The Pope Throws A Hail Mary In Chile

The Pope needs a miracle in Chile to offset the mistakes there with pedophile clergy. Once thought the reformer needed in corrupt conditions, he himself has become buried in controversy involving a high ranking Chilean clergy who abused and was covered for by other clergy. The Pope believes a sincere apology will suffice.

According to the link, distrust of the Church is widespread in Chile. To see what can happen amidst distrust we need only look to Ireland. Ireland saw dramatic drops in church numbers and political influence. Efforts to legalize abortion followed quickly and a national vote will be held in 2018.

Some who have commented on the Pope’s visit to Chile say an apology is not enough. A restructuring of the church hierarchy is needed the thinking goes. We’ve discussed here before how the notion of being above the law has affected clergy behavior.

The story in Chile is typical. A high ranking clergy in a wealthy church fondled teenage girls. His supervisor later admitted he knew about the complaints but kept the criminal in clergy work. On the street, Catholics believed many other clergy know of the misdeeds. Pope Francis promoted one of those who denied knowing but whom the public thinks is lying.

Catholic numbers are said to be plummeting in Chile. We can expect its political influence to fade as they did in Ireland.

With his church mostly unable to change, the Pope is heaving a long pass in hopes something good will happen.


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  1. Jinx II

    A sincere apology from the pope is not enough. The victim will struggle with this for the rest of their life and the church thinks a ‘sorry ’bout that’ will make it all better… naive and unrealistic. Another example of church cover up for the sake of its reputation. I spit on them for their feeble actions and reject their apology, it accomplishes nothing.

    1. Bob

      Jinx II – Why so angry? Btw…spitting is unsanitary…..and child-like….like your responses. I certainly dont condone any abuse in the church or otherwise…..sexual abuse is a world problem not just a “catholic/conservative” problem that you and Jon and the like seem to think. (See “hollywood”)

      Clean your own closets first

      1. Bob 7:05 Why so angry?

        Perhaps you were not following here a while back when JinxII shared that she was sexually abused by a priest when she was a child. She has a right to be angry.

        I agree sexual abuse occurs in all professions. The reason it is important to discuss Catholic sex abuse is that the standard response for so many years was to protect criminal priests from the law. Bishops moved these criminals around from parish to parish where they continued their abuse. Priests, after all, are descendants of Peter and should not suffer the humiliation of going to jail for their crimes. The protection of religion is not available to violators outside of religion.

        Even though this protection is no longer church practice or policy, the fact that it did exist is a evidence of moral weakness in the institution.

        1. Bob

          I missed the part about Jinx’s personal experience and understand her anger. Im sorry to hear she had to go thru that.

          It does not, however, change the fact that child sexual abuse is NOT limited to the Catholic church or any religion….those in hollywood have played the same game of deceit, and it is continuing today. Yup….all those good liberals and atheists who believe they are above God need to fix their own selves first. Doesnt feel so good to be “generalized” now does it?

          1. Bob 9:48 ..does not change the fact that child sex abuse is NOT limited to the Catholic church… Doesn’t feel so good to be “generalized” not does it?

            “NOT limited” is merely taking up space here repeating what you said before and I agreed with. Then you ignore the difference between Hollywood and the Catholic Church. The when abuse is exposed in Hollywood it was not covered up by religious leaders. When it was exposed to leaders of the Catholic church it was covered up in the name of religion.

            Please do not take up space here repeating meaningless material.

  2. godless

    In Chile 59 percent of the population claims to be Catholic. What should really scare Catholics is that only 27 percent of the population claim that religion is very important to them. Twenty percent say that religion isn’t important at all.

    Religion is dying. The challenge for the upcoming generations will be repurposing all the abandoned religious properties.

    1. Bob 11:45 Jon..wake up! You dont think hollywood covered this up for decades??? Enjoy you life in your bubble.

      Yes it did. We all know that. It is no doubt still covering other cases up. There are cases at the bank and at the local McDonalds. These are all different than those in the Catholic Church that were covered up. These others are not covered up in institutions which market themselves as moral authorities. They do not waggle their fingers at the sin of others and say “You will go to hell for what you are doing.” They do not do the equivalent of withholding communion from divorced and remarried couples because they are “living in sin”.

      If the Catholic Church, even if just parts of it, were unable to recognize that hiding pedophile priests and moving them to parishes where they could molest again was not a major moral wrong why should anyone believe it is a moral authority about anything.

      Enjoy you life in your bubble.

  3. Juan Ruiz

    For centuries, in both Spain and its possessions, the Catholic Church functioned to assure a feudal society in which 1-2% of the population lived well, while the rest suffered extreme poverty. The hierarchy came from the same families as the secular nobility. They taught the poor that it was God’s will they were poor, and any attempt to rise economically was sinning against that.

    Small wonder today other denominations are growing which Catholicism loses members. Who wants to eat a tortilla while the local bishop eats steak?

    1. Juan 2:56 They taught the poor it was God’s will they were poor and any attempt to rise economically was sinning against that.

      Our friend, Bob, thinks we think of ourselves as “above God.” Since there is no evidence of a god and since the behavior of those who believe there is a god is no better than the rest of us, it makes you wonder what’s the point of a god?

  4. Charles Sawicki

    the Catholic Church, pretends to present an important moral force in the world. In reality, they continue to protect their power as they did in collaborating with the Nazis and Fascists in WW 2. The pope could have taken action years ago by removing a number of bishops complicit in sex abuse. Unfortunately this is clearly not a his top priority. Morally bankrupt organization!

    1. Charles 3:12 Thank you, Charles, for providing some appropriate historical background. Businesses just fire people when they are guilty of very bad behavior or bad management decisions. Not so the Catholic Church.

  5. Jinx II

    I am very happy to read that others understand the human costs of priests abusing children. While I don’t expect Hollywood to present its self as a moral standard to follow, I do expect the rcc and other religious organizations to do so. I also expect religious organizations to report sexual abuse and co-operate in the criminal investigation that will bring the perpetrator to a trial, punishment and to a defrocking. My abuser left numerous victims and while I was not the first one, I was one of his earlier victims.

    The church just kept moving him around, sent him to treatment, then still moved him around when new complaints were brought to the Diocese’s he served. They covered it up for years….almost 30 years before his victims went public. I am furious with the church hierarchy for allowing him access to children, so many victims after the Diocese knew about his pedophilia.

    Thanks to those who understand, it is appreciated!

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