Wars Among Muslims Sound Like Arguments Among Christians

Recently, there was a horrific attack on a Middle East Mosque. It was part of a war within Islam. The sect attacked, Sufi, is found in both the Sunni and Shi’a branches.

From what I read, the Sufi are like Christian Pentecostals. They stress some kind of a personal encounter with their god that puts them in a state of mind different from that of other Muslims. The god thing is personal and not a national or ethnic patriotic cause.

Branches of the Sunni (Arabs) see the Sufi as infidels that need to be murdered. That is not, of course, all Sunnis. The Sufi are not among the Muslims who want to wage jihad against the West. Sufi are focused on their inner life and not the geo political causes.

The Shi’a, mostly Iranian, have their own issues with Sufi. The Sufi are part of almost countless variations of Islam. I have no idea if there are more or fewer variations of Islam than there are with Christianity. Unfortunately for Islam, some cultures where it landed are prone to solve things by killing each other. Christianity has as many disagreements but is less inclined to kill, at least in modern history.

We made a mistake in the 1950’s by treating communism as monolithic. Today we are making the same mistake again, this time with Islam. We should recognize Islam is a jungle of cross currents just as is Christianity.

Chaos seems the adjective for religion world wide.

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    1. godless

      Really! North Korea a secular social utopia? The same NK that worships its leaders as god’s? Try again Micheal, maybe try Finland or Norway, heck even Japan.

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