The Complex Advanced Civilizations Of Central/South America

An area rich for archaeologists is Central/South America. More “lost” cities are discovered every decade. These societies left some writing on stones but not much on paper. They lost out in competition over time to white Europeans invaders.  Europeans brought in their cultures and the religion that came with the culture. Much native religion and culture are buried in the sands of time.

Every new city discovered reveals evidence of amazing engineering and management. There were systems of farming, moving water to where it was needed and roads through the swampy area. To me, their apparent sophistication rivaled that at the time of any civilization in the world.

The “classic Mayan period” began in the 200’s CE. Constantine put Christianity in play in the 300’s by declaring it the Dictator’s own religion. During the following centuries, Christianity spread across Europe and Native societies in the Americas grew in size and prosperity. There was one difference, dryer climates lend themselves better for use of paper. The written word was a powerful weapon in standardizing a message and expanding influence. That is was written on paper did not make it better.

Columbus arrived in 1492, the Spanish invaded the lands to the south of us in the 1700’s.

That Christianity is the most popular religion in the Americas came from these flukes of history. Future random events may not favor Christianity.

The old saying, “Might makes right” put Christianity here. What will follow we don’t yet know.

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  1. A tear welled up in my eye thinking of all the injustices atheists have endured at the hands of ruthless Christians trying to persuade them to consider Christ.

    1. Jinx II

      Obviously you know nothing of the old missionaries, they would show the indigenous people painting of an almighty sky god brandishing a whip and driving the targeted people over the cliff and into the flames if they didn’t convert. That is but 1 example of ruthless christians. They also had a lot of other tricks that lack kindness and hurt the indigenous people…..just like you.

        1. unregenerate

          Noah 02.04.2018 @ 9:33 pm

          Here we have it folks. Christian love in the humble words of a real ambassador
          for Christ.

  2. Juan Ruiz

    The pre-Columbian Mes0-American cultures were brilliant. The Maya came up with the number 0 longer before anyone else. Lamentably, they were also engaged in human sacrifice to appease their gods.

    Christianity succeeded because it simply replaced the indigenous theocracy. As it had done in Europe long before.

  3. Catcher

    There are many sources documenting the cruel slavery of natives in Southern California by the Franciscans. “For their own good”.

    1. Jinx II

      Lets not forget the residential schools run by the church, where Indian children were ripped from their parents arms at age 4 or 5, forbidden to speak in their Native Language or practice their religion, were beaten if they did, girls and boys were sexually assaulted and when they completed 8th grade were returned back to their tribe. Talk about cruelty committed by the church on innocent children.

      1. I missed all of this in my experience with the Church.

        Even today we see strong bonds locally with the tribes in the Dakotas and a few Christian denominations including Catholicism.

        Perhaps you can put a link to a reference in your posts. Otherwise, I have enough evidence of your creative imagination to know better than to believe you without such evidence.

      2. Henry

        5:35, some of that may be true. Even atheists were ruthless disciplinarians back then. And the sex fiends, atheist or not, seemingly have always been around. I remember when I was a kid, an elder Indian named Alex that traded with us. He came from this Indian school setting as a boarder when he was a kid. Very nice fellow. He was actually a contributor to society, a net producer. All you have to do is drive around the rez today (pick any) to see if there is any producing. Maybe that model is needed again so we can find more Alexs.

  4. Charles Sawicki

    Catholic missionaries burned most of the information left the by these cultures. Quipu, involved the use of knotted string bundles to store information and was used by the Incas and other Andean cultures to keep records. Only a few survived the fires, so they have never been translated.
    The Mayan left thousands of Codexes, but all but 4 were burned by the priests. Again we know far less about them because of religion-based hatred and fear. The Mayan calendar, while complex was considerably more accurate than the one we use today.
    A picture of the Dresden Codex (the best surviving example) can be found with a Google image search

  5. Jinx II

    Good post Charles! I found these 3 in less than a minute…….. The two wearing blindfolds just above your post will never acknowledge your excellent points……I usually ignore them and their taunts because they lack credibility and have become the laughing stock of numerous RRF posters. Then they get mad and throw tantrums and Jon has to delete some of their idiotic posts.

  6. Henry

    8:08 and 8:21, I very much enjoy reading your atheist posts. I absolutely love how you are readily embracing this singular non-extant Mayan document. Very good. Very good. Just think if there were 6000 more of these documents with 99.5% textual accuracy. You have no doubt now with the Mayan documents. Your lack of doubt would be hit out of the park! (Atheist warning: Previous sentence was non-literal – a figure of speech).

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