Anti Abortionists, Why So Quiet

It would be possible to have some respect for anti abortion politics if it was concerned about all human life. Further, anti abortionists would garner more respect if they were concerned about all fertilized eggs. But, no, unnecessary adult deaths occur needlessly without comment and embryos are regularly flushed away without a “That’s murder” demonstration of any kind. Why so quiet?

The entire business of in vitro fertilization has thrown anti abortion politics into a quandary. Those who laid out the  original political claims against abortion expected to always refer to the surgery separating the fetus from its mother. As technology reduced this surgery it left political operatives befuddled.

One place this politics is quiet surrounds the millions of embryos stored in freezers across the country. Couples pay for freezer space in case they want to implant the embryos back into the mother. It turns out millions of these embryos are forgotten about. In other cases, the unregulated businesses who provide freezer space have equipment failures and the embryo are “unusable.” In anti abortion political rhetoric whoever let the equipment fail should be charged with murder.

These clinics have lost track of embryos in their own facilities. Embryos have been implanted in the wrong patient.

There is almost no regulation of these facilities. It is speculated lawmakers don’t want to get entangled with defining the embryo. Is it a “baby”, an embryo or just property.

And, there is no political cash or cache from pictures of frozen vials.

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  1. Henry

    I was downtown passing through last week for a meeting. I was in close proximity to the Fargo slaughterhouse. I happened to be there when a baby delivery was imminent. There were four parties present: 1. Two peaceful prolifers. 2. Abort escorts. They apparently take all ages, seemingly not able to run 25 yards. 3. A young chic casual observer across the street that tried to look disinterested, but appeared to be a plain-clothes LEO. 4. Myself. I didn’t stick around for the perp walk. It is clearly a joke that SCOTUS gave us this right to “privacy”. I really do think the proborts like the extra attention. Lastly, where is my young chic LEO when I receive a critical delivery? That is great personal service. “Serve and protect”.

    1. Henry 7:15 You make my point that the clinic where surgery is performed makes better political copy than ice chests full of “babies”. Saving frozen embryos just does not have the emotional juices a clinic has. You really cannot stand across the street of a freeze’em clinic and loath what you see. There are maybe a thousand times more “murders” of “babies” in the freezers.

      1. Henry

        My response is the same for both locations. It is a legislative matter. To the demonstrators credit, they have a good chance at changing the mom’s mind from following through with a gruesome procedure of killing her son or daughter..

    1. Chuck Z

      Details! They don’t stop Jon when he thinks he’s got a good gotchya. Ask him, what would happen to that embryo if they reinserted in the body it came from, unaltered, like the rest of them in the freezer………….*crickets*

  2. Henry

    On a side note, I encountered the following while looking at sites specializing in putting eggs in ice chests: “Many individuals in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community face unique challenges in building a family.” No way, Sherlock! Profound. We are getting evolution going! We can be probort, pro-evolve, and pro-sodomite all in a singular movement. One big bowel movement. Sorry, that is my Freud having a little bit of regression.

  3. unregenerate

    Jon March 23, 2018
    Anti Abortionists, Why So Quiet

    To control abortions in Mississippi, the governor signed into law the Gestational Age Act banning abortions at 15 weeks. Exceptions are made for medical emergencies or severe fetal abnormalities. No exception for rape or incest. Meanwhile a 9 year old Mississippi boy got a hand gun from a bedside drawer in his parents bedroom and aborted the life of his 13 year old sister by shooting her in the back of the head over control of a video game remote.

    1. unregenerate 10:37 To control abortions….

      If I were to design a “World of the Weird” tent show and entertain people with it in a carnival midway, it would be one where a fertilized egg is a human being and all law enforcement is used to protect this microscopic spec. Meanwhile, nine year old boys have access to guns to kill their sisters over a remote.

      “Step right up, the ‘World of the Weird’ show will begin in just a minute.”

      1. Henry

        What is weird is storing humans in ice chests. If someone told me that 30 years ago, I would have asked what in the hell are you talking about.

      2. Chuck Z

        And then you could open one where a fertilized egg isn’t a human being, and no laws are used to protect this microscopic spec, until they are both killed in a traffic accident by a geriatric who shouldn’t be driving, and he is charged with a double homicide.

        “Step right up, the ‘World of the Weird’ show will begin in just a minute.”

          1. Chuck Z

            Try harder….

            A woman wants to remove the “non-human” clump of cells lounging around in her body. She grabs a hangar and finishes the job. No harm, no foul.

            And now, we hop over to the World of The Weird, where in an alternate reality, mommy decides hangars aren’t her thing. But, in an unfortunate accident, she is run over while crossing the street on her way to work….how unfortunate for the geriatric driver that the “clump if cells” has turned into a viable human being and he is now being charged with a double homicide.

            It’s a miracle!!!!

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