Are You In Control Of Your Religious Life Or Does It Control You

We hear about marriages where it turns out one half wants to dominate in bizarre ways the other half. I suggest that anyone in a religion which tries to tell you who to marry and why should leave it.

We all know of the rules in the Old Testament, what to eat and what to wear. We get to the New Testament and the old rules can be ignored but new rules take their place. There are “sins”, though what they are remains a work in progress. And, if you sin there is only one way to avoid a penalty. Not surprisingly, the church holds a monopoly on getting the fines overturned.

And there’s more. In the Catholic Church there is a rule against marrying after a divorce. One would think getting married again is a good thing, but somewhere in the murky past another rule was made up.

Recently, several Protestant preachers have been warning single people they absolutely must not marry someone who is not a believer. It is quite a terrible sin. What constitutes a believer, I wonder? If the marriage prospect says, “Well yeah. It never occurred to me not to believe,” is that good enough?

In the link it does not discuss what to do if a spouse, after several years of a happy marriage, decides he/she no long believes. Is it a sin to stay married?

If you faith wants to control you, leaving might be the thing to do.

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  1. Juan Ruiz

    “Recently, several Protestant preachers have been warning single people they absolutely must not marry someone who is not a believer”

    Not recent at all. Goes back to Saul of Tarsus: “Do not be unequally yoked.” But all religious cults say that. Sun Yung Moon went so far to choose who would marry whom, and had mass ceremonies.

    1. Catcher

      @ 7;25; Even “Farmer’s” ( an on line dating service) promotes a fisherman going out with a girl who likes to fish. On other ads, “Yoked” is present with cowgirls and boys. Other such services also promote commonality.

      My own experience of 60+ yr. ago was finding a girl who liked blood sausage like me. Found one. Commonality. Neither of us heard such demands out of the Christian faith (“Not a believer”) as reported.

  2. Chuck Z

    You need to ask yourself this question, Jon. It’s obvious to anybody, except probably you, what the answer is.

  3. unregenerate

    Ok, so Christians should not marry non-believers but darn it those stories and movie clips of strange animal friends sure do warm the heart.

  4. Marriage is very difficult at times. During those times, it is best to have something solid to fall back on to get through the difficulties and to remember the purpose of your marriage. For Catholics and many other Christians, the marriage is an indissolvablel union blessed by God. The parties to the marriage are the man, the woman and God. Having both man and woman of the same Faith, with full knowledge of God as a partner to the marriage, each party works extra hard to stay married. Love is a decision, not a warm, fuzzy feeling like hot chocolate and peppermint on a winter day.

    Equally yoked is an expression that, to me, means the couple is of the same cloth. That cloth could be the same religion, the same philosophy, the same desires or interests, etc.

    Just yesterday, a member of this blog tracked down my email address and contacted me. It was great to get a show of support from an unexpected place.

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