Exorcists Are Told To Treat Witchcraft As Satanism

Putting Christianity into the context of other cultures has kept it spreading across the globe. Often believers say their faith does not change but it changes to address other cultures when necessary. Just now that Christianity is growing in some areas of Africa and needs to be reinvented there. They are cultures steeped in spirits including witchcraft. To shoehorn witchcraft into something familiar to Christians it is being called Satanism.

The link includes a report that local Bishops in Africa admonish priests not to engage in witch rituals when on  break from priestly duties. It suggests local folks are still looking for this spiritual world and local priests are not far removed from it.

In a recent conference on exorcism the focus was on removing witchcraft from these witchcraft cultures. Various presenters said witchcraft should be viewed as the work of Satan. This, of course, removes witchcraft of one cultural setting and places is in a Christian one. Those who believe in witchcraft most likely have never heard of a Satan or the concept of sin.

I have no doubt some people are abused, even killed, in cultures that practice witchcraft. I’m skeptical they are made better by exorcism. I think a better idea would be to convince people their are no witches nor gods nor spirits of any kind. I gather exorcism is about the presence of some kind of spiritual force.

One can only hope that one day both witchcraft and exorcism will be no longer practiced.

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  1. Jinx II

    I love a good ghost or haunted house story, but I sure don’t believe in them or any spirits what so ever. Not sure if we will survive on this planet long enough to see the day witchcraft and exorcism are no longer practiced. We’ve done a real number on the planet and we are not that far from hitting the point of no return……thus our extinction.

  2. Juan Ruiz

    Judging by the plethora of paranormal shows on the various “reality” channels, looks like many in the US believe in ghosts, demons, and the like.

    1. Jinx II

      I guess they need something to occupy their mind, critical thinking is not exactly their thing………you know what they say about how often suckers are born. LOL

      1. Juan Ruiz

        Yes. And it grieves me there are so many stupid people around. Small wonder the country is in such a mess. I have always wondered that, with so many ghosts and demons, I have never seen one.

  3. Catcher

    Re; title of article; “…treat witchcraft as Satanism”. In most circles, it would be more accurate to say; “Satan is behind witchcraft”, also included would be all the other “dark arts”.

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