The Evangelical Covenant Church Of America’s Pastor Did A Gay Marriage

The Swedish Evangelical Covenant Church of America of my youth dropped Swedish from its name years ago. I remember it focused on piety, no ballroom dancing, alcohol, card playing, farming with a tractor on Sunday or even movies. Times changed and it found it could grow by going lite of those old taboos. It is called the fastest growing Protestant denomination. But, its officials have not left behind one old taboo, homosexuality.

Some of its pastors have performed gay marriages. We all know homosexuality has become the marque sin in conservative Christianity. Nothing brings in dollars or scares them away more than this issue.

Several months ago, a pastor at the student center of the denomination’s only college, North Park in Chicago, performed a wedding for two men she knows well. The denomination has temporarily suspended her pastoral credentials. A hearing is scheduled.

If the history of other denominations is repeated, here is what we can expect. There will be lots of reference to prayer. Then there will be parsing of the denomination’s rules and of what the Bible says. There will be more prayers, a new committee formed to work something out and so on. There may be a breakaway denomination called “Reformed”.

All this this uses up a denomination’s money. A conservative fiscal approach would be to announce, “We don’t how our rules apply here. The Bible does not say explicitly gay marriage is a sin. If you don’t like what this pastor did, move on. It wasn’t your wedding.”

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    1. I know little about the Evangelical Covenant Church of America’s internal politics, but anyone can glean a few things. It’s rapid growth is not in its area of origin, the rural Midwest, but in California. It’s only university, North Park, used to have a constituency of rural Midwestern students like my contemporaries. Now it is a multi racial urban student body. All this requires some Biblical gymnastics. Catholics with their modern research universities and their stuck in the mud local Bishops are doing gymnastics as well.

      1. Catcher–According to Wikipedia and its website, Evangelical Covenant has 178,000 “average attendance”. It claims 278,000 “members” world wide. These are no doubt exaggerated numbers. Missouri Synod is shown at 2 million. Covenant is insignificant but it sort of a canary in the coal mine about social change.

          1. Henry

            Jon:“The Evangelical Covenant Church Of America’s Pastor Did A Gay Marriage”

            Maybe they can set up a chapel in the Cass County jail. That way they can get that one fellow married that is demanding for himself panties, tampons, and boob modifications.

    2. Catcher

      I suspect it was Johnnie who farted, and he tried to blame little Robbie. Later on, he would blame his little dog.. That Johnnie; Such a trouble maker. Can’t mind his own business. and stirs up everyone around him. then tries to tell the future. A modern day Harold Camping.

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