Coming: Silence On Abortion From The Chinese Catholic Church

China is the most secular country in the world. Most Christians there in past decades were Catholics. Catholics spent lots of money marketing in China.  Now most are Protestants. Both groups are growing but what is happening is a lesson in the social sciences. When people there are asked what Christianity is about and what is the difference between Protestants and Catholics the answers reflect the Chinese culture.

That is why I’m skeptical about claims orthodox Christianity is growing in China. What is growing is a version of Christianity that meshes with the Chinese culture, just as the version in this country is modified to fit our culture.

In the link, some young Chinese Protestants are asked about the Catholic faith. They replied it is not part of the Christian faith. Some government positions on Catholicism say the same thing. The Protestant version of Christianity is galloping past Catholicism in popularity.

Looking at China from afar it is easy to see a big problem the government must have with the Catholic church. One of the Government’s strategies to feed and house the largest population in the world has been population control. While it has been relaxed a bit recently, it continues. That means required abortions.

Recently, the Pope agreed to pull two Chinese Cardinals. They were replaced with government appointed Cardinals. No Rome appointed Cardinals remain. The Catholic Church is a government agency. It seems clear the government does not want Cardinals preaching against abortion.

I’m guessing we will hear the sounds of silence.

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  1. Jay S

    At least I have a clear conscience to not side with babies being ripped out of their mother’s womb, torn apart by the limbs, or even born alive to only then be killed. If it happens in America we can only imagine what other countries, for the sake of population control do, which by the way there are many other alternatives to controlling the population.

    And people that advocate abortion in these forms above or otherwise are sick in the head. By the way the attitude about abortion in America is changing as more people speak out against it and see what is actually done, for the sake of convenience. But I’m sure the blog writer will now try to twist all this into some demented argument for abortion. But at least I have a clear conscience that I didn’t kill anyone and didn’t advocate for it.Others can’t say the same

    1. Jay S 7:13 The blog is about how the Pope is adjusting to competition in China. Rather than condemning the church the government has taken over, the Pope is willing to cooperate and even endorse a variation of the church. If the Chinese church says little or nothing about abortion it will signal abortion is a position taken merely for popularity in the West and it needs another position on abortion in the East.

      1. Jay

        And would you say the same thing if the roles were reversed in China? No you wouldn’t . By the way you can’t discuss the “variation” without acknowledging what that “variation” is and does which was my initial comment.

        1. Jay 7:25 I can’t understand your post. Following up on the topic of my blog, perhaps you could post here quotes from the Catholic Church in China condemning abortion.

          1. Jay

            The reason you can’t follow it is because it uses logic. Never said Catholic Church in China condemned it. I asked if roles were reversed , iow they did condemn it then you would not be advocating the position your taking. The variation comment is in reference to your comment about endorsing a variation of the church and you said my previous point was about condemning when in fact my point talks about what that variation entails. But pro abortionist never want to discuss the sick way that variation is carried out.

    1. Matt 2:37 I trust the Vatican has a strategy that won’t please Jon. The Church has not abandoned children or truth.

      I hope you will follow the Catholic Church in China and report to us a blistering condemnation of abortion as soon as you see it reported there. China has about 15 million abortions each year, there are about half a million in the U.S. The rate per 1000 women is several times higher.

      The Catholic Church gained a foothold in rural areas. These areas have emptied out and it is hustling to keep in play. It was ready to make a deal with the government.

  2. Jinx II

    worm says
    “The Church has not abandoned children or truth.” That is exactly what they have done for eons of time……Ireland and orphanage and unwed mother’s home, sexual abuse of children all over the world, physical and sexual abuse in Indian residential schools, the cover ups that reach all the way to the top and much more. Suppression of the truth is woven through out the centuries as well as never admitting wrong doing is their strategy.

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