Can A “Christian Community” Keep Non Christians Out

There is a small community in Michigan founded in the 1800’s as a Christian enclave. Over its history it has allowed only bona fide Christians to buy homes. There are homes of various size and condominiums. Now, Housing and Urban Development says it can no longer reject non Christians.

Rejecting people from housing is one of the all-time favorites of those who discriminate. Today those advocating “religious freedom” want to to kick gay people out of housing. We all know it was used against people of color for a couple hundred years in the U.S.

During my life as a Mayor I learned that regulating who lives where and what goes on in a building or on a piece of land is a thorny business. In the Midwest we like to control our neighborhood. We like to think we should not live next to a business, even though there are thousands of businesses inside neighborhood homes. We like to think we can control how our neighborhood looks even though it is quite subjective. Some cities, Houston and Anchorage have a history of no zoning (Anchorage put in zoning just 30 years ago).

If landlords can turn away gays or mixed race couples for religious reasons, can we expect they will turn away atheists, pagans or Jews? I like the HUD decision.

While one part of our culture promotes tolerance of diverse people, another tolerates less of it.  There appears no end in sight when we will arrive at an agreement.

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  1. Jinx II

    The prophet Jesus was not a proponent of discrimination. No one should be, including the govt., landlords, zoning boards, you name it.

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