Tiny Moody’s Bible Institute And The Giant Catholic Hierarchy Share Something

Moody’s Bible Institute and the Roman Catholic Church are silent in similar ways. Why would this be?

Let’s start with Moody’s. It prides itself on taking the Bible literally. Conservative students, faculty and supporters think they know what this means and have no tolerance for taking liberties. Yet, during its recent faculty cuts, some literalists were cut and some who take liberties remained. When conservative elements demanded to know why this happened the Administration remained silent.

Now the Catholics. Recently in China two Bishops who had been appointed by the Pope were removed and replaced with two selected by the Chinese government. There was an agreement reached that the Church would not be allowed to name Bishops without approval of the government. The doctrine of church leaders that supposedly came down from Christ naming Peter now seems almost humorous. Also there is ambiguity from the Pope about the standing of gays and the German church.

Conservative Catholics are asking why this has happened. Why aren’t the rules being followed to the letter? For the most part, there has been no explanation.

The leadership of Moodys and Catholics each see a fork in the road. They take neither direction. This is because of the inability to defend either side. Neither side can defeat the opposing one.

This all starts with an ambiguous Bible. It provides ammunition for and against theologies of many kinds.

Moodys and Catholicism share this ambiguous Bible. They both deal with it by saying nothing.

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  1. Juan Ruiz

    There have been long discussions on EWTN about the China situation. Arroyo is unhappy. But they have led to nowhere. Rome seems to believe that it’s better to have bishops appointed by Xi than none at all. News at 10:00.

    1. Juan 6:02 Rome seems to believe it’s better to have bishops appointed by XI than none at all.

      Rome has had a successful run by piggy backing onto governments. Sure, some bad leaders have piggy backed onto Rome as well. If you were the Pope viewing that vast market that is China you might say to yourself, “Man, big country. We can’t let some other religion honey up to that government. Government is our bread and butter.” Protestants are growing so much they are leaving Catholics in the dust in China–even though Catholic numbers are growing a little too. If you or I were Pope we would say, “Yes, all that about Peter is nice, but we’ve got a business to run here–that’s more important than the Peter thingy.”

        1. Henry

          Must have been all the RCC faithful linking to your site to see what was up with the gay steambaths on Vatican property. Nothing else terribly compelling I was hardly in yesterday, maybe four times.

          1. This site has become mythology central: Satan lives in the Vatican (or anywhere else), the Pope (and all church leaders) worry more about saving souls the making money, it’s a sin if there is a gay bathhouse on Vatican property, the Catholic church (and conservative Protestant branches) will always and forever oppose gay marriage, “right to life” means valuing human life. Well, there are others, I’ll stop for now.

          2. Jinx II

            More likely, the readers are gathering evidence the christian extremists and rcc are hypocrites, have closed minds that nothing can penetrate and are morally corrupt in policy and actions. heinie and worm lack credibility on this blog.

          3. Catcher

            famous man of the 16th century said; In Germany; “There were things gong on in the monasteries at night that grown men should not talk about. “That were introduced by the Carpathian monks from Italy.

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