Growing Occult And New Age Religion In Iran

We in the West have a hard time understanding Islamic societies. At least I do.

A new book goes into much detail about the growth of occult and new age in Iran. At the very least it challenges our stereotypical take on Islam.

We have to first remember Iranians are not Arabs. They came into Islam through the knife. Iranians are said to have European origins. Thus, when Islam was forced on them they absorbed a version, Shea, different from that of Arabs.

We all know there are violent branches of Islam. It seems evident from this news about Iran that, at least there, people at the top of the faith are losing grip of young people. Phones and the net make it increasingly difficult to control what information young, or old, people have access to. If this change is affecting Christianity and the Iranian version of Islam, why would it not also be affecting other top down versions of Islam in other countries?

Years ago my wife and I had the pleasure of a long visit with Mohamed Eunis, a rather famous fellow who spearheaded use of micro loans in poor countries. We were in Bangladesh. He said cell phones would change the world because they would circumvent communication obstacles put in place by governments. They later began to do just that.

That young people in Iran are finding something in secret spiritual beings, magic, incense or ritual is a sign that the one thing which prevails is change.


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