Will We Ever Be A United Country

Today I read a article about the growth in influence of what is generically called “Christian Broadcasting.” I also happened to read about Bernie Sanders talk program which is somewhere on Face Book. Both are attracting large audiences. I think it is safe to say neither faction listens to the other. It is as if those who watch one faction of the country’s political/religious commentary and news are in a separate country from all the others.

While it is tempting to think this is an important problem, we need to consider our history. Around 1860 two ways of looking at things led to a civil war. More recently I think the Vietnam period was even more bitter than what we have today. Then there was the bloody civil rights period. Taking those three periods into account today’s isolated talk shows don’t seem so intense.

It’s tempting to say, “Let’s get together and talk this thing out.” I don’t think this really an option for the nation though it will happen here and there. Television requires big money and if there is more money in bashing the other side you can guess the result. Anyone in the TV industry will tell you there is a need for the screen to project emotion.

Past U.S. periods of bitterness have shown us resolution will come when one view wins out over another. After some years had past, few people supported slavery, segregation or the Vietnam War.

It is unpleasant, however, waiting for that to happen.

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  1. Chuck Z

    TV (media) was designed to divide us, that’s why it’s called “programming”. The last thing politicians in this country want is a united nation. There’s no money in that.

    1. Chuck Z 6:35 designed to divide us..

      I’m tempted to blame it on 200 TV channels each with an isolated bunch of fans. Then I remember there were only three networks during the Vietnam War and it did not help unite us at all.

  2. “Television requires big money and if there is more money in bashing the other side you can guess the result. ”

    True enough. This by the design of the ruling elite. Men against women, Black against White, Rich against poor. young against old, Labor against management, Christian against Muslim, against Jew, against atheist. Divide and conquer is the strategy and they are having their way with us. Will America ever be united? Yes! In fact the whole world will be one. So be of good cheer:

    2And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the LORD’S house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and ALL NATIONS shall flow unto it. (Isaiah 2:2)

  3. Rob

    Not only tv, but now blogs as well. There are some blogs out there making outlandish claims about religions. These blogs have ‘comments’ sections, but comments made by those who disagree with the blogger are often deleted.
    It is hard to imagine being able to ‘talk things out’ with such a backwards, nazi-like discussion governance.

    1. Rob 8:01 Not only tv, but now blogs as well

      There, now that was a good post. You started by making reference to something, then you introduced you point and then explained it.

      What I often take down are snarky posts of one to two sentences like, ‘what’s that go to do with what you wrote yesterday’ or ‘ that’s stupid’.

        1. Rob 9:01 I guess I’ve just been assuming your (you’re) an intelligent man

          What you assume is that readers have read the comment/blog you are referring or remember it. What I’d like you to do is try to make your comment like a mini blog. Start with whatever you want to address and then move into it. I read all the comments, then like everyone else, I do other things and don’t give what I read another thought. Then I return here and there is a comment, “I never said that”. I cannot recall, and will not take the time, to go back and figure out what that comment is supposed to mean. Now, I don’t always write my own comments perfectly nor do I demand it of every comment here. It’s just that I want comments to be as easy to read for speed readers as possible. I would prefer you make yours easier to understand. You did a good job as I noted.

          (Just a minute ago I trashed a comment from “Mark Anthony” because it was only a few snarky words.)

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