Questions About The Catholic Claim Of Gains In China

The status of Catholic gains in China are unclear. How people of different cultures perceive the god of Christianity is hard to understand for those of us not in the faith.

The Catholic Church, as everyone knows, claims its clergy are descendants of Peter in the Bible. The Pope appoints Bishops and such in his role as a present day Peter. That direct pipeline to Jesus is a propaganda line taught over and over to the faithful

In China, the Chinese government does not like a religion that has the potential to challenge it. The government wants to appoint Catholic clergy to maintain its chain of command. Clergy would know their boss is the leader of China, not the Pope. No clergy would speak out against political leadership in this case.

The Pope, of course, would find a government appointed Bishop to be impossible under its long standing rule of Papal sovereignty. One has to remember, of course, China represents perhaps the biggest market for religion in the world. Religions of every ilk would like to get a beachhead established there. The potential for wealth in immense.

So, what should the Pope do, maintain the rule of Papal sovereignty and refuse to allow the government to appoint clergy or be financially prudent and let the government do it thing so long as the church grows. The Pope chose the latter. He will allow the government to appoint some Bishops and he will appoint others.

It’s called “bidness”.

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      1. I wonder if President Trump has heard about this deal between the Chinese government and the Pope. The can be no doubt Trump would like to appoint Bishops. “I’d appoint great people. I’d appoint only great people. They would be wonderful. Catholics have great churches. They are tall.”

        1. Jinx II

          Another insipid comment from tRump.

          We have seen his appointments….corrupt, millionaires, unqualified and treasonous.

      2. Fr. Martin is nuanced on some views and quite liberal on immigration, as one example. Personal attacks, be they from cons or libs are uncharitable.

        Homosexuals within the RCC should know Church teaching. Pastoral care is a separate issue which is lacking at times.

          1. Fr. Martin is nuanced on homosexuality. While it appears he does not reject the Catholic doctrine on homosexuality, he claims the Church is pastorally insufficient on the matter. Therefore, he spends a good deal of time criticizing his own Church when there are a great many people inside the Church who are quite good from both a doctrinal and pastoral perspective. By doing so, he opens himself up to criticism and boycotts of his speaking engagements. However, his critics could be more charitable.

            Fr. Martin is quite outspoken and uncharitable on his immigration stances. He criticizes the so-called “Muslim ban” and claims that the Wall is not Christian.

          2. Catcher

            The Fr. Martin you reference is not indicated by indents, or time stamps. A habit you practice almost all the time.

        1. Catcher

          What “Fr. Martin are you talking about? The one provided by Jinx, or the one you call Fr. Martin of the 16th century? See my 10;38

          1. For the confused, I have always referred to Fr. Martin, the Jesuit priest who is the subject of some speaking protests. I never referenced St. Martin at any time; that appears to be a figment of someone’s imagination. I’m sure the the current Jesuit Fr. Martin would agree that his views and outspoken opinions bring on his own problems with speaking engagements. So far as persecution of priests, his is a minor inconvenience when Catholics worldwide are being murdered for the Faith.

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