Norway Is Decriminalizing Drug Use

Following the success of Portugal, Norway is in the process of eliminating laws against using drugs. It has decided filling its courts with nonsense is not in Norway’s best interests.

When I write about legalizing drugs in the U.S., people tell me it will lead to drug-crazy people stumbling around everywhere. That is what they have been taught. It is not reality.

Some local jurisdictions in the U.S. have simply stopped arresting people for drug use or possession. When someone is found to be using a drug like say, heroine, he is referred to a professional for evaluation. Professionals do not, in every case, determine that a person taking some heroine periodically needs to stop completely.

For some people using small amounts one a week helps them deal with their lives and does no harm. The old mantra of “being clean” is not always in the best interests of the patient or society.

When people who use drugs are put in the care of professionals they learn to use the drug more carefully. Deaths from overdose fall almost immediately.

Going further down this path makes things even better. When drugs are made available through legal channels lives are saved on two fronts. First, people who use drugs get know quality and dosage. They are less likely to die from overdoses. Second, law enforcement personnel are not killed trying to arrest illegal drug dealers because the drugs now come through legal channels.

Decriminalizing is a win-win.

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  1. LP

    And Trump is on board and vocal about bringing more Norweigians into our country over immigrants from S—hole countrys.

      1. Henry

        Little Dick Durbin got his lying shithole in trouble once again. As it turns out, Trump did not say that as the lying singular witness indicated.

        Furthermore, the arsonist news media in all their investigative journalistic wonder failed to mention that Trump also asked why more Asian people weren’t allowed to immigrate into the US. Rather, the MSM was content with just a predominately white country as an example of Trump’s supposed racism. We better investigate the MSM. The arsonist news media are unstable and in full disclosure, they need their medical records made public to the American people.

      1. Catcher

        @ 9;22;; Rummagrout. Funny experience while at the hjemkomst festival, I asked for rummagrout. They gave me a bowl of it, and said “there is the mixed sugar and cinnamon bowl.. I said: ” Do you have plain sugar without the cinnamon”? In the back an old Norwegian said ; “There is a true Norwegian. No cinnamon.” I told him too much color. He laughed, but in reality, the cinnamon reduces the taste I remember as a child. He proudly presented a bowl of plain sugar. Delicious. We milked and separated the cream, had a wood kitchen range, and a kettle on the back of the stove waiting for an occasional stir, for the better part of an afternoon was one of my favorite memories.
        Also home churned butter was not yellow like today. More color. White bread. Cream bread, Rice pudding, Walleye and northern flesh is white too. White cake, Oatmeal, Cream of wheat, Shreaded wheat, sugar cookies. My mom usually had white vanilla.
        When your underwear was no longer white, it was time for a change.

      2. Catcher

        tapioca pudding, home maid ice cream, white sauce, white milk gravy and fried side pork on those potatoes, Lard, lots of lard, always in a bowl by the stove, Crisco but not so much these days. Home made pear sauce. Home made cottage cheese, white hard cheese.

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