What Is Islam In The U. S.

Only once in a while is the entire faith of Islam profiled. When it is, we read of the Islam we know from the Muslims we know.

President “W” Bush said after 9/11 that those Muslims who flew planes into buildings had, “Hijacked a good faith.” Could we not say the same about Christians who seem far from whatever brand of Christianity we like better?

The truth is those who flew planes into buildings did this because of the cultural values they had adopted. Their claim was that parts Islam had been violated by U. S. presence in some Islamic countries. My understanding of them is they were from cultures where killing for various reasons was routinely done. They simply attached religious meaning to it.

Muslims in other parts of the world make Islam fit the cultural values where ever they live. In the U.S. one finds a substantial population of Muslims with the values of this culture. They use Islam to justify the peaceful and good citizenship they practice here.

It is common for people in the U.S. to condemn local Muslims for what those of other cultures did. This condemnation is not only in the Christian community but among atheists I know. There are various reasons for not wanting to admit local cultural values are the sources of religious beliefs.

To Christians it is admitting their own views are cultural at their base, not Christian. For atheists, there is no excuse whatsoever.


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  1. Jinx II

    This has been my experience, a vast majority of the people who practice the muslim religion in the US and Canada are good, benevolent and devoted to the practice of their religion. They will help anyone at any time with food, comfort and kindness.

    On the day the US invaded Iraq, I had to under go emergency surgery performed by an Iraqi surgeon who moved his family out of the country during the Clinton years. He talked about his former country, the cruel regime of Sadam and how much the embargo’s crippled the health care and diets of the average citizen. Few antibiotics and surgery with out anesthesia were the norm, while he was relieved to be out of there, he left family and friends behind and was heartsick for them. He was a good man and a top notch surgeon and I still think of him and his love for his people.

  2. Schurkey

    There is no “New Testament” to the Quran.


    Over 100 verses commanding the faithful to kill and/or maim “nonbelievers”.

    Problem is not “Radical” Islam.

    Problem is Islam is violent and intolerant. Not so different from Roman Catholic during the Inquisition. Ordinary people probably did not shove red-hot pokers up a Jew’s ass, but only because they didn’t care enough. Clearly the church tolerated it, if the church was practicing it.

    So the next time some “radical” Muslim kills a few folks or a dozen, or a hundred, see if the local mosque actively denounces the act…or ignores it (and hopes there’s no backlash.)

    I don’t see the local mosque doing any denouncing over here.

  3. Juan Ruiz

    Islam is a schizophrenic religion. While Europe was suffering a cultural deep freeze, known as the Middle Ages, Islamic countries enjoyed an intellectual spring. The other side of the coin is that it has always been bellicose. Fewer that a hundred years after the death of the Prophet, it had expanded to the Iberian Peninsula and reached Poitier in Gaul.

  4. Henry

    Jon: “What is Islam in the US?”

    Just stage 1 in most parts. Pretty well neutered in most areas, not allowed to fester to the later stages.

    Of course, however, we had the one local Muslim in a local gas station yelling allahawkbar as he is committing a felony crime against a woman in the restroom.

  5. You are being deceived by/through Islam.
    Look up these four words:
    Tawriya, and

    These are practices in Islam in order to deceive non-Muslims.

    1. Kevin 7:50 You are being deceived by/through Islam. Look up these four words: Taqiyya, Kitman, Tawriya and Muruna. These are practices in Islam in order to deceive non-Muslims

      Look up:

      These are terms used in Christianity in order to deceive non-Christians.

      1. As I already know what the words you mentioned mean, I did not look them up. Those words do not have different meanings.

        Heaven is the place where a person ends up upon their death or their release from Purgatory if they have been judged by God to be worthy.

        Hell is the place where a person ends up upon their death if they have been judged by God to be unworthy of Heaven.

        Satan is a fallen angel who God expelled from Heaven for eternity.

        God is the past, the present and the future. He is all good, all powerful, all merciful.

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        To what do I attribute the success of my surgery?

        First, and foremost, I give all praise and thanksgiving to God. From Him, all other things deemed worthy of praise in my surgery flows from Him.

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        I don’t second guess the Lord. If He deems my physical recovery to be something He will not grant, then I know He is answering my prayers in other ways. God allowed His only Son, Jesus, to suffer greatly for our redemption. If that is His will for me, I am blessed to help bring souls to Him through my suffering.

  6. Jinx II

    The lack of knowledge, understanding, and tolerance is liberally laced with the hate your god condemns. Hypocrites, everyone of you and very unchristian.

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