For Goodness Sake, Keep Your Clothes On

The country of Cambodia’s law enforcement bureaucracy has proudly announced it has arrested ten people, men and women, caught dancing while scantily clothed. It reminded me of how many people make a living all over the world taking their clothes off.

It reminded me, too, of an earlier time when agricultural fair “girl shows” were common. A carnival barker would stand in front of a tent shouting about the shocking show inside to start in just minutes. Sometimes a couple of bored looking young women would stand with him.

When I was a teen aged farm boy I went to the Iowa State Fair and paid my $0.50 to see “Lash LaRue” on the midway. He was a “B” movie actor who subdued guns of villains with a bull whip. I remember the “Lash” tent was right next door to a girl show.

A few days into fair week, some local preachers held a news conference complaining about the girl show. They said it was immoral to host such entertainment at family oriented state fair.

Lash LaRue quickly held his own news conference saying he was closing his show because the preachers had informed him there was immoral entertainment in the same midway. I remind you his tent was next door.

I read later he quietly reopened his show a day later having achieved the publicity he wanted. He and the show girls next door probably laughed over some beers.

Lash and Cambodian police both know there is money in expressing moral outrage about people not properly dressed.

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    1. Jinx II Lol, good story Jon! The same misdirect tactic is still used today, the suckers lap it right up.

      The religious right is attracted like flies to honey to choices that are not in their own interests. They bash gays, the left recruits young people who have gay friends. They bashed the girl show, both the girl show and Lash profited.

  1. Juan Ruiz

    Analogous to this form of censorship are the incidents where a relative number of cupcake students demand the banning of speakers (particularly Conservative ones), from appearing on campus. And the gutless administrators, often sharing the same political ideology, cave in. The paradox, of course, is that a campus exists for the free exchange of ideas. Not to these brats, who have learned that their whims take precedence over everything…that their feelings are never to be hurt. They are proud holders of participation awards from K-12.

    1. Henry

      The quandary is how much should we save people from themselves. Drugs, prostitutes, etc. Should we go to the libertarian extreme and not license drivers, doctors, accountants, layers, etc? If we don’t save the druggies from themselves, I still pay. Do the Europeon approach and buy them all their needles and medical care? If we truly don’t want government intervention in these vices, then there should be none at all, including help. Unfortunately, most liberals want it both ways: Freedom and assistance, which isn’t freedom for me.

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