LGBT Housing Offered At A Catholic University

A Catholic university, Georgetown, in Washington, D.C., recently announced a housing initiative devoted to those students who have under gone or are under going a sexual change. The announcement set off angry responses from conservative Catholics. Conservatives do not like either gays or trans people.

Conservatives, of course, refer to the Bible. That is exactly what Georgetown does also in defending its initiative. Referring to the Bible is a most unproductive strategy because anyone can do it.

An interesting twist is the use of Jesus in justifying most everything. The old question is, “What would Jesus do?” Advocates of the Georgetown housing say, “Jesus did not judge.” Conservatives point out correctly that the Jesus portrayed in the Bible was judgmental. The groups and behavior Jesus was said to dislike was precisely that of the writers who made up the “quotes” of Jesus. The New Testament writers did not like currency exchange merchants in the Temple so, guess what, Jesus did not like them either.

Though the Catholic Church’s official position is homosexual sex is a sin, I am certain every Catholic research university has a student LGBT organization approved of by its administration. There is simply not a way for the universities to compete without officially opening arms to welcome these students. Further, the “cause” of homosexuality taught at these universities is different than that taught by the Church.

What comes down from the Vatican is not necessarily the last word in the Catholic faith.


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  1. Chuck Z

    “Conservatives do not like either gays or trans people.”

    What a completely moronic statement. Who are you to first pigeonhole, and then speak for, an entire group of people that you obviously don’t associate with?

    1. Chuck Z 6:57 …and then speak for an entire group of people you obviously don’t associate with

      It would be helpful if you could name some prominent members of Christians conservatives who like trans and gay people.

      1. Chuck Z

        So you’re speaking for all conservatives? That’s about as stupid as saying all liberals are free speech hating, rioting thugs, because members of antifa are.

        You made the statement. The burden is on you to prove that you are not, once again, lying. It’s on you to prove that it’s true.

        Good luck. Better move on to the next topic.

        1. Chuck Z 7:10 That conservatives dislike gays and trans people can be seen in their public statements and church doctrine. Your inability to present anything to the contrary demonstrates you agree with me.

  2. Henry

    Jon: “LGBT Housing Offered At A Catholic University”

    Not surprising at all. The Vatican boys have those gay steam baths. Why should Georgetown be any different?

      1. Henry

        Gay steam baths. Vatican owned. This is no coincidence. What are the three rules of real estate? 1. Location. 2. Location. 3. Location.

        Matt, you should lead the charge in cleaning this place up.

        We had a neighbor whose gay son got sick and was afflicted with bloody diarrhea discharge. The father took care of him, frequently mopping up the bloody mess. The son’s gay buddies were no where to be found. I am not sure why.

        1. Henry

          Matt, here is the phone number to Europe’s largest gay steambath located on Vatican property:

          Telefono: 06 4823650

          1. I don’t find fault with Catholic clergy because it includes homosexual people. On my bookshelf is Lesbian Nuns: Breaking Silence by Curb and Manaham, Naiad Press. 1984. We can assume that if today a percentage of the general population is attracted by the same sex it has always been so. If that is the case, it is “Natural Law.” My objection is with the Catholic bureaucracy which decided it is a sin. The only plausible reason for calling it a sin was that leading clergy at some point in time did not like it. So, with their power inside the Church they made an arbitrary declaration it is a sin. There is nothing in the Bible that makes it a sin, Jesus did not mention it.

            Now, politics inside and outside the Catholic church as well as an inferior organizational structure leaves it stuck in ancient mud.

          2. Henry

            Jon:“There is nothing in the Bible that makes it a sin, Jesus did not mention it.

            That is untrue.

            Also, natural law argues against homosexuality.

          3. Henry

            Nature does not reward homosexuality. If left to its own natural result without an AIDS cocktail, the participants who are naturally more vulnerable to the spread of the disease than heterosexuals will be overtaken by nature. Natural law with some exception provides abundance to the heterosexual. Concerning natural law, there are definitive winners and losers with regard to gender identity and its practice, and it is not the result you want

          4. Henry 5:27 Homosexuality is one of nature’s sex drives. It occurs in animals. It is the real natural law. Another incorrect version of natural law is espoused in religious circles.

          5. Henry

            Jon 8:42, if you use rare exception in the animal kingdom as the rule, I can see where you could wiggle what you see as natural law to support homosexuality. In reality, it doesn’t.

          6. Henry

            See 5:27. When the exception occurs in nature, it is not rewarded. So yes, homosexuality is present in nature, thus it is part of natural law, but not with the result you are seeking.

  3. Anonamoose

    It would seem like Georgetown U is tied up in what is no more than being a welcoming and compliant University.

    I’m not a biblical scholar, but I would think it probable that Jesus said as much about homosexuality as he did cell phones. I just rather doubt it.

    1. Anonamoose 11:00 I’m not a biblical scholar, but I would think is probable that Jesus said as much about homosexuality as he did cell phones.

      According to the Bible, you are correct. Both the Old and New Testaments said as much about gay marriage as they did about cell phones. Ironically, contemporary religious groups say more about gay marriage than about cell phones.

      1. Jon 11:34: You are such a fundamentalist when it comes to homosexuality. I can hear you thundering from your soap box pulpit, “THE BIBLE SAYS …!!!”

        The GREAT thing about the Church is that burns through all those crazy theories of what the Bible means and doesn’t mean, cutting through the ages of legitimate theological debate and declaring FIRM and SOUND those teachings which reflect the MIND and WILL of God so that the faithful will not be misled by someone on a soap box.

        Homosexuality is either (a) an unnatural sexual act or (b) an inclination towards sexual attraction to the same gender. The first definition is a mortal sin if one is properly informed. The second is not a sin unless one is properly informed and acts to encourage that attraction.

        Conservative Christians like Pope Francis, all the Cardinals, Archbishops, etc. love the homosexual person and hate the sin of homosexuality. Those Christians who encourage homosexual expression for any reason do great harm to the homosexual. Theirs is not a loving gesture.

        1. Matt Love the sinner and …
          Sure they do, wink, wink.
          At gay pride marches I’ve marched in both in IA and ND there have been several churches participating. Never seen a Catholic group.

          1. Ahh yes, the theological final judgment, if one marches in a homosexual pride parade, then ones theological and pastoral position is cast in concrete.

            To the contrary, I’m proud the Catholic Church skips those brazen displays of sinful pride. Love is not agreeing with the sin and parading it up and down Main Street. Love is taking the path of Christ, even if it is path with people lined up with stones to throw at you.

  4. Just watching the EWTN broadcast of the Annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. It is a tremendously uplifting event dominated, yes dominated, by high school and college students from around the country. I’m proud to state I have a son and a niece at the March, letting America know by their peaceful, prayerful action that they are the next wave of people determined to overturn Roe v. Wade and eradicate not only abortion but the perceived need/want for abortion. VP Pence spoke via closed circuit video. President Trump spoke via closed circuit video. Both spoke from the lawn outside the White House. NFL and former NFL players are speaking, congressmen and probably equal numbers of men and women. As one speaker said, if you can’t explain a concept in a few sentences that an 8-year-old can understand, it is either a really bad idea or you don’t know what you are talking about.

    1. Matt 12:03 re: Trump and Pence spoke by closed circuit vidio

      I know Trump is busy, he’s in FL playing golf and could not appear in person. Through all these years of that annual event sitting Republican Presidents, often sitting a short distance from the event, have never thought is was politically smart to make a personal appearance there. It is always by remote broadcast. I’ll believe anti abortion is a popular political issue when one of them appears in person.

      1. Security for the POTUS and VPOTUS would have been astronomical and disrupted the March for Life. Both spoke from the Rose Garden outside the White House. 20 University of Mary (Bismarck) students were with them at the WH. Perhaps Trump practiced bilocation if you claim he was also playing golf in Florida. As for who is more pro-life, I’ll stick with Trump over Hillary Clinton, Obama and either Bush and Bill. Gorsuch on the SCOTUS is a nice test for why America voted for Trump. We win. You lose (but you really won). One or two more SCOTUS picks and America will be a different country.

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