The Day Billy Graham Hung Norman Vincent Peale Out To Dry

President Trump paying tribute to Billy Graham is all the more ironic when we learn about how Graham did in Trump’s beloved pastor, Norman Vincent Peale.

It all started when John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon were squaring off to run for President. Billy Graham was an up and coming celebrity and was enamored with prominent politicians, especially Republicans.

Graham told Nixon he and other evangelicals were going to derail the Catholic, Kennedy. An organization was formed that included Graham. The roll out, however, was done by the more prominent Norman Vincent Peale. Peale told the media all the bad things about Catholics.

Kennedy was not mentioned but the press knew what this was all about and pressed Peale for an admission this was about politics. Peale denied it was about Kennedy and was rightfully accused of lying. Knowing full well he had lied Peale was devastated and resigned as head pastor of his mega church. The church did not accept his resignation. But, Peale’s confidence was shaken and he was never seen in the same favorable light.

Graham, meanwhile, was in Switzerland. The opportunity was there for him to come to Peale’s aid but he, like people on the way up, did not and moved on.

President Trump has referred to his family’s pastor, Norman Vincent Peale, many times. One has to assume Peale told Trump’s father about his experience with Billy Graham.

Trump, however, may have moved on and left Peale in the dust as Graham did.

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  1. Jinx II

    I was about 5 yrs old when Kennedy was elected and I do remember my extended Irish family talking about this….they despised Nixon and the Repubs and voted Democrat their entire life…….as most of their kids, grandkids and great grandkids do.

    It appears to me the rcc continues to hang victims of priest abuse out to dry, there strategy is all theatrics and little action.

  2. Somehow I feel like I’ve been swept back in time to Floyd’s barber shop in Mayberry where the gang is gossiping about the man who just checked in to the local hotel. Or is it the beauty parlor when the new school teacher with the skirt 1 inch too short is supposedly driving the young boys up a tree. Peale, Graham, Trump? Professor Plum in the Kitchen with the rope?

    1. Matt 8:14 Here is a story that was told in my little town, a town like Mayberry. Norman Vincent Peale came to do some sermons in a little church near our farm. We did not go but later the church Board members talked about the back story. They had a wrap up meeting with Peale after it was over and were dividing up the money collected. Peale wanted more than they had anticipated. While discussing all the costs of the event, one Board member said, “Joe, the janitor came in late twice to clean the church. I think a little extra for him would be nice.” Peale said, “That’s right. Here.” He dashed off a receipt for a donation from the janitor.

      1. While an income deduction is valuable, it is probably less so for a janitor and a callous way of dealing with people.

        The moral of that story, other than feeling bad about NV Peale is that communication and agreement up front saves a lot of heartache and ill will on the back end. From your story, it was clear the local clergy did not have an agreement with NV Peale about this very sensitive subject of money.

      2. I’ll tell you another story, this time about a priest from the local area. There was a raging blizzard in the FM area that Sunday morning and the rural areas were even worse due to the unprotected country roads. The small Catholic church only had 1 Mass in the winter and many of the faithful saw fit to stay home that Sunday morning rather than brave the elements. Since their Church was a mission church, they felt the traveling priest would not show up to say Mass.

        Anyway, the very devout found a way to get to that church and waited for the priest to arrive. As Mass time came and went they decided to leave for home. The handful of devout parishioners then heard a dull roar outside the church. The roar grew louder and then stopped. In walked the priest who said Mass. After Mass, he hopped back on his snowmobile for the 22-mile trip back to his home parish where he was scheduled for a Mass later that Sunday morning.

        On that Sunday morning, a young boy in attendance at that Mass was so moved by the dedication and love of a priest for his parishioners that the seed of an idea began to germinate. That young boy later became a priest.

  3. Juan Ruiz

    One had to live back then to understand why someone would object t a Catholic president. Kennedy actually had to go TV and insist he would not be taking orders from the pope…this was the great fear. It has to be remembered that in 1948, Truman won because his opponent, Dewey, was Catholic.

    1. Patricia 10:08 Thank you for those long pieces of scripture. I prefer this comment area be about people writing their own thoughts in their own words on the issues discussed. I gather you believe I am condemned to hell. If that is your view, you are welcome to write it here as have about three dozen others.

      1. Chuck Z

        “I prefer this comment area be about people writing their own thoughts in their own words on the issues discussed…….”

        As you simply parrot article after article that you have chosen to read that day.

        1. You beat me to it, Chuck Z. Jon usually adds his own words to the articles referenced so one would assume accompanying scripture or prayer with personal commentary would be allowed (No, I am not that gullible!).

    2. Perhaps Jon should state his censorship policy in his printed profile so that people can know what to expect. I cannot recall one of his lap dogs ever being censored. Recently, he posted an incorrect scripture verse citation which I had to research in order to rebut. If he had copied and pasted the actual scripture verse, we would not have had the problem.

      Patricia Twist, I’m sorry a first time poster had to get her wings clipped by another power hungry male.

    1. Matt 3:41 I expect some crowing about Starkville, MS is due in the next posting

      Matt is referring to my blog of three days ago. The Starkville city council turned down a request for a gay pride parade. Today it reversed and a majority approved. The earth is a-shakin’.

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