The Religious Left Will Prevail

I’ve said here for years the only part of Christianity that will survive over time is the religious left. That is the branch that take little to none of the Bible literally but believes there are general tenets in the faith that are helpful to some people. It is just a little short of agnosticism. Today’s link explains why this is now actually evident.

The religious left is now getting more media coverage as it speaks out for more universal health care, religious rights for Muslims and separation of church and state. It was active in the recent election of Doug Jones in Alabama. Certainly, the election of an avowed abortion rights candidate in the Bible belt is among the most amazing advancement of religious left ideals in decades.

President Trump’s favorite branch of the faith probably has helped the left as well. His favorite preachers are those of his father as well. These are from the prosperity gospel branch. The President has testified his faith is important to him. This faith teaches that Jesus wants you, personally, to be rich. He is pleased when you become rich.

The Pope’s branch of Catholicism is that of the social gospel, helping the poor. This is different from recent Popes. The Protestant liberal wing shares ownership of this thinking with the Pope’s Catholic branch.

As the largest Protestant denomination, the mostly white Southern Baptist Convention, and the white Catholic population continue to fall I think the surviving branch with be a liberal one.

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  1. Grant Bucson

    Yeah the religious left is probably the worst branch. Very weak willed and mindless coming to many issues. I want good ole’ fashion religious nuts, the kind that will defend the homeland and start crusades.

  2. Juan Ruiz

    “The Pope’s branch of Catholicism is that of the social gospel, helping the poor. ”

    This is reflective of his strong Peronista sentiments, which he carried from Buenos Aires to the Vatican.

  3. If one examines what has survived over time to date, one finds Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism, Orthodoxism and a few others. The left comes and goes.

      1. unregenerate

        conservativejuice 12.15.2017 @ 12:23 pm
        I might be wrong but I thought Jesus taught that the kingdom of god was within us earthlings so I’ll guess USA for one.

        1. I think you missed the point of my question. Or, perhaps, you are being obtuse.

          The USA was not in existence at the time of Christ so that is DQ’ed. The Roman Empire crumbled after the time of Christ so they are out.

          The point is that very few, if any, governments have outlasted Christianity, Judaism and a few other religions that Jon and some others now think are going to fade away. There is no empirical evidence to his theory. It would be more appropriate to theorize that the Russia will fall and become a new form of government before Catholicism will fail. Or that democracy in Israel will dissolve before Judiasm will ever disappear.

  4. unregenerate

    conservativejuice 12.15.2017 @1:01 pm

    I acknowledge your clarification and critique. You asked to name one government in existence today that was in existence in the time of christ. I guess I mistook the context and replied with an illegitimate response. We are way off topic here.

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