies found they could not survive if they often killed each other or took each other’s possessions. These experiences gave us the Ten Commandments.

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  1. mark anthony

    Jon, there you go again. Survival is all that counts: morality being no more than that which promotes and safeguards our survival (as a species or as individuals, or both?) As far as I can discern the core of your moral philosophy, it is mostly Hobbsean: fear of sudden death drives us into a “social contract” whereby we promise to stop killing one another, giving power to an absolute ruler with power to enforce the contract. Needless to say, not a pretty scenario. As to the claim that Christians don’t understand atheism, I suggest that you read up on Nietzsche. For my money, I think that he knew more about atheism than many glib modern day atheists do,

    1. mark 6:33 Jon, there you go again. Survival is all that counts: morality being no more than that which promotes and safeguards our survival

      Sometimes, nothing hurts a religious person more than the truth. The Ten Commandments are often touted as a set of moral rules given us by God. Do you believe such a foolish notion? They are practices handed down from previous societies. Those societies were successful and those were the rules that made them successful.

      1. mark anthony

        Oh course, you don’t believe in a foolish notion like God. From which it follows that, for you, your survivalist morality is the only possible view consistent with your metaphysical assumptions. Ho, hum.

      2. mark anthony

        So far I have had no problem posting. The invalid security token message apparently was a glitch in the now defunct AV.

  2. Jinx II

    My in laws were both athiests…..one raised as a fundamentalist mormon, the other roman catholic…….who was molested by his parish priest when he was about 10 to 13 years old. They were some of the most moral and decent people that walked the earth. They spent their entire life helping those who had much less than them (and they didn’t have much) in so many ways it puts most of us at shame.

    Religion can exist with out morality, morality can exist outside of religion.

    1. mark anthony

      Of course morality can exist outside of religion. But what morality? As you know there are quite a few kinds of morality floating around these days. And they don’t all involve “doing good deeds”.

      1. Jinx II

        Listening, encouraging, believing in others, and physical help or intervention all with out judging goes a long, long way. Be gentle to others, you have no idea what they have been through in their life up to this point.

  3. Vince

    After reading blogs by atheists and discussing things with atheists I have learned to be more open minded to other’s viewpoints. I have been told by some that they feel annoyed at times because people talk to them and assume they are Christians.
    It is really a conundrum for Christians as times because their responsibility is to go and make disciples. But the problem is, some get so fired up that they try way too hard and forget that other people have no interest in hearing about it. And then many have trouble practicing what they preach, as most people do, whether we are Christians or atheists. But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep trying.
    But there are plenty who live an authentic Christian life and understand what prudence is and don’t push their faith but are not afraid to defend it and are willing to share when asked. I know more Agnostics then atheists and have never felt either lack morals.

    1. Jinx II

      A very honest post based in reality, how refreshing to read and much appreciated! I can respectfully disagree with people but I despise those who try to push there views into the minds and beliefs on other or play logic games for the purpose of changing people’s minds. Great post and I respect you for it!

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