What Will “The End” Look Like

We humans have brains that make us selfish. Our most popular worry is about our own end of life. Religions, including Christianity, talk of ways to extend our lives forever. A less selfish preoccupation would be extending the life of humans on the planet.

There is universal agreement the sun is burning itself up. All the praying in the world will not stop humans from being vaporized.

Other problems that could accelerate something close to end times includes climate change. We can’t seem to recognize living a little differently could reduce the odds of a catastrophic impact on future humans. When our brains are full of our mortality it is hard to change course.

A problem, maybe one closer in time, is reversal of the polar magnetic fields. Inside the magnetic field that pulls our compasses to approximately 360 degrees (293 in Midwest) are explosions and change. Only 800,000 years ago, 600,000 before humans, the poles reversed. They almost reversed 40,000 years ago. Scientists say they cannot predict when compasses will point south but at some point they will.

The magnetic field protects us from solar rays. A polar reversal would mean thousands of years of exposure to these rays for a good portion of the earth, eliminating most life there. Also, unprepared satellites would go out of service.

We all know that satellites now determine our health and safety.  There is little or no redundancy for functioning without them.

In my view, preparing for pole reversal is more important than preparing imaginary souls for imaginary afterlives.

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  1. Henry

    Don’t forget about the super volcano in Yelliwstone.

    Jon, I have noticed a recent shift in your topics. I have noticed a significant amount of end-of-life topics lately. Everything ok?

    What will the end look like? Luke 16.

    1. Henry 8:19 I have noticed a significant amount of end-of-life topics lately.

      That is not correct. These are end of times topics. I wish religious people were interested in them.

      1. Henry

        That makes more sense. Time on this green earth will end, but not life. Thanks for the correction. That life will be in one of the many mansions. I should have remembered John 14. My bad.

        Everything all good?

        1. Henry 9:40 Everything all good?
          Well, not entirely. I’m trying to put a Yakama carrier on my tear drop camping trailer and it is not fitting together quite right. I drove to Oregon last spring to get the trailer and should have had the family who built it install the carrier. Otherwise things are going well.

  2. John William Christianson

    I always thought it fascinating that eventually the Earth will be enveloped by the sun when it runs out of fuel. The polar shift would be catastrophic as well as man made EMP attacks. We just are not prepared for any of that.

    1. John 8:48 Thanks for the comment.
      We are just not prepared for any of that.

      That’s for sure. I’m such a pessimist, hen we travel I take lots of cash. If the world computer systems all crash I’m hoping there will be a gas station somewhere with a hand pump or on site generator that will sell enough gas for cash to get home.

      1. Henry

        World computer systems crashing? That sounds apocalyptic as well.

        You need a rig like the NDSU students built 15 years ago. Sunsetter or something. Ran completely on solar. They travelled all the way to AZ.

        An apocalyptic atheist. We will have to study Revelation for you. That is a lot of judgement.

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