Anti Christian Conservatives

The link    about white supremacy reminded me that Christianity is dropping most rapidly among lower income white people. The article traces the disdain among a branch of white supremacists for Christianity.

This anti Christian thinking is pre WWII. It considers Christianity to be a European religion, one that reflects the culture of Europe at the time it became popular. According to white supremacy, this hurt the white race, which needs to dominate the world, by replacing white dominance with a deity.

This thread of reasoning is an unfortunate branch of humanism. Humanism is a branch of atheism. White supremacists carry humanism outside of sphere of the American Humanist Society. In white supremacy humanism the superior race, white, has within it superior individuals who should run society without democracy.

Anti Christian white supremacy believes society is always pushing forward to reach a higher plateau. In times past it was higher buildings, climbing higher mountains and finding a higher intellectual plain. This can only be accomplished, the thinking goes, if the best white individuals are left alone to lead humanity. Being popular plays no part in great ends. Christianity puts obstacles in place to prevent this.

Freethinking, whose advocates declare they make decisions independent of religious or government authorities, usually but not always atheist, hopefully blocks white supremacy humanism from its goals. Leaders, whether religious or secular, have led societies to harmful ends often in history.

White supremacy is part of the West’s history. It is at work among us today.

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  1. White supremacy is an incredibly small part of American society. I think members of John Birch society outnumber them. Name a place that is dominated by white supremacists in America. I can’t think of one. However, I can think for many places that are dominated by a dangerous, left-wing activist base, e.g. Berkeley, Boulder, Madison, San Francisco, etc.

  2. Catcher

    Re. the attachment; The alt right then sounds much like Hitler’s devotion to the “Volk”” (folk, tribe, culture exclusivity.) “Volk” saturated Hitler’s thought. Think Volkswagon.. Think what he had in mind for all Christianity, had he continued.

    1. Catcher 6:57 The alt right then sounds much like Hitler’s devotion to the “volk”…that’s what he had in mind for all Christianity

      Perhaps he saw himself as part of the faith and that that faith belonged to the German “volk”. Seems like there was a dance between Christianity (and religion in general) and dictators. But, the line of thought in the link was about the merits of the smartest white people and not setting aside their superiority for a deity.

      1. Catcher

        @ 7;43; “But the line of thought in the link was about the merits of the smartest white people and not setting aside their superiority for a deity. Yup. That sounds just like the final goal of Hitler.

        We’ve talked about Hitler’s using the faith to fulfill his goals in the past. It has been documented what his final solution to Christianity was to be when his goals were reached.. This too has been provided in the past. I’m not going to repeat myself. “Not setting aside their superiority for a deity.” Sounds about right.

        1. Catcher

          Jon; You must surely remember that Hitler was stopped before his plans were complete. Some of his later writings clearly indicate he was going to eliminate Christianity after the Jews.

  3. Jinx II

    My husband’s 2 or 3 times Great Uncle was Francis Cardinal Spellman. J E Hoover, Spellman and can’t remember his name had their dirty fingers all over the country, and Spellman and the govt. official I can’t remember, were up to their A$$ in totalitarian crap in Central and South American. The family considers Frankie to be a real bastard and doesn’t claim him as their own……he is a devil in their eyes. Sounds anti christian to me.

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