When Religion Plays “Let’s Pretend”

Some hitless baseball players blame the umpire. Pope Francis blames the Devil for his opponents.

The Pope refers to the Devil quite frequently. Sometimes he seems like a modern person tuned in to contemporary thinking. Then he brings up the literal “Devil” and you see part of him is still middle ages. It involves a pretend entity, the Devil, and blaming him for whatever comes along.

The Pope’s critics also play “Let’s pretend. There is a new book about the Pope written by Ross Douthat, a columnist on religion at the New York Times. Douthat is a Catholic convert and conservative. He likes what he thinks are the rules of Catholicism. If the rules are not followed, Douthat writes, the Catholic Church is just another slip sliding Protestant denomination.

Then Douthat begins his own game of pretend. He recognizes that Catholic marriage is sacred and to desolve is a serious matter. That is why he criticizes the Pope’s ruling that local priests can assess what happened in a marriage and choose to offer communion to the divorced.

Douthat recognizes the old rule of no communion for the divorced is bad for church numbers. So, his solution is to continue the requirement that marriages be annulled by the church before a remarriage but to make the annulment process faster and easier. In other words, he says, “Let’s pretend there is an annulment when really there is just a rubber stamp.”

Playing “Let pretend” is popular among people who pretend there is a god.

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  1. Jinx II

    Sadly, they refuse to question the claims their religion makes and swallow the bait hook, line and sinker.

    1. Matt 9:06 Bigotry disguised as intellectualism by an atheist who pretends to be free-thinking.

      We are to conclude you agree with the Pope there is a Devil and that if annulment is made quicker and easier it will still be annulment. All these things and the many items you post from the Catholic Encyclopedia help us understand the world of pretend.

      1. There is a fallen angel named Lucifer. He is the devil.

        Annulment is a process by which a supposed marriage is defined invalid, i.e. did not occure. Each Bishop runs his annulment court.

        Pretend? Hardly.

        1. Jinx II

          After posting your Porn yesterday…..intending to insult me, now you attempt to be an authority on all things catholic. You are one sick jerk you slimy green worm. Confess your sin and do your penance fakechristianjuice.

          1. Porn? Porn is defined a few ways. Porn is nudity meant to objectify and denigrate the human body. Porn is the deliberate act of destroying humanity for pleasure, for convenience, for personal enrichment. Abortion, euthanasia, forms of contraception, gang violence and many other examples exist.

          2. Jon is up to his game of censoring posts he doesn’t like; this time not even one of mine but another person who questioned Jinx II’s ramblings about pornography. I believe his comment was simply, “You call that porn?!”

            If the world’s definition of porn was what Jinx II characterized then we would all be living under strict Sharia law, covering up women’s bodies and faces completely except for a shrouded eye slit. As it stands, Jinx II is rightfully said to be aligned with Sharia law;; something he wrongfully accuses me and others of when he says we are ‘sharia christians’.

            I could care less what Jinx II thinks of meas it is much more important what Jesus Christ thinks of me, what my friends and family think of me and what I think of myself. Whenever I feel tendencies towards obsessing over something as much as Jinx iI or Jon obsesses over religion – Christianity in particular – I step back and remind myself of what is important. And what is truly important isi salvation.

          3. Jinx II

            I am sure your bishop and the catholic church are very proud of you fakechristianjuice, including the way you justify your actions.

            I should send the photo to your diocese office and ask them to have a talk with YOU about objectifying women and sharing such photos on internet.

            You truly are slimy scum groveling in the dirt while believing your such a fine catholic you are guaranteed a spot in fantasy heaven.

          4. Haha. By all means, send it to the Diocesan office. Make sure you sign the enclosed letter with your actual name and address.

            The Catholic Church deals with real sin. While the image displayed on the google search result is immodest, it is not sinful.

            The Church’s priests hear grisly confessions of murder, rape, incest, theft and even worse sins. It is the way the penitent cleanses his soul as the priest takes the position of Christ in the Confessional.

            Some sins are reserved. I believe abortion was reserved for many decades if not centuries. Apostasy is the gravest of sins, if I recall my lessons from youth correctly.

            Jinx, I’m afraid you are simply comic relief. I pity you. You are so filled with hate that it consumes you. Enjoy life. Be blessed. Repent.

          5. Jinx II

            fakechristianjuice, there are numerous ways to contact your bishop with out revealing my identity. Your posts and words completely reveal exactly who you are and its not even close to christian or follows the teachings of the prophet Jesus.

            Do you even realize how much you have tainted yourself in the eyes of most of the people who read this blog? Your reputation never was the greatest but now it has sunk to the bottom of the barrel.

            Your arrogance and how you justify your actions underline the fact that you are anything but the catholic you believe yourself to be.

            Pathetic, trashy, unaware and despicable describes you to a T and you will get yours 10x over.

          6. Jinx II 10:42 In a past era, President Nixon said, “If the President of the United States did it, it was not a crime.” Now there is a new rule, “If the President of the United States does it, it is not a sin.” This includes sleeping with a porn star.

  2. MJB

    I have read your free “thinking articles” before and have found them very entertaining, thank you. Your notes remind me of the classic professor in academia who preaches to the masses without ever stepping outside the walls of the institution but clearly due to title has most if not all the answers.

    I am very intrigued you spend so much time and energy in a place that should hold no significance to you. If there is no God, an Atheiest right, why do you chose to dwell on this topic. Move on, you must have better things to free think about. Afterall why debate with people who have faith. Faith in God, cannot be measured or proven through scientific methods so it most certianly does not exist and a waist of time to deliberate.

    I would suspect you spend much of your days trying to master huminism, surely you will find deeper purpose and meaning here, but if you stumble or fail in your quest of whatever it is your looking for, there is supposedly this loving God that will embrace you for who you are and through the journey of faith you may find what your looking for…
    This may require a ton of vulnerability, greater understanding and courage so beware it’s not easy. Then again it’s so much easier being an Athiest why even try…

    Anyway good luck and humanspeed!

    1. MJB 11:12 Thanks for being a reader and for taking the time to express your excellent thoughts. I’ll reply to one part of your essay.

      Move on….After all why debate with people who have faith. Faith in God, cannot be measured or proven through scientific methods so it certainly does not exist and is a waste of time to deliberate.

      Comments like that are what make blogging here fun. I suppose you are correct that no one, even the most passionate in the faith, argues “faith in God” can be proven. But, as I see it, faith in God is based on many things, including myths. For example, it is based for most people in the belief that the Bible was “written” or divined by God and not by just another batch of writing by ordinary wealthy goat herders. If it was the latter there is no reason to post part of it on government property that we all, believers and non believers, own.

      Then there are believers who come up with the notion their faith has some manner of moral superiority over other faiths or no faiths. It’s fun to point out why people of faith are no better, and no worse, than those without faith.

      Thanks again for the post.

      1. Jon, “It’s fun to point out why people of faith are no better, and no worse, than those without faith.”

        If you actually believed that statement there would be some evidence, e.g. denigrating those with no faith and their attempts to put their beliefs in to law. Yet, all we hear is your screeds against Christianity trying to put Christianity in to law. Even more so is the constant denigration of our beliefs, e.g. male priesthood, the sin of homosexual acts, the Eucharist.

        The verdict is in. Your above referenced statement is a provable lie. You believe people of no faith are much better than those with faith. The evidence is what proves it.

  3. Randall Wehler

    At the risk of sounding too philosophically intellectual, we all seem to be trying to discover (or continue to find comfort in what we have discovered regarding) the meaning of life and why we exist as conscious human beings. It’s nice to see all of us on the same opinion forum where thoughts and convictions can be shared. The classical term “atheist” does not mean someone who has given up on the spiritual dimension of life and continued existence.

  4. unregenerate

    Jon April 12, 2018
    “When Religion Plays ‘Let’s Pretend’”

    Gods, demigods, sons of gods, holy mothers, angels, fallen angels, devils, popes, priests, preachers, old testaments, new testaments, saints, sinners, heaven, hell, purgatory, theists, atheists, agnostics, pagans, infidels, heretics, heathens, holy water, … . Holy buckets!

    “I heard a great story recently — I love telling it — of a little girl who was in a drawing lesson. She was six, and she was at the back, drawing, and the teacher said this girl hardly ever paid attention, and in this drawing lesson, she did. The teacher was fascinated. She went over to her, and she said, ‘What are you drawing?’ And the girl said, ‘I’m drawing a picture of God.’ And the teacher said, ‘But nobody knows what God looks like.’’ And the girl said, ‘They will, in a minute.’” https://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_says_schools_kill_creativity/transcript#t-246324

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