Is The Freedom From Religion Foundation Evil

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, in some ways, has replaced American Civil Liberties Union as the main villain of the religious right. For years when Christian pundits railed against efforts to make government secular it talked only of ACLU. Freedom From Religion Foundation has aggressively moved into this space. Pundits are now starting to talk about the FFRF as an “evil” organization.

The ACLU and FFRF have different strategies. ACLU went after Ten Commandment monuments for a long time. These cases are expensive and the Supreme Court keeps changing the rules on what is Constitutional. FFRF has become know across the South as the group to call when public schools hold Christian prayers on school time or display religious propaganda like crosses.

The FFRF just added another attorney, it has seven full time. They write legalistic letters to school districts about their prayers and crosses. It’s cheap and if the school districts are foolish enough to go to court they lose and pay FFRF for attorney hours. These are win win cases.

Usually, school districts who receive these letters are advised by their own attorneys to eliminate the promotion of Christianity. School Boards mostly comply. That does not mean local Christians do not bombard FFRF with emails. FFRF publishes some of these. They are filled with profanity, especially the “f” word, all in testimony for Jesus.

Almost every kid in the U.S. is connected to the internet. Any who do not like prayers and crosses can find FFRF in a few seconds.

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  1. The FFRF seems to manufacture plaintiffs. Without an aggrieved party, they can’t sue. I don’t know how many plaintiffs are identified as someone other than John or Jane Doe. Somehow, these people are offended by prayer at a football game but manage to live in towns where they have to pass a dozen churches in the course of a day.

    Meanwhile, Christians and others have to make room for strip clubs, XXX bookstores, XXX movie theaters and abortion centers within city boundaries. Recently, the Internet has done in the bookstores and theaters.

    But when Planned Parenthood can teach their filthy “sex ed” in public schools, then a Church-based sexual abstinence education program should have equal footing. Also, parents should be able to opt out or opt in.

    1. Matt 6:43 The FFRF seems to manufacture plaintiffs. Without an aggrieved party, they can’t sue.

      If an anonymous person sends a picture of a cross in the school cafeteria, or, records a prayer over the PA system a fact has been established: Christianity is being promoted in that public school. Even if the family who sends the information to FFRF is not identified a not winnable court case may follow. Most districts, even in the South, do not risk it.

      Another thing FFRF is doing I may write about later is challenging the tax deductible housing allowance for pastors. It’s original purpose according to Congress was to fight evil or some such language.

      1. A photo of a cross on school grounds or a recording. I could bring a small item such as a cross to school grounds, take a photo, and then take the cross away. A recording provides no proof at all. i can record a prayer and later claim it was recorded on school property and played by school officials.

        1. Matt 7:46 The attorneys in local schools can recognize the school they represent. They don’t waste their time defending the undefendable. Most of these places are in the Bible Belt where community sentiment is for Jesus. The schools knuckle under anyway.

      2. Henry

        Jon:“If an anonymous person sends a picture of a cross in the school cafeteria, or, records a prayer over the PA system a fact has been established: Christianity is being promoted in that public school. Even if the family who sends the information to FFRF is not identified a not winnable court case may follow. Most districts, even in the South, do not risk it.”

        What that level of legal intrusiveness and aggressiveness does is not only removes or infringes upon any corporate expression of religion, but also individual expression, particularly the students. That is unconstitutional. Any administrator, whether he is Christian or not, would set very strict boundaries in limiting or eliminating religion in order to keep the peace in his school district and avoiding frivolous suits.

        That really is not the intent of the first amendment to have some legal busybodies with all the time on their hands, limit individual rights explicitly laid out.

  2. The problem with the FFRF is that they take previously unswayed people and make them anti-FFRF due to their bullying tactics. Most know that these anonymous complaints are either manufactured or without merit; the anonymous complaintant who never attended the high school football game where the coach prayed with the players.

    1. Jinx II

      The rcc is one of the biggest bully organizations in the world plus they work hard on their mind control tactics, take you self righteous mind out of their ash and think for yourself, little worm puppet.

    1. It’s on most of US currency. The US has not fallen apart or have atheists been imprisoned, tortured or generally been treated poorly.

      We are about to have a National Day of Prayer. The prayers will be decidedly Christian.

      Trump had a Christmas Tree at the White House this season. He wished people Merry Christmas. I don’t know if he wished people with a different holiday greeting.

      High school graduations, sporting events and other functions have frequently included Christian prayers Public Charter schools in Minneapolis run by Muslims have had religious instruction and prayers.

      None of the above has shown to force people of a different faith to join in the prayer(s). People have not been discriminated against because of these prayers.

      I have never heard of a litigant in a FFRF lawsuit too have been converted, coerced or otherwise punished for not participating in a prayer, etc.

      So, what are the damages?

      We have an avowed Muslim in Congress. He took his oath of office on the Koran. He was not forced to use a Christian Bible.

      Officially, there are no known atheists in Congress at this time.

      We have 168 Catholics in Congress who appear to be diametrically opposed to one another on policy, e.g. John Hoeven and Heidi Heitkamp. Then there are Catholics like Mike Johanns (R-NE) who have a 100% prolife record and Kirsten Gillibrand, (D-NY) have a 0% prolife voting record. Nearly all Catholics and other Christians who vote conservatively are Republicans while those who vote liberally are Democrats.

      I don’t see too many atheists who have been harmed by Christianity, either in society or by virtue of their government taking the occasional pro-Christian practice of school prayer or otherwise.

      Personally, I like the idea of respecting each other and lightening up on harmless practices.

      1. Matt 12:16 Spin it anyway you wish. Putting a cross up in the cafeteria of a public school is unconstitutional. FFRF notifies schools that do such things and they are taken down. Prayers to Jesus at football games and over the PA system when done by officials/teachers, same thing.

        1. What is “unconstitutional”, in practice, not theory, depends on who is on the bench. Dred Scott has been on both sides of that equation. Hopefully, Roe will be on the other side soon.

          1. Henry

            Actually, the courts have not yet reversed themselves on Dred Scott. It took bloody military might to usurp the authority of the courts and exact justice. Yet, we still get shamed for racism, discrimination, yada-yada-yada despite painfully righting the court’s wrong.

  3. Charles Sawicki

    Remember the the FFRF in your will. They do the best cost effective job of any organization promoting separation of church and state.They are also a four star 501 C3 (rated by Charity Navigator) Keep America free! Contribute!

  4. The busy body FFRF needs to find themselves confronted with a slew of marginal cases that will strain their letter-writing resources to the point where they have to show up to litigate. They have been dealing with low hanging fruit for far too long.

      1. Henry

        Jon: “The ultimate busy bodies are people who want government to tell women what they can and cannot do with their own bodies.”

        What a worn out saw! The government tells me all the time what I must do with my body:
        1. Shoes on body when in restaurant.
        2. Lungs cannot inhale tobacco smoke within a commercial building.
        3. Body cannot have too much alcohol when driving.
        4. Body must be bathed before entering a public pool.
        5. Cannot take medication for body without supervision of doctor AND pharmacist.
        6. Parts of body must be covered in public.
        7. Body cannot be in women’s rest room and locker.

        All these government rules are for the benefit of others. They do not always help me, my privacy, or my personal rights.

        Abortion laws are for the protection of the baby. They do not always help the mother, her privacy, or her personal rights.

        1. Heny 9:32 ..of the baby

          Now, there’s a REALLY worn out saw. One fertilized cell is a baby? Naw, just busy bodies trying to put their religious noses into other people’s lives. It’s called busy bodies.

          1. Henry

            It is very interesting that on one hand you give comfort and aid to an organization that works against enumerated individual constitutional rights. On the other hand, you work against the basic rights of aborted human beings in staying alive. At least you are consistent. The abort clinics will extract millions of cells in one instance of abortion. Your extreme devaluation in your your one cell argument is noted, which is in contrast to your extreme idealization of limiting 1st amendment rights. Such wild swings.

  5. Jinx II

    Not a worn out saw, its just the echo chamber found in the minds of the extremist right…..they know nothing else beyond what their church spoon feeds them………closed like a steel trap.

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