A Nun Points To Hypocrisy In “Pro Life” Politics

Once in a while we hear a logical position from the political wing know as “pro life.” In this case a Nun delivers a left hook to those who claim to be pro life but oppose programs that promote lives of children.

Sister Joan Chittister has a Ph. D. and has written 50 books. For whatever reason, she is unafraid to stand up to anti abortion bullies who want to bring down every voice of dissent. Her position is that to be “pro life”, one needs to promote help for pregnant mothers and programs for children’s welfare.

Her logical position, and the hostility to that position within the Catholic Church, illustrate that “pro life” politics is not about “lives of children.” It is about punishment of women. How dare they have sex and then not suffer by being pregnant. Suffering to raise children in miserable poverty is all the better for women. How poverty affects children is unimportant. I have heard with my own ears the punishment rationale for no access to abortions.

Birth control has contributed to fewer abortions. Help for women during and after pregnancy would reduce them even more. But this latter solution is not on the table because it flies in the face of punishment for women. That is why the church treats Professor/Sister Chittister as an outlier.

The Catholic Church and like minded Protestant denominations would do well to listen to Sister Chittister. She is offering them a path out of hypocrisy that would serve them well.


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  1. Jinx II

    I agree with her. It makes too much sense for the misogynous male hierarchy of the rcc to adopt. Punishing women has been the religious norm for thousands of years.

  2. The sister is juvenile in her logic. If the good sister was about to have her arms and legs ripped off by a buzzsaw and saline poison injected in her skull and torso, she would probably call you pro-life if you stopped the murderer from doing all those things to you.

    Whether taxpayer funds are used for things that parents should provide is quite a different matter. The more that government provides ‘free everything’ for people, the less those people are inclined to work, struggle and save to do those things for their children. It is not right to want for something at the expense of another. I want a new 70″ 4K TV and the latest iPhone. Is my neighbor obligated to purchase it for me? The good sister uses logic that would say “yes”.

    Assuming the parents can’t afford housing, food and clothing for their offspring, they have many options including adoption, food pantries, shelters and free clothing from churches, shelters and discount clothes outlets (there are probably a dozen such clothes outlets in Fargo/Moorhead).

    We’ve come to a point in this country where our funding of welfare programs does not give incentive for people to work. That is a poison from which generations of people can’t recover. It is referred to as the permanent underclass and a reliable 90% voting bloc for Democrats. Tell me that Democrats are being compassionate when they vote large sums of money from the treasury to fund these programs.

    No,the good nun is a lone voice in the wilderness on what the Church declares to be “pro-life”. She is entitled to her opinion and guess who promotes it? Yes, Democrats, liberals and those that don’t like the Catholic Church. Not suprisingly, there are a good number of Catholics who agree with her opinion. The pro-life people I know are also involved in helping the poor. In my opinion, she strikes out.

  3. I have to wonder where Jon got all the loaded BS in his personal column today when virtually none of it appears in the article he references. Who are the “bullies” he refers to? What have these alleged meanies done to the Benedictine nun? She seems to be a sister in good standing with the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, PA. Her religious order seems to be in good standing in their Order and in the diocese. Her opinions, while left-leaning, don’t appear to be schismatic. I didn’t see her as any different than many in my Church who are well-intentioned (towards the poor) but ambivalent about doing anything to protect unborn children. It may not be their calling but they don’t have to criticize or demean those whose calling is in the pro-life movement She can mince words on “pro-life” but I could (I don’t) mince words on social justice.

    I know Jon threw this woman on his blog because it supports his thin thesis on what we in the pro-life movement do for pregnant women. Jon loves to try to convince people we are just pro-birth. Heck yes, I am pro-birth! Note the word “just” was missing. Perhaps it means that my Faith compels me to help the poor, the homeless, the hungry, etc. Jesus is in the person who is hungry, sick, homeless and despairing. Whatsoever we do for the least of our brothers, we do for Christ.

    1. Jinx II

      worm, the voice from the Dark Ages gives his skewed opinion again. The Pro Life Catholic group is practical and much more empathetic than our little drama queen will ever be.

      1. Jinx II: It is really too bad that you are incapable of a civil discourse. That is why I shut you down months ago. Apparently, you are so full of hate that every post you write is “..worm, the voice form the Dark Ages …”

        Consider yourself shut down again.

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