Do Men Need To Instruct Women About Christianity

I don’t understand how in 2018 anyone, man or women, could think men only should be preachers/priests. This is not true in all parts of the faith but in a large portion of it. It stems from taking literally the words attributed to Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 14, In all congregations….Women should remain silent…They are not allowed to speak but must be in submission…If the want to inquire they should ask their husbands at home. It is disgraceful for women to speak in church.  This passage gives rise to odd behavior by male preachers who admonish men to give religious instruction to their women.

Conservative Christians like a phrase from the Bible to describe homosexuality, “an abomination.” They choose not to use the word from Paul to describe women preachers, “disgraceful.” On this site we see conservative Christians saying women are different from men and that is why they are not allowed to preach. That women in the pulpit are “disgraceful” is left unspoken.

We don’t really know if Paul actually wrote this nor why. It might have been inserted by scribes later when handwritten material was recopied. But, because it is there today it is used by those who benefit by not having women compete with men to become preachers. It is used against women.

Branches of he faith that choose to ignore that writing attributed to Paul are doing the right thing. Even better would be to take nothing from the Bible literally.

Again, it is the year 2018.

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  1. Your concern for womanhood’s suffrage movement to the Catholic priesthood needs to be addressed to the proper tribunal. When you find God and have that conversation, let us know how it turns out.

    1. Matt 7:27 The “proper tribunal” of Catholic clergy will rule that men need to provide instruction to women, women are not capable of instructing men. Case closed.

      1. Not so fast. God is a proper tribunal. But God also allowed the Church to bind on earth. Therefore, the Church is also a proper tribunal. Being based on organizational structure, The Pope or College of Cardinals will not rule on all such matters as these. On the particular matter of female priests, the matter is closed. It is an infallible article of Faith that women shall not serve as priests. In this day and age, not all Catholic men are suitable for the priesthood. Therefore, only Catholic men of proper disposition shall be considered for the seminary and subsequent ordination. Women are teachers at seminaries to the best of my knowledge. They can also sit on admissions boards for seminaries. Your argument has been defeated.

          1. Before you criticize Christianity, please learn some of the basics.

            From the Catholic Bible, Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 18 –

            “Amen, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

            Jesus is telling His disciples that they have the authority to determine His mind on what is sinful and not sinful. He then states that that authority extends to what is forgiven and what is not forgiven. It also is clearly a framework for the sacrament of Reconciliation where a person confesses his sins to a priest, asks forgiveness and then is either forgiven or not forgiven. The priest stands in the place of God in the confessional. So long as the confession is sincere and the sin forgivable, it will be forgiven by the priest. Very few sins were ‘reserved’ to either the local Bishop or the Pope.

            This is ‘kind of a big deal’ in the Church.

          2. Matt 3:13 “Amen, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

            “Jesus is tell his disciples that they have to authority to determine his mind on what is sinful and not sinful.”

            Hmm. He may be telling them that, or, he may mean something else entirely. He did not say you and those who follow you. In any event, it was written long after Jesus was supposed to have lived so we don’t know if he ever said that or not.

            I’d be a little more convinced if those who were making that interpretation were not those benefiting from it.

          3. You can state what you want about the meaning of the verse. Everybody gets that. It has been debated by theologians for a long time. Together with the Bible verse on ‘Peter, you are rock and upon this Rock I shall build My Church.’ we have the beginning of the Catholic Church, synonymous with the Christian Church.

            It only makes sense that a Church would be left behind after Christ was Ascended in to Heaven. He left behind His New Testament but it was in the minds and hearts of men. It was put to paper over the course of decades. All along, the Church decided if it was authentic.

            As far as benefiting from following Christ, teaching what He instructed the Apostles to teach, writing the New Testament, they all benefited by becoming Saints – – the way most early Christians became saints. They were brutally martyred. Again, your quaint theory about the rich men writing the Bible to benefit themselves and their posterity is blown to smytherenes.

          4. Matt 6:20 It only makes sense that a Church would be left behind after Christ was Ascended in to Heaven.

            It makes sense to Catholics that the church Jesus supposedly wanted was today’s Catholic Church. It would be good if you would qualify such claims.

        1. Juan Ruiz

          “Therefore, only Catholic men of proper disposition shall be considered for the seminary and subsequent ordination.”

          With seminaries closing down due to lack of enrollment, the Church can no longer be choosy. As with colleges, they have dumbed down the curriculum to make it easy for the people they can get.

          1. The Church cannot stray from the Word of God. I see no dumbing down of the process to become a priest, outside of possibly allowing married priests. Female priests will never happen. There are married priests but none outside of a special dispensation.

  2. Juan Ruiz

    “Women should remain silent”

    And yet, in the GF Catholic churches my wife attended (Holy Family, Aquinas, St. Mike’s) the majority of women were readers.

    1. Juan 5:50 the majority of readers were women (I think you mean)

      Reading, I assume, what men wrote. Matt knows but does not say, men made the rules about the roles of men and women. God did not.

      1. I truly enjoy reading about what you “know” about me! I particularly like when you claim “Matt knows but does not say, men made the rules about the roles of men and women. God did not.”

        Let me play the game about what Matt “knows”. I’ll try to be best you as an expert on the subject of Matt Noah.

        Matt Noah knows through Faith that God made the rules about the roles of men and women. 99% of the roles of men and women are identical. We both have to follow the same Ten Commandments. We both have to love, have to have charity, have to forgive one another, etc. The biological differences between men and women translate in to biological roles of childbearing. The role of men in the Church is quite different than the role of women when it comes to the priesthood. The women in the Church keep coming back every Sunday to Mass, fellowship and the living of lives set out by the Church.

    2. This is a post-Vatican II change in Church discipline which is allowable. It is mostly ignored today outside of those who claim more women on the alter in any role is dissuading young men from seeking the priesthood.

      1. Jinx II

        Spoken by the totally indoctrinated worm, brainwashed by catholicism since birth.

        I was in the same boat but I began to doubt the word of the bible when I was 6 years old. I began to doubt the church around the time I was molested by one of its priests when I was 10 years old……no, worm, I will not give you any names or proof because my mother is still alive and a participating member in the old home town. I will not risk hurting her or having you camp out in front of my house trying to destroy my reputation with your hate.

        1. Let’s give you the benefit of the doubt today and assume you are actually telling the truth. You don’t seem to be trustworthy but it doesn’t hurt to play along today.

          There is no doubt that the Devil wishes to draw people away from Christ. The Devil tempts priests, bishops, cardinals and the Pope incessantly because scandal is a wonderful weapon to drive a wedge between Christ and His flock. For that reason, the ordained need to pray and pray more.

          You say you were molested. Did the entire Church molest you or did a priest molest you? Can you point to something in Church doctrine which supports what happened? Assuming the molesting priest was not punished, do you know if the local Church (bishop, priests) had a policy to molest boys? Did they have a plan to shield priests from prosecution? The answers at all times is that the Church has no policy or doctrine which states that rape, molestation, etc. are acceptable. The act was committed by a sinful priest and he should have been punished. If it was covered up, those responsible should also be held accountable. I assume no one was damaged except you and your family.

          There is NO organization or class of individuals who are innocent of the sin of molestation.

          You need to separate the sin of the individual(s) from the Church. What if the molestor had been from the Water Company, the Electric Company, the baker, the police, a teacher?

  3. Juan Ruiz

    Ironically, while living in Spain, I noticed most people attending mass were women, specifically older widows. Next to no men in the pews, except for feast days.

  4. Catcher

    In the picture provided, I think the man is telling the lady to put on some underwear before leaving the house.

          1. Jinx II

            There is underwear that leaves no seams or any tell tale signs, I dare you to check out women’s lingerie, no I double dare you!!

          2. Catcher

            Jinx @ 4;26; What underwear is or isn’t is not the question. The question is;- – – if one has, or has not.
            After 56 yr. of married life, a wife, a daughter and a granddaughter in college, I understand the mechanics, and the fabrics. Nude is a color.

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