Theology Never Mattered, Trump’s Election Is Evidence

It was a pleasure to read in the New York Time something I have written about here often. It is that the group or cause called “evangelism” is about social identity. It has little or nothing to do with theology.

What is generically called the “evangelical” branch of the faith is varied. One way for an outsider to identify it is the group left over after you take out Catholics and main stream Protestants. This group has been doing better than either Catholics and main stream Protestants in maintaining its numbers. I would argue that is not because of it theology but is due to the way individuals in this group identify themselves and bond with each other.

Recently I heard country western performer Marty Stuart interviewed. He is an amateur scholar of the genre. He said fundamentalist religion is a frequent topic of country music songs. Why is it, he was asked, is there also so much “cheatin’, drinkin’ and fightin’ in the stories as well. “Well,” he said, “that’s part of the whole deal too, like religion.”

President Trump’s history of living much differently than a pious Christian put him in the circle of evangelical acceptability. Whatever standards might one have thought were necessary to make him acceptable were set aside so he could be considered part of the evangelical social identity. Theology meant nothing to either him or to the evangelicals who support him.

Being able to change as mores change has kept evangelicalism in the game.

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  1. Let’s see, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, tap, tap, tap, what should a Christian do with their vote? It’s no surprise that Hillary lost the evangelical vote. The Catholic vote was scandalously split. The country was in a mood for someone that could re-build the economy, take care of illegal immigration and create jobs. Donald Trump didn’t win because he resembled a pastor. He won because he had a message and a plan. For goodness sake, Hillary didn’t even campaign in some of the swing states.

  2. Jinx II

    The worm is still a fool, now watch the economic backbone of the country snap with the extremist tax plan they think they are going to get through…..1.5 Trillion added to the deficit with the working poor and middle class trying to make up the difference the cuts to the rich.

    Trump and his ilk are moral? Ha hahaha!

    Oh those filthy, disgusting, sexually twisted Conservatives:

    Ray Moore, Pedophile and child molester
    Dennis Hasstert, Convicted ” ” ”
    Donald Trump, Girls and women assaulted
    Senator Larry Craig, Convicted of sliciting Gay Sex in MSP bathroom
    Bill O’ Reilly Assaulting coworkers, payouts for silence and was fired
    Westly Goodman, Rep. Ohio, resigned
    Jeff Hoover, KY Speaker of the house, resigned

    Dang, its too many to list so here is a list

    1. Chuck Z

      Why don’t you mention Al Franken? John Conyers? All of liberal Hollywood? Bill Clinton? Well, we know why…..because dopes like you can’t see past your political party line.

      It’s absolutely delicious watching the liberals, who were hell bent on calling out Trump, Moore, and others, being crushed by their own perverted creepiness.

      Liberalism. It’s a disease. And you’re infected with it.

      I bet you are absolutely giddy that 5 time deported, illegal alien, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was found innocent of murdering Kate Steinle? You and your ilk are the grossest of the gross.

      Lay down in your hypocritical mud puddle and wallow in it. It’s where you all thrive.

      1. Chuck Z: It’s enough to know that Hillary lost and Trump won. That, more than anything else, helps this country immeasurably. And he did it with an intensely hostile media, an intensely hostile ruling elite, an intensely hostile entertainment industry and an intensely hostile academic mafia. He did it with working class stiffs that are smarter than they/we are given credit for. If the media were ever fair and balanced, the closest Dems would get to a Presidential victory is 20% points. Read my daily blog at conservativejuice.

  3. Pluralistic ignorance and group-think. Responsible for more pain in human history than stones, arrows and swords. Your well put article made me think of a quote.

    “It costs to be stupid. The stupider you are, the more it costs.”

    Sherrill Brown

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