How Can Christianity Stop Being The Slave Holder’s Religion

The white aura of superiority that used Christianity as justification for slavery has never left the faith according to a preacher and columnist. The link begins with a review the role Christianity played in slavery.

In the mid 1800’s abolitionists began using the Bible against slavery. Plantation owners could not let that stand because the Bible contains writing that justified slavery. To make their case the Plantation owners paid preachers to preach the Christian case for it.

When slave ownership lost the Civil War there was never a repentance. Nor was there any after segregation was outlawed. White superiority just kept going on into where it shows up in today. An author calls it the “Slave Holder’s Religion.”

The superiority of the white Christian male found its was into the anti gay rights dispute. Anti gay rights is framed as a moral crusade. We find churches that still prohibit women from being pastors. What could this branch of the faith do to leave behind its slave holding past?

There are relatively new branches of the faith which preach that Jesus accepted people “as they are.” That is, Jesus would not have judged homosexuals as sinners but would simply have accepted them. The same with races and genders. There would have been no declaration that only men shall be clergy.

My impression is that the most unattractive part of the faith is the practice of judging others. It is what drove the South’s religion of slavery and passing judgement on the sinfulness of others continues.

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  1. Christ did not come to lead a slave rebellion. The world was not ready for that. Spartacus led a slave rebellion. It failed and the participants were executed or went back into slavery. Christ DID come to set the captives free. Is the world ready for now? Not if liberals continue to have their way. Liberal doctrine and values are keeping blacks on the welfare plantation.(

    Christ did not come to condemn sexual sinners, homo or hetero. Just as he did not condemn the woman taken in adultery he does not condemn homosexuals. He didn’t have to. She and they was/are already under judgement and condemnation. He was/is there to offer another way: forgiveness, deliverance , and “go and sin no more”.

    1. godless

      Sorry Michael, when something is wrong it is wrong. I preciously listed scripture that dealt with the rules of slaverly. I was shocked by how many and the fact it was included in the new testament.

      If i were a christian i would be sickened by the endorcement of slavery and the beating of slaves to death, the only condition being they had to survive the first two days after the beating.

      Can we agree that the bible was wrong on this?

      1. Your reference, godless, were all baseless. The Bible is replete with exonerations against slavery, its sinfulness and the reasons for this. Jon got his headline in the AreaVoices section of the online Forum. Your 15 minutes of shame has long expired. But if want to go in to overtime to extend your shame, be our guest.

        1. godless

          It can be really tough following your line of thinking. So sporadic and obnoxious, and angry. But oddly in some ways entertaining.

          Anger is the way of the darkside.

          Still waiting for the scripture against slavery.

          1. Haha, yes the blind have trouble navigating the road. But the man who closes his eyes, though not blind, need only blame himself.

            Your Star Wars line of reasoning befits a Hollywood mysticism. I provide Scripture and you pretend not to see. Jon censors. You make a dynamic – in your minds – duo.

    2. From a few days back, in case it was missed,

      Google “What does the Bible say about slavery” Here are the results. Read for yourself.

      Knowing you will not be satisfied – are atheists ever satisfied when proven wrong? – I don’t look forward to your response. In fact, I’m not coming back to look for it. Enjoy your evening.

  2. mark anthony

    Yes, he probably would have told them to go and sin no more. As to judgements, how can any rational being avoid making judgements? Just tolerate anything and everything? And why did slavery ultimately disappear in Christian cultures?

  3. Mike

    Hey, Michael, Matt, and all other Christians who might view this blog, I am going to make a statement about Jon Lindgren that I am sure you would agree with. This latest diatribe that attempts to link Christians to slavery and white superiority shows that Jon is certainly being consistent in his debate tactics.

    Consistently wrong, of course, is one of the more obvious reasons for my statement. Another reason I say this, you may have noticed it too, that Jon consistently uses half-truths as a tactic.

    The list of falsehoods and deceptions are plentiful, as usual, in this current article. The African black was viewed as property, so the Southern white Christian’s interest was more economics than a view of white Christian superiority. Similar to the Indians, who were viewed as savages, sure, Jon is half-right, that Southerners viewed the black slave as inferior, but not because the Bible sanctions slavery.

    Even a person with a minimal study of history can tell you that slavery was a common practice, prior to the Christ’s birth, but it was due to war. Instead of slaughtering everyone, the conqueror realized it was more productive to make slaves of the conquered. Rome perfected that practice.

    As to the accusation that the Bible does not criticize slavery, another example of a half-truth. Christ himself said that his kingdom is not of this world. He possessed unlimited power of which his miracles showed, so he could have wiped out slavery with a word. However, he allowed himself to be tried, convicted, and crucified for a higher purpose. The salvation of our souls.

  4. Mike

    A truly awesome documentary about the truth of slavery! It was class-based,not race-based. Loaded with facts I was not aware of but not surprised by. A majority of slaves were European.

    Muslims were particularly brutal in their slave trade, their slaves were used for sex, America used their slaves as agriculture workers, Europeans were late to the slave industry, 80% mortality rate for Muslim slaves and only 10% mortality rate for slaves in transit to their destination for American slaves, a sort of corporate cronyism developed with the slave trade, 28% of slave holders in America were black, only the truly wealthy owned slaves in America, about 5% of the population, and so on and so on.

    1. TruthSlap

      Not to mention Islam is still practicing slavery in some Middle Eastern countries. If I’m not mistaken I believe The muslims in Libya are selling slaves again on the slave block. Christianity and the Western world will always be The starting place of abolishing slavery. It’s amazing how our histories been So distorted Just to discredit the truth.

  5. It looks like the bloodthirsty left is having trouble on the abortion issue. The next Supreme Court vacancy will be Senate bloodbath. If it happens this summer, and Trump nominates a true originalist to the bench, watch how the Democrats refuse to vote on him/her until after the mid-term elections where they hope to swing some seats in the Senate. The hypocrisy of their lamentations can be queued up right next to their quotes and recordings of how unfair it was that the Republicans stalled on the last Obama nomination after Scalia’s death.

    For your consumption:

    Abortionist Pleads Guilty to Felony Negligent Homicide in Botched Abortion

    Iowa Bans All Abortions After Point of Detection of Fetal Heartbeat

    Imagine a world with the slavery of abortion, the true genocide of the Black population, thrown on the ash heap of history. It’s killed more people than all wars combined in America. It’s killed more slaves than anyone ever imagined. All brought to America by the irreligious left who tell us all about “choice”. The same argument used about slavery when people called owning slaves a “choice”.

  6. Catcher

    Jon; I’m really tired of you accusing Christianity of being the whipping boy for all the ills in the world.
    A regular practice of you and others, conflating all of Christianity for all those ills ignoring the rest of society in being contributory.
    Conflation works both ways. I know of several credentialed educators on record as being anti Christian./ faith. Need I remind you of yourself, PZ, Bill Nye, et al. Others have made the claim that college professors are anti- Christian, and you have disagreed strongly. In all fairness, I agree not all are,, and have not made such claims, yet you continue to conflate, without a shred of personal integrity.
    When our children were in college, they did experience anti Christian statements, both blatantly, and more nuanced., yet not all. We felt it was a good life experience.
    Yet here you come again with no qualifiers, and make blanket statements, greatly reducing your credibility.
    You are equally guilty of judging as you accuse others.

    1. Catcher 4:00 Jon; I’m really tired of you accusing Christianity of being the whipping boy for all the ills of the world.

      I’m tired of Christianity, parts of it, picking out those is wants to condemn and condemning them. I know your branch does not participate in using government to accomplish this condemnation but other branches do. It’s simply a fact.

      1. Catcher

        @ 5;11; That you do admit to “I know”, is an admission to conflate. “It’s simply a fact”. A really piss poor excuse.

        Your conflationary title of the topic is evidence.

      2. Catcher, I think Jon’s widdle fweelings have been hurt.

        It’s peculiar but if he was picking on Blacks like he picks on Christians, he might have alot of Black people on this blog very upset with him. Then he would say the Black pick on him. Such a sordid circle he creates by casting the first stone, and the second stone, …. and the 1,000,000th stone, and the ….

        1. Jinx II

          thats right fakechristianjuice, misdirect and justify your bully behavior.

          “Mom! fakechristianjackass is throwing rocks at me because I called him on his fake truths.” Such a petty little worm you are. I would like to read some real free thinking on here instead of right wing religious Nazi’s like you. Now I leave this topic to the hypocritical jackasses.

          1. mark anthony

            Noah has been called a bully, a jackass, a Nazi, a worm, a liar and a few other endearing things. Lot’s of love and kindness there. No, but an ample supply of hypocrisy.

  7. John Phillips

    Slavery existed as far back as our written history goes into antiquity, long before Christianity. In fact, slavery was abolished first by Christians.

    1. John 8:03 Slavery existed …goes into antiquity..In fact slavery was abolished first by Christians.

      As I acknowledged in the blog, slavery was opposed by Christians and Christianity was used to justify and continue the practice. It was practiced for some 200 years on US soil, made legal in 1776 and not legal by the Civil War. Please explain how Christians “abolished first.”

      1. mark anthony

        Your knowledge of the matter appears to be rather incomplete. For a more comprehensive treatment of the subject, get and read “The Victory of Reason” by historian Rodney Stark.

        1. mark 8:43 Your knowledge … appears to be rather incomplete…get and read “The Victory of Reason” by historian Rodney Stark.

          I read a review of that book and some bio material about Stark. He was born in ND. He is more accurately a sociologist who writes history rather than a historian. He had a long and noteworthy career.

          The reviewer said Stark’s book, “argues in this provocative, exasporating and and occasionally baffling exorcise in revisionism..” Stark praises “Christianity as constantly evolving, kept pace with economic development.” This last sentence is exactly my view as well.

          Stark’s thesis through many books is that capitalism and science came about because Christianity freed people from the constraints of previous times. This must have happened at times, and at times it held them back.

          I suppose the books on why the North won the Civil War would weigh several tons. So, what role did Christianity play in that outcome? We will never know completely I am sure. The fact is the North won and that was the end of slavery as I stated in the earlier post.

  8. mark anthony

    Are you not familiar with the abolitionist movement prior to the Civil War? Very much inspired by Calvinist Christianity. BTW, I don’t go all the way with Stark. I think, however, that the Christian emphasis on individuality and the equality of all in the eyes of God did a lot to end slavery in the West. It also was also an important factor in the development of capitalism and the free market economy (tho’ I think that he goes a bit overboard on that point). And that capitalism was both encouraged by Christianity and, alternative, was in turn modified by capitalism. Provocative nonetheless. Hope this escapes the invalid security token message.

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