At Home Abortions

Little attention is paid to the practice of administering medicines that cause abortions supervised by video. The patient is at remote locations. This is practiced in some states.

Medical personnel are able to remotely unlock a drawer with one of the two pills. The patient is observed taking the first and then the second. In Hawaii a law will allow the first to be taken without supervision.

Of the roughly 900,000 reported abortions that now take place annually, about 1/4 were medically induced. This method is safe and effective.

Medically induced abortions introduce difficulty in government regulation of women. It has been reported the 100,000 women in Texas have completed or attempted do-it-yourself abortions. Our government has been conducting a “war of drugs” for several decades now and has made no progress whatsoever. If abortion inducing medicines are the only access women have it is hard to imagine how government could limit the supply of these medicines through illegal channels. Smuggling drugs or making illegal drugs locally is so easy there are surpluses and prices have dropped.

From what I read, circumventing normal medical channels is a growing phenomenon. Algodones, Mexico is a border town near Yuma, AZ. It is a relatively small place but it has 200 dentists. The cost of dentistry and medicines is about 30% of what one pays in the U.S. Crowds of U.S. citizens walk across the border daily to buy prescriptions and to visit doctors.

Getting religion mixed up with medicine as abortion politics does seems problematic as best.

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  1. Juan Ruiz

    “It is a relatively small place but it has 200 dentists. The cost of dentistry and medicines is about 30% of what one pays in the U.S. Crowds of U.S. citizens walk across the border daily to buy prescriptions and to visit doctors.”

    Over 40 years ago a friend of mine had dental work done across the Mexican border. It was such slip-shod work she had to have it redone in the US.

  2. Rob

    Modern medicine is amazing with all its wonder pills. What’ll they think of next? Possibly a pill that can be taken to prevent getting pregnant in the first place? Just think how easy that would be; pop a pill regularly and never have to worry about getting pregnant and then killing a baby. All it would take is the slightest bit of responsibility on the part of the sexually active. Maybe someday such a product will be available. *****

  3. Again, the abortion industry shows how blood-thirsty it is and how duplicitous it is in pursuit of more dead children.

    Where is the concern about having a licensed medical facility? If this is a decision between a woman, her doctor and her god, then a remote abortion will only have her present if and when a complication occurs and a doctor – or even a nurse – is needed. Or perhaps the woman is expected to drive herself 150 miles to the nearest hospital or clinic while she is bleeding from a complication. Of course, the primary focus is on a dead child and a fee for “service.” The Devil wins by corrupting souls and killing a child.

    The market doesn’t demand this final solution. Something more sinister and evil is at work.

    1. Matt 8:51 Where is the concern about having a licensed medical facility?

      Where you aware remote medicine is done by patients and doctors thousands of times every hour in the U.S.? It’s been done here where I live to do abortions for several years.

      The reason you don’t like it is political. You want to be able to know where abortions are performed so you can shout at the women patients.

  4. Henry

    Jon:“You want to be able to know where abortions are performed so you can shout at the women patients.”
    Actually, in the real world, besides rationally and logically thinking about medical ethics, prolifers actually listen to the women that have had abortions. Even Ozzy’s wife regrets her decision. She thinks her abortion cut up a portion of her cervix later causing multiple miscarriages. It makes sense damage like that can occur. So with this knowledge, we (men and women) should allow those pleading for an abortion to have one?

    Chemical abortions any safer? Good luck on that one.

    1. Henry 11:39 Actually, in the real world…prolifers actually listen…

      Actually, they shout at women going into clinics. I’ve seen it. It’s been on network TV. Now they also pretend to pray and they hold signs when they think it’s politically smarter not to be seen shouting.

      1. Henry

        The patient doesn’t likely like that. However, it is very strange the abort clinics set themselves in locations where the patient has to perform a “perp walk”. You would think in consideration of the patient, they would solve that problem. It would be easy. Hasn’t solved that yet. Strange. Ok, I will just ask. Do they like that attention and their patients harassed? Evidence points in that direction, but certainly not conclusive.

        1. Henry 1:13 What phony stuff. Abortions are not performed in hospitals because anti abortion political operators would boycott and harass the hospitals. That is why there are freestanding clinics that perform abortions.

          This is the second absurd post in a row by you. We need better here.

          1. There are no OB/GYNs at Sanford in Fargo that would get involved with an abortion practice. The free-standing killing center in Fargo is next to a driveway on one side and a burger joint on the other side. The building looks very cheap.

            The killers (abortionists) have to fly in from remote locations. None live locally. I don’t know for a fact but I imagine their lives are spent going from places like Fargo 3-5 days per week. Abortionists don’t have a practice outside of abortion.

            As for the abortion workers, they speak to the mothers on the phone in advance of any visit to the killing center. They brief the mothers on what to expect from the pro-lifers on the sidewalk. They are told to not interact, just walk briskly past us and into the building quickly. Most days, there are no “sidewalk counselors”, just pro-life Christians praying and slowly walking back and forth on the sidewalk. We are not allowed to block sidewalk traffic or cars coming or going in the driveway. It is thought that a videocamera is on 24×7.

            Do pro-life people try to speak with those entering the killing center? Sometimes, yes. My experience is this is the exception. Most often, the pro-life people just intensify their sidewalk prayers, directing them towards Heaven specifically for the people and unborn child entering the killing center. If there is a sidewalk counselor, their is no shouting or harassing words or tone. The words are usually involve offering to help the young women and her child with pre-natal care and post-natal care. The counselor may only have 3-5 seconds. Rarely, a woman will stop to hear more. She might turn away. She might go in and then leave without going through with her appointment.

            The killing center workers know that the pro-life effort has an effect on their income. They despise the pro-life presence. It wears on them. During major efforts, life the 40 Days for Life campaign, the center will solicit volunteers as “clinic escorts”. These are pro-abortion people who surround the women, effectively creating a barrier between the woman and the pro-lifer people.

            Many times, neither the pro-abortion people or the pro-life people talk to each other. It is a silent standoff. With such a commotion at the entrance to the killing center, women drive by and never keep their first appointment. Cancelling a first appointment usually results in a much higher chance of carrying the baby to term.

            Shouting at women?

          2. Matt 3:30 Shouting at women?

            That is exactly right, shouting at women. The clinic was at the Main Avenue building some of the time when I was Mayor. It was fire bombed twice. The protesters were so loud the doctors would call the police because it was a distraction. Geraldo Rivera did a 60 Minutes piece on the protests. When local people saw it were shocked at the behavior of the protesters. I was stopped in the street several times, “I had no idea they are that crazy” they would say. Martin Wishnytsky and another schmuck did hard time in the ND State Penitentiary for their protests.

            I did not see this personally but a police officer made an appointment to see me during the protests. He said he was hard core pro life. But, he said, the protesters made him angry. There a mentally handicapped man I knew who the protesters befriended. He had perhaps the mental level of a 4 or 5 year old. He was friendly and cheerful whenever I saw him. The cop said the protesters, by that time, were required to stay off the sidewalk in front of the clinic. But they would persuade this handicapped man to run over to the young women patients who were headed toward the clinic and shout, “Murder! Murder!” He was a huge man and would not have hurt a flee. But the young women did not know this. The protesters knew police would not arrest this man because they knew he did not really understand what was taking place.

            So, Matt, live on in your imaginary world. In my experience, anti abortion protesters are morally corrupt.

          3. Jon 2:05 pm “Abortions are not performed in hospitals because anti abortion political operators would boycott and harass the hospitals”

            All this time I was under the impression that the pro-abortion side claimed the majority opinion was clearly in their favor in this country. What, no hospitals willing to do abortions as a steady stream of income?

            Perhaps the real story here is that most of America doesn’t want anything to do with this grisly business of marketed baby parts and ruptured women with emotional scars that mess them up until they reconcile it years later, if ever.

            We have the Roger Maris Cancer Center in Fargo at Sanford. Why no Jon Lindgren Abortion Center parked next to the OB/GYN Center at Sanford? I’m sure plenty of Hollywood stars would come out to christen/baptize the Lindgren Center once you have it built.

            Teen pregnancies are down in the USA. Abortion rates are the lowest they have been in years; I think it is about 15 years or more of steadily declining abortion numbers and rates.

            Count this old, white male as one who challenges the status quo on what is supposedly a women’s issue. It’s everyone’s issue.

          4. Jon 5:42 pm You are referring to the days of the Lambs of Christ rescue group headed by Catholic priest Fr. Norman Weslin.

            The Lambs of Christ (LOC) were predominantly a Catholic group who were willing to go to jail for peaceful, non-violent rescues of unborn children and their mothers. They did not shout. They prayed. They blocked the entrances to abortion centers by placing their bodies between between the doors and those who would enter. Anyone was allowed to exit. They once drove an old car on to the only driveway at the off-Main Avenue abortion center. They then proceeded to chain themselves in a complicated pattern of chains, cables and rope. The cops came rolling in with their sirens and lights. The press came in with their cameras and videocameras. The police called in a specialist to cut the LOC free of the vehicle. The LOC rescuers sang the whole time. The did not resist arrest. They simply went limp and were carried away by police. They stayed limp while in jail. In other words, they were a nuisance. There were about 50 of them. They caused the city to house and feed them for quite a few months until they were released.

            I could not any video of the actual event from the 90s. Here is a recent BBC report which claims all sorts of shouting, intimidation and harassment but they somehow could not get any video evidence. In fact, they video evidence indicates peaceful, prayerful people on the sidewalk while ‘clients’ enter.


            You claim the Fargo abortion center was firebombed twice while you were mayor. Please provide a link to the evidence. I’m not saying it didn’t occur but the only case I found was one of Randall Hanson in 1998 that was overturned in 2001.

            Many instances of violence are never solved. It is also true that some claimants are actually responsible for the violence, e.g. arson, bombing, burglary. It evokes sympathy for one side and contempt for the other side. A reasonable person waits for proof.

            Then, too, why would the Fargo center still be standing if, after 30 years, the pro-life people were anywhere near as violent as you claim? Or are they equally incompetent?

            At times, there has been loud, crazy, illegal protesting over the abortion issue. I harken back to 2016 when I was in Washington, D.C. for the annual March for Life. The Fargo Shanley high school group – nearly the entire school – had been chosen to lead the March. When they arrived at the steps of the US Supreme Court, they were met by loud, crazy, illegal protesting. The pro-abortion women shed their clothing, threw fake blood on themselves, the street and their signs while trying to assault the March for Life group. The professional DC police and their horses put a quick stop to their “peaceful” counter-protest, arrested them and hauled them off to jail. The first field Catholic high school field trip with full frontal nudity and illegal activity. Even the Bishop was present. Jon, your side has the patent on crazy, loud and illegal. Our side could never aspire to such lofty standards.

            Martin Wishnatsky did hard time in a ND prison. The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote letters from a Birmingham County Jail. Gandhi served harder time in terrible prisons in India. What’s your point?

          5. Jon 6:28. If you read the link you provided you will see that only 4% of abortions done annually in the USA are done in hospitals. I’m estimating that a fair number of those are D&C of still-born infants or certain other hard cases.

            38 is not 4. Go ahead, confession is good for the soul.

          6. Matt 6:58 38 is not 4. Go ahead, confession is good for the soul.

            I wrote clearly the 38% was in Alaska. That is equally clear in the link.
            Go ahead, confession is good the soul.

        2. Henry

          One does not need to have doctoring privileges at a hospital to have a freestanding clinic that actually works. Eliminating the patient’s “perp walk” would be an easy task. Yet, here we are 45 years later with the proborters doing the same archaic tactic. Obvious problems get solved unless one does not want them solved for other reasons. I am assuming all the abort operators are of high intelligence, so that should not be the problem.

          Sorry I struck a nerve. Just trying to help. I feel like I am actually helping the enemy in pointing out this discrepancy in the aborter’s treatment of patients. (Sorry prolifers). I will take the cue from your agitation and shut up. Thank you.

          1. Most killing centers have private parking lots so there is no “perp walk”. I’ve seen lots of centers because of my past experience in Operation Rescue, sidewalk counseling and praying. Fargo is different because the abortion center decided to buy or rent a building that does not have adequate parking for its clients.

            Anyone involved in any medical procedure should have no shame. Medicine is a healing art. It’s only when it strays from its purpose should any shame exist. Even that is a function of the person undergoing healing.

  5. Actually, the left has the only recent history I am aware of in North Dakota when it comes to harassing workers with shouts and violence. It is well documented. It happened over an oil pipeline associated with the DAPL. Cars were burned. Expensive equipment was damaged with sand in fuel tanks, cut lines in the equipment, the partial destruction of a bridge and the closing of a road. Meanwhile, these “water protectors” shouted at law enforcement, hurled objects at law enforcement, resisted arrest, refused lawful orders, created IEDs and used them against law enforcement. They also completely trashed the local environment with human sewage, garbage and the remains of cattle they stole, killed and ate.

    But let’s not let facts get in the way of a lie about pro-lifers.

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