God Does Not Seem To Care About The Moody Bible Institute

This famous bastion of conservative Christianity, founded in 1886, is experiencing financial setbacks and controversies.

Every institution of higher learning wants its degrees to be worth something to its students. The standards needed to accredit degrees usually have some things in common. An institution needs to do something besides indoctrinate. That means students need to be exposed at least a bit to the world outside the indoctrination.

The great Catholic Universities are accredited by well know secular associations. The universities provide students with secular knowledge and skills. Plenty of Catholics are angry about this and have tried to make these universities subject to the church rules and the Bishop of the Diocese where the University happens to be located. In theory, the President of Notre-Dame University reports to his local Bishop and not to his governing board, large donors, faculty and accrediting agencies. In reality, I suspect there are winks and nods about this.

Moody Bible Institute is perhaps the best known of all far right fundamentalist colleges. Moody’s supporters and no doubt some faculty and administrators want the Institute to have but on purpose, indoctrinating students in literal interpretation of the Bible. But others in the circle disagree and there are accrediting requirements.

Moody is apparently on the ropes. It laid off 1/3 of its faculty. Moody tuition is $20,000 per year and housing another $8,000 plus.

One would think all the prayers for Moody would save it. Prayers don’t seem to cover the students’ $30,000 plus per year and the future of Moody is bleak.

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  1. Henry

    Jon:“Prayers don’t seem to cover the students’ $30,000 plus per year and the future of Moody is bleak.”

    Your handwringing and wishful thinking are all for naught. It reminds me of how many times you said Ken Hamm’s ark is closing in Kentucky. Hasn’t happened. Moody’s was on the financial rocks in 1900 after Moody died. What would you have then predicted? It would have been just more atheist wishful thinking.

  2. The Julius Project

    Your writing is nearly incoherent. The disjointed thoughts are jammed together and form no discernible flow or logic. As a college professor, have you even taken Writing 101…or are you just that lazy and need to crank out content…day after day?

      1. The Julius Project

        Driving by a train wreck and not being able “not look”…is still looking upon tragedy. Equating gawkers…with admirers…would be delusional, and narcissistic at best. Who says you don’t worship a god of your own making?

      2. Henry

        Jon 8:38 “Yesterday was one of my best traffic days in a month.”

        Yeah, Catcher, Jon, Julius, Jinx, and Henry. Click, click, click.

  3. Actually, the 8000 pound dinosaur in the room is the secular American university – https://www.jacobinmag.com/2014/03/the-death-of-american-universities/

    That bastion of atheism, the cesspool of liberalism, the swamp of free-thinking, will be halved in about 20 years.

    The Fake News establishment, another of the crown jewels of liberalism, atheism and secularism is being drained before our very eyes.

    Moody’s? Perhaps there should be equal concern for Valley City State, Mayville State, Dickinson State, MSU-M, Northland Community College, Devils Lake, NDSCS, Mankato State, Bemidji State and Northern State.

  4. Troy Kraft

    Here’s some more “free thoughts;”

    God guides, while human reasoning misguides:

    The mysteries of God are hidden, but yet are revealed to anyone who HONESTLY seeks… “I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.”

    What if a human soul DOES live forever? What then??… or what shall a human exchange for his soul? Cost of living? $$$. Cost of eternal life? PRICELESS…

    “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?“

    1. unregenerate

      Troy 1.7.2018 @ 1:48 pm

      Here’s another free thought:
      Why would a god worthy of the name, need, expect, or accept everlasting praise, reverence, and admiration from any earthling, even say Matt Noah? What sort of god would require that Troy?

      1. unregenerate: You seem to know “what kind of God” would be like. Jon is of a similar ilk.

        So tell us, what kind of God would please you? Feel free to list the top 10 characteristics.

          1. Excuse me for asking a serious question. Most atheists like to tell us why God is such an ass but they never can be pinned down on what God should be. You are no exception.

          2. Matt 7:15 Most atheists like to tell us why God is such an ass but they never can be pinned down of what God should be.

            That’s an interesting question. You are asking if we were creating a fictional god, how would we portray that character?? Would we portray the God character in the Bible the same way the ancient authors portrayed him?

            The ancients changed their god as new authors and changing times came along. The Old Testament God was a killing machine. The New Testament God was a God lite. Then the God/Jesus combination came along that was both an ass and did favors like healing. But he held a club over people, believe in me or burn.

            If I were starting out from scratch creating a god I would first have to decide what my goal was. Do I want to use this god to control people? Do I want it to cheer people up?

            I’m on a road trip and listened to Prosperity Gospel preacher Joel Osteen for a while. His God is all for you. You are to look for a sign that God is going to make you prosper. The sign may not come along right away. You may have to wait quite a while, but watch for it. He did not say the word sin once, or heaven or hell. That god serves the people who come to his shows, they pay good prices and apparently come away pleased. The god also serves Osteen’s purposes. He is the business model for all religion.

          3. Today the head and VP of Moody resigned. This followed their firing of a well know Moody’s talk show host who lashed out that the Administration did not put the hammer down on social gospel teaching in the school. I searched web sites and blogs. There is a FB group of dissenters called “Moody Bible Institute Heretics.”

            I get the impression this has happened: Recent generations of students come from fundamentalist homes where parents told their children, “We went to Moody and got it straight from the Bible. We’ll pay for you to go there and no where else.” Lots of those children, however, have moved on, attend Moody because they have to but are not interested in the old time religion. Their professors want to interest those students and teach about white privilege and social gospel. Students drink, cuss and have “relationships”.
            When came time to reduce staff by 30% the admins did not, could not, cut only the social gospel profs. Some of them are the revenue producers. Some of the true believers had small classes, were fiscal losers and were cut.
            So, is Moody just in a down cycle that it will recover from as it has in the past? Or, has a cultural change taken place that has left Moody on an island with no food or water?

    2. Troy Who honestly seeks them How do we judge the “honesty” of a person’s quest?
      Seems completely subjective to me. And, why would a real god have secrets anyway? It seems like a real god would declare the truth for all to see. This business about secrets makes me skeptical.

      1. All that is necessary for your Salvation has been made known to you by God. As that wasn’t enough for Adam and Eve, they thought they needed to eat from the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.

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