Cecile Richards Retires As Head Of Planned Parenthood

Cecile Richards, daughter of former Texas Governor Ann Richards, is stepping down as head of the national Planned Parenthood. She has always stood out in politics and in the struggle against the religious right. I visited quite a while with her mother and heard her speak at a National Democratic Party Convention.

While Cecile Richards is sometimes a pragmatist, she is more bare knuckled that either President Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton. The latter talked about abortion as something to be rare but available. Richards simply says abortion must be available and leaves it at that. There is speculation she is preparing to run for some public office.

Can someone known mostly for being an advocate for abortion rights be elected to any high office? Can someone who paid a porn star not to talk become President of the United States? The latter we know, yes. The former we may find out.

What is different about Cecile Richards is that she is experienced with the religious right and its tactics of smear. She knows its weak points and goes after them. When Obama was elected President he had the mistaken notion he could compromise and work with the religious right because he was religious. Soon he learned many white religious people scoffed as his Christianity and he scored no points  by talking up his faith.

This seems to be the moment for women who have been in the public eye to step forward. I hope Richards is one of them.

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  1. Juan Ruiz

    I am no fan of abortion. I do not see it as birth control. My sister in law had one over 40 years ago, and I wonder what that nephew/niece would be today.

    But I also recognize that today’s pro-lifers are really pro-birth. They have no desire for the government to put forth the bucks it takes to follow a baby through to adulthood. Quite frankly, I don’t either. I have worked my butt off since I was 13. and have had financial success because of that. Pregnancy is avoidable. I am on record here as criticizing those who marry and have kids, when they can’t even make it alone.

  2. Tom Fiebiger

    Cecile Richards is a person who stands up for women’s rights. She learned a great deal about tenacity and truth telling from her mom, Ann Richards. I met her in Fargo and found her to be smart and thoughtful. Reading the comments above reminds me how divided we continue to be on abortion. While pregnancy is often avoidable, it’s not fool proof. Most people are unaware that 50% of all pregnancies are unplanned. When I was in the legislature we had many difficult conversations and votes on this subject. What I struggled with was my Republican male colleagues voting against a woman’s right to control her own body under any circumstances, then turning around and voting to deny these kids (they mandated be born) and their financially strapped moms any meaningful assistance once they were born.

    1. One can’t win the US Presidency without winning a significant portion of the votes cast by women. Trump received 42% of the female vote. 42% of women voted against a woman candidate – Hillary Clinton – in favor of a male candidate that libs like Tom and Jon think epitomizes aberrant male behavior and is decidedly pro-life.

      So, please, not even women think Cecile Richards stands up for women’s rights. Abortion is decidedly an issue which is neither a men’s issue or a women’s issue. Ultimately, it is a baby’s issue. 100% of babies are pro-life.

      Unplanned is such fraudulent adjective. When one engages in consensual sex, you are explicitly being open to pregnancy. It doesn’t matter what you *think* of your so-called birth control method’s efficacy. Abstinence is the only 100% method to avoid pregnancy. Unless one thinks women are stupid, which it appears the liberal male actually thinks of women.

      I’ve fathered 7 children. Except for the tax deduction each one has given my wife and I, we have received no other government support. Suffice it to say that the government encourages single female parenthood by providing streams of welfare for irresponsible child-bearing. That is a hallmark of Democrat legislative efforts. In some way, it has discouraged abortion and I am happy those lives were not snuffed out by abortion.

      It is a cold, hard fact that Planned Parenthood operates in predominantly minority, impoverished neighborhoods. It is a cold, hard fact that Planned Parenthood was borne of racism. Margaret Sanger’s own words are irrefutable and her legacy is as statistically significant today as it was she implemented the “Negro solution”.

    2. Henry

      What is “meaningful assistance”? Please cite this “meaningful assistance” in bill # and year that you sponsored. Thank you.

    3. Henry

      Thomas Fiebeger 7:42, I will await your response to my previously requested citation. However, in the meantime, I made a search of your legislative record for bills providing “meaningful assistance” to young mothers. Not a damn thing:
      What a farce! Same shit, different day with these liberal politicians saying they have arrived to rescue us, and there is nothing from them but meddling, sponsoring bills that ban training of dogs, etc. They lift THEMSELVES up to their ivory tower pedestal, and in reality, they are swimming around in a cesspool of shit.

  3. Tom Fiebiger

    Henry, take a look at http://www.ndwomen.org and its analysis of the 61st assembly from the 2009 legislative session. That takes a look at certain bills and their impact on women in the state. I did not serve in the legislature to “rescue” anyone as you characterize me. Maybe trying to make a difference to help folks without a voice is “meddling” in your view of the world. We clearly have differing views on the role of government in people’s lives. You’re entitled to your own view.

    1. Henry

      Tom, here is a more precise link you have referred to that the readers can access:
      Nothing in there about “meaningful assistance” for young mothers. They would starve with you in charge. Your efforts amount to just complaining about what the Republicans haven’t done, while you have made no effort for the same on your part. You are what you accuse others of. We do not need more hypocrites for politicians.

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