The Gods Of The Last 10,000 Years May Be Obsolete

Humans have existed for between 200,000 and 300,000 years. At least once during that period, 75,000 years ago, we were almost wiped out. We were down to 15 million people. Right now we are over nine billion.

Prior to humans, there were five great epoch periods of life destruction. Each has a name. They occurred about 450, 375, 252, 200 and 66 million years ago. Each epochs wiped out the majority of plant and animal life. Often, they occurred because of volcanic eruption and meteor strikes.

In the Red River Valley of the North, we know a great glacier was present and began to melt at the end of the ice age, 10,000 years ago. As weather became mild, food production increased and human population expanded around the world.

The gods people created since then have been optimistic, seeing man as the master of the earth. People moved across the globe hunting and clearing land.

The majority of scientists around the world are convinced this human activity is contributing to the next great epoch, the one we are experiencing. It is called the Holocene Epoch. Mass extinctions, which go with epochs, are defined as losses of 75% of species in a short period of time.

While, of course, there is disagreement about this, there are scientists who predict our current epoch will cause food shortages so severe animal/plant species will fall as they did in previous epochs. World human population will be reduced from its current nine billion to 500 million all living near the north/south poles.

We will need new gods to explain all of this.

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  1. Ervin Miller

    This blog site is seriously ridicules! Makes one wonder if perhaps there is a psychological disorder.

    1. unregenerate

      Ervin Miller 1.1.2018 @ 4:59 am
      May the new year bring you improved health and the serenity it brings.

    2. Ervin 4:59 This blog site is seriously ridicules! Makes one wonder if perhaps there is a psychological disorder.

      The most fun I have on this blog is when people question my mental state. I always ask who is the more mentally off, the person who writes the blogs or the person who gets really mad reading them but keeps on reading?

      I can tell already 2018 is going to be a good year here.

      Happy New Year to you and all readers. And thank you for making 2017 a good year on this blog page.

  2. Rob

    “Some scientists predict”…
    If I had a nickel for every time a scientist predicted something and was wrong….

    1. Rob 7:30 If I had a nickel for every time a scientist predicted something and was wrong…

      If I had a nickle for every time a scientist predicted something and was right, I would be richer than you. On top of that, one or both of us might be dead. Science has improved your life and mine.

      1. Rob

        Your blind faith in off the wall ‘scientific’ climate predictions is inspiring.
        The vast majority couldn’t predict the last few decades correctly, yet this ‘scientist’ claims he knows what 10000 years from now will be like.

        1. Rob 2:03 So, are you saying all science is bunk? Even the medicine you doctor prescribes? Have you not benefited at all from science?

          There have been countless “cures” for cancer which did not turn out to be successful. Yet, today success against it is much better than ever before. That predictions of past climate events did not pan out does not mean science has nothing to say or should be ignored. That is like saying all medical research should be ignored because some did not work out.

          But, keep praying. That always brings the result we want.

          1. Rob

            Your comparison is ludicrous.
            Modern medicine where we can see the results, vs far flung 10000 year predictions for the planet based on guesstimates?
            Try to stay on topic or you’ll have to delete your own post, Jon.
            Or does that rule of yours still only apply to non atheists?
            Looking forward to your continued deletions. ‘Freethinkers?’ Lol.

    1. Agnaut 11:40 Thanks for commenting.

      Learn to stop worrying and love the epoch.

      Or maybe, as the old saying goes, “Wake up and smell the coffee.” And, there is the new saying, “Be proactive.”

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