South Koreans Actually Believe In Right To Life

With the Olympics in South Korea we learn more about it.  South Koreans live longer than we in the U.S. This is unexpected. The annual average income in South Korea is about one half that of the U.S.

One thing different in the U.S. is the mixture of politics and religion. Conservative economic politics has become married to anti abortion and anti gay religion. Neither of these factions cares one twit about healthy Americans. They both have a passion for getting even. They want to show who is boss around here.

Part of getting even is inventing sin then pointing at those who sin. Those who consider being gay or having abortions sins could just not engage in either. That is not enough. That does not settle the score. It’s important to get revenge.  To get even, government needs to be expanded to put the hammer down on political enemies. There need to be laws against homosexuals and abortions and plenty of penalty.

A rational policy favoring “life” would be to reach for South Korea’s longevity numbers. Their numbers could be reached by making medical care available regardless of income. But more “life” and less death obviously is not the goal. The goal is revenge.

South Korea has a law against abortion but the law in only winked at. Abortion is common. To value human life we need policies that advance life expectancy. That is what South Korea has accomplished with less money than we have in the U.S.

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  1. godless

    The United States population is one of the fattest in the world. The average American eats 60 pounds of added sugar each year. We also each year consume 20,000 times more salt than the daily recommended daily amount.

    Then we scratch our heads wondering why our life expectancy isn’t the highest. Fast food restaurants are everywhere but yet the food is slowly killing us. People taking responsibility for their own actions could go a long way towards improving our life expectancy.

    This is just food, could you imagine if people stopped using tobacco?

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