The Catholic Church In Germany Looking To Bless Gay Marriages

Conservative Catholics have claimed there is no possible way their church can approve gay marriages. I have always doubted this claim.

The Catholic Church in Germany shovels lots of money to Rome and it is also a liberal branch of the church.  I’ve written here before about conservatives who want the Vatican hammer down on the liberal German Church. It doesn’t happen. Now, the German church is tip toeing over the line in the sand drawn by Conservatives. It’s head Cardinal has announced his openness to gay marriage. You can read his careful language here.

He did not say directly priests can perform and bless gay marriage ceremonies. He did not say they cannot either. What happens between the church member and his/her priest is left to the priest.

I interpret him to be saying gay marriages will be discouraged in the church setting itself. But, if a priest conducts a wedding elsewhere and blesses the couple he will not be reprimanded. That is my take.

A similar thing happened with remarried Catholics and communion. Before, they were not permitted to receive communion. Now Pope Francis has decided local priests should be the ones deciding such matters.

Some degree of approval of gay marriage will be good for the declining Church in Germany. It will be good for the Vatican as well because a large source of revenue is protected.

Mostly, it will be good for gay Catholics who want to marry and stay in the Church.

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  1. The issue of homosexual marriage (oxymoron) is that an ordained priest may not conduct the Sacrament of Marriage between two people of the same gender. Blessings are not sacraments. A priest can bless two people, a group of people, animals, automobiles, etc.

    If the priest decides to perform a sacramental marriage ceremony, it is invalid. He is then in line for discipline. If his Bishop is complicit in the action, then there is a much bigger problem. Discipline on the order of schism seems possible. I am not a Church authority. The whole notion is so unimaginable.

    The German Church, i.e. the Catholic Church in Germany has more than its fair share of modernistic oddities. Whether this Pope will be the one to address the issue more forcefully is yet to be seen. I do not know all which faces the Holy Father. He may have bigger fish to fry. I am not his judge.

    1. Juan Ruiz

      I am interested in your opinion of the current pope. He grew up in Argentina and appears to be a Peronista at heart. He is also a Jesuit, which I’m not sure all understand. A reading to the two, Perón and Loyola, would give an insight into him and his beliefs.

      1. Pope Francis is a departure from JPII and Benedict XVI. JPII was incredibly pastoral and orthodox. BXVI is pastoral and incredibly orthodox. Francis is pastoral and modernistic. He seems quite socialistic. He is very confusing on matters of faith and morals, perhaps purposely. For example, his most recent dealings on the Chinese Church is extremely confusing and troubling. But one has to talk with a grain of salt what the media reports on the Pope and the Church.

        I am loyal to the Church. I am careful as to where I get information on the Pope and the Church.

        There has been trouble with Jesuits, Maryknolls, and other ‘order’ priests and societies. Nuns from the Loretto Order have been problematic. Pope Francis’ issues with conservatives seem to be a personal problem for Francis, not conservatives. Pope Francis confuses me. I imagine he confuses many Catholics. Confusion is not a good situation and is a challenge for him, in my opinion.

        1. Juan Ruiz

          Thank you for your candid answer. My own view is that he has an impossible job, ascending to the papacy at a time when forces from all sides are pulling on him.

          1. Juan 4:16 ascending to the papacy at a time when forces from all sides are pulling on him.

            Well said. He is the ship’s captain. He looks to the right, nothing but storms that will take down the ship. He looks to the left, same thing.

          2. Juan Ruiz

            “Well said. He is the ship’s captain. He looks to the right, nothing but storms that will take down the ship. He looks to the left, same thing.”

            That’s why he makes the big money. But I do feel for him. Nothing he does will ever please everyone. He can fall back on papal infallibility, but even that will not be enough.

  2. More news on the attempted murder of a North Dakota Catholic priest by an Alexandria, MN man –

    The alleged murderer called the priest a rapist in court. A short investigation found that the woman who was the supposed victim of the rape denied being raped by the priest.

    What enters the mind of a man who has such unfounded hate that he would resort to murder. I and several million fellow Christians in this country have utter contempt for abortionists. However, our Faith calls us to not murder. We are to love one another. Truthfully, I find it hard to love an abortionist. I have never spoken to an abortionist. I have spoken with people who work at abortion centers.

  3. The FFRF is making more friends –

    Including gospel music in the celebration of MLK Jr.’s national (federal) holiday is unconstitutional? Reciting his “I Have a Dream” speech must also be unconstitutional because of all the religious references. In fact, most of his life cannot be referenced at the annual federal holiday celebration due to his Christian beliefs, speeches and acts of love.

  4. Henry

    All this seems copacetic with the biggest gay steam bath in Europe owned by the Vatican.

    Please note that on the abortion issue, the RCC could not have any insurance funding mechanism supporting abortion. They could not fund that sin, rightfully so.

    Contrast their objection with comingling funds in insurance that could provide abortion with their comfortableness in funding the facility that they own that enables gay sex. Gay blessing / marriage in the RCC……soon it will simply be RCC gay marriage, included in the sacrament. Not a big leap at this point.

    1. Henry 5:46: Your writing style is humorous. I, too, am stumped as to how my Church ended up purchasing a share of the building that houses the bath house in addition to apartments and other things. Was it a mistake? I’d like to think so.

      I have found some websites with completely biased portrayals of the Church’s involvement. I’ve found other websites which paint a different picture.

      Some state that the Church owns the gay bathhouse. Some say the Church is the landlord of the building which houses the gay bathhouse. Then there are some which state that the Church purchased 20 condos in the building which also houses the gay bathhouse; completely devoid of being a landlord or an owner of the part of the building which is the gay bathhouse.

      Henry, you’ve alluded to this topic in very negative ways towards the Catholic Church. Here, you state that the Catholic Church owns the gay bath house. Your assertion is contradicted by this BBC article.

      Another article which does not jive with your (Henry) assertion:

      Pretty much 80% or more of the search results were titillating tales of how the Church owns and runs gay bathhouses., and other “reputable” sources took great delight in misrepresenting the situation.

          1. Henry

            You are hinging your beliefs concerning the Vatican gay steambaths on what a minority of news agencies don’t say in their article. What I am basing what I originally said on is what the majority of news sites did say. From the best information we have, the Vatican is the landlord to the gay steambaths, the largest one in Europe. You will have to be more specific in what transgression I committed.

          2. Henry, No. You are simply parroting what left-wing, religion-hating websites have written. You have no idea what is true.

            It is clear that the Church simply owns 20 apartment/condo units in the same building as the bathhouse.

            I don’t like it but the situation is factually different than what you crow about.

          3. Jenry: Henry has not admitted his transgression. He cites as fact the unproven claim that the Vatican operates and owns a gay bathhouse, the largest in Europe. Henry offers no evidence, only unsubstantiated claims made from sketchy websites. He has the burden of proof.

          4. Henry

            I have provided evidence. You are relying on what a minority of websites do not say. You have no evidence. The next step is for you to provide evidence to prove your conspiracy theory.

          5. Henry

            If you don’t like it, you shouldn’t have arrogantly in RCC tradition picked the fight several months back. You also need to clean up your church. With all the gay priest sex, what is the AIDS rates amongst them?

    1. Quite a feat to have performed 70,000 excorcisms since he would to have to line them up at a high daily rate. Then there is eating, sleeping, bathroom breaks, etc. Lends credibility to the entire story …………. not.

      [Psssst. Not everything on the internet is true.]

      1. Matt 10:52 Quite a feat to have performed 70,000 exorcisms …Not everything on the internet is true

        Actually, in religion you can do 70,000 exorcisms. Jesus healed crowds of people. Benny Hinn must have healed half a million and is still doing thousands on every concert tour.

          1. Matt 5:08 Like arguing with a snotty college kid that know everything. Hinn is not the standard to actual Catholic exorcism. Do some research before you write.

            I did. The presence of “demons” has no more scientific grounding than the Benny Hinn. (I expect you to now post some references you found in your Catholic propaganda site. Oh, and be sure to mention the one or two licensed psychiatrists, also Catholics, who believed in it. I’ll find who one believes in Benny Hinn.)

      2. Henry

        MN:“Psssst. Not everything on the internet is true.”

        Not everything on the internet or not everything in the RCC.

        1. Catcher

          There are many untruths on “The Coming Home Network” (Marcus Grodi) on EWTN. Also Tan Publishing. (Bearing the impremator).

          1. Catcher

            PS; The majority of Trent is not so much of what they believe, but WHO they are against. (ANATHEMA) There are over one hundred. That should tell you something about the likes of Matt.

          2. Catcher

            Anathema Noun
            1.something or someone that one vehemently dislikes
            2. A formal curse by pope or council of the church excommunicating a person or denouncing a doctrine.
            3. A strong curse
            4.. one that is cursed or damned.
            5. One that is greatly reviled, loathed, or shunned.
            6. A person or thing condemned to damnation.

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