Do You Have Secular Or Religious Holiday Decorations

Sometimes polling companies find ways to ask questions that put pins in balloons. The Pew company has been asking people about their Christmas displays, religious or not.

These responses give us another angle from which to view religion. Instead of asking people a question like, “Do you believe in God?” they ask about actual observance of religion.

Each year, Pew finds, fewer people observe Christmas with religious displays. This has been going on in business work places for years. Religious Christmas music is not played to many offices and displays are secular. In their homes people are decorating with Christmas finery but leaving their manger displays in storage.

We had our big ruckus with “Happy Holidays.” Bill O’Reilly and President Trump have both scolded us for saying it.  For some reason decorating in our homes has not come under their supervision yet. Maybe later.

Their is an old rule of public acceptance that to make an idea acceptable to the public is needs to be wrapped around an attractive personality. That Reagan ideas were wrapped around his popular persona. It may also be true that wrapping ideas around unpopular personalities pull them down. O’Reilly and Trump are linked to inappropriate sexual behavior. Of course, Bill Clinton was too.

Polls show the trend away from denominations continues. I think this is part of a trend away from accepting direction from centralized institutions including denominations. We can all speculate of the cause of this but it is happening.


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  1. If America was not founded as a Christian nation, as Jon frequently contends, how is it that we celebrate so many Christian holy days, e.g. Christmas, Easter?

    We also recognize, to an extent, Hanukkah, a Jewish Holiday. I don’t think we celebrate Muslim, Buddhist or other religious holidays.

    1. Matt 7:04 I don’t think we celebrate Muslim, Buddhist or other religious holidays.

      Man, you live a sheltered life. Many religious holidays are celebrated by many different groups right there in Fargo. The Mayor gets invited.

      At one time I had six religious texts, all gifts from religious groups. No doubt even more now.

  2. Jinx II

    We always dance naked under the moonlight at the Winter Solstice, doesn’t everyone? -21 really brings on some wild moves!

  3. As we argue whether Jesus was born of a Virgin, which I believe He was, or that He even exists, it occurred to me that after our very brief mortal sojourn we will know for sure. From my experience, the greatest surprise in my life came when I fully and completely comprehended the brevity of life. What will happen a few minutes after I die? I believe, like all Christians do, that I will be in total awe as I come face to face with my Creator for the last judgement. I believe that by faithfully obeying the Commandments and all Gods precepts He will grant me mercy and love, and deepen peace and authentic joy for eternity with Him in Heaven. It is plausible that atheists will also have the greatest surprise of their mortal life, a few minutes after death they will come face to face with Him who they denigrated in blasphemous contempt and prosecution. It is plausible that the emotion they will experience is indescribable fear, Fear unlike any fear that we could imagine in our mortal form, this is not cynicism, it is a promise He made during His ministry on earth. It is crucial we keep Christ in Christmas, and we will one day, after this brief sojourn, be rewarded with God’s unfathomable love, joy and peace. Glory to God in the highest, may His light shine on mankind! Merry Christmas!

    1. Juan Ruiz

      “What will happen a few minutes after I die?”

      Having suffered a massive heart attack, dying, and being brought back, I will tell you. Nothing happens. You die. It’s like sleep. Everything simply goes dark. No terror, No fear. No nothing. Do not expect angelic choirs, bright lights, or dead relatives greeting you. It is a very peaceful experience.

      1. Well, I had no pulse for 15 seconds back in 2016. I didn’t die. (Neither did you.) A doctor and a team of nurses revived me by placing me on my back, inserting ice packs under my arms and behind my neck. I had been in a chair before it all began. From my position looking up from the floor I smiled at the doctor and wise-cracked, “Are you an angel?” We both laughed.

        When I actually die, I expect a different experience. It’s been promised to me.

      2. Juan 6:48 Having suffered a massive heart attack, dying, and being brought back, I will tell you. Nothing happens. You die. It’s like sleep. No terror, no fear…you die

        I’ve accused by many, Matt and Roxane, of insulting the faith. But you have delivered the ultimate insult. After folks have given tons of money over a lifetime, sat through years of sermons, meetings and prayers they get nothing??? And worse, those who did none of those things get no punishment?? I’m afraid authorities will be calling on you. 🙂

        The conclusion of atheists for generations is that in death things return to the status they were before we were born. As you so logically explain, nothing.

          1. Matt 9:13 Not following you. You have said many times my blog should be taken down because I insult the faith. Juan, however, has delivered a bigger insult to the faith than anything I have written.

          2. Jon, no, Juan delivered no such insult. He merely recounted a time when he felt he died (he didn’t). I then recounted a time I had no pulse. I had not died, either.

            There is no doubt that Juan is not a believer. Neither was neurosurgeon Eben Alexander when he “died”. –

            So, who should one believe?

            Out of all the things which a person can think of or dream of during a near-death experience, we have Juan who experienced nothing and a neurosurgeon who has spent 4 years getting an undergraduate degree, 4 years in medical school and 6-8 years in residency before he could become a practicing neurosurgeon. The only reason I bring up the neurosurgeon is that he is educated in a rigorous, scientific practice for a very long time. For some, that would wring out the religion from a person. For others, it would just reinforce it.

            Dr. Eben Alexander did not believe in near death Heaven experiences. He does ever since he experienced it firsthand.

            I don’t discount Juan’s experience. I’m sure he experienced what he stated. But I do question his “death”. I had a similar experience to Juan’s in that I did not visit Heaven or Hell during my 15 seconds of zero pulse.

            The children of Fatima, Portugal were given a vision of Hell in July of 1917.

            This priest had a vision of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory –

            As it seems you believe in Juan’s experience, as do I, do you also believe in these other experiences?

      3. unregenerate

        Juan Ruiz 12.18.2017 @ 6:48 am

        May we all live long enough to welcome after all the final seal, sacred silence.

  4. Juan Ruiz

    I put up my mother’s creche scene every year. It is older than I am, which is saying something. She bought it, a piece at a time, at Woolworth’s many decades ago. If this site allowed posting images, I would show it to you all.

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