Now We Learn Homosexuality Is Caused By Ghosts

On the net you can find many sites going under the guise of “religious science.” A better term would be fake science or religious propaganda. They offer up bogus ideas about abortion, evolution, life after death and homosexuality. A funny one I encountered claims to have found ghosts in the brains of homosexual people.

These ghosts get in the brain and guide it away from its correct attraction to the opposite sex. Eighty-five percent of  homosexual people have these ghosts, the site said.

The “religious scientists” have learned female ghosts inhabit the brains of gay males and male ghosts lesbians. These ghosts are the only cause of homosexuality. Gone is the “dominant mother” claim, Satan claim, attraction to an exciting lifestyle and I can’t remember all the others.

While this is a tiny fringe of the Hindu religion, and of religion in general, it is consistent with other parts. The Christian faith is big into a “holy ghost”, imaginary visions, dreams, gods and unseen locations after death. While I’ve not heard of Christians who believe ghosts cause homosexuality it will cling to other far flung imaginary things.

Condemning homosexuals by any faith has been the biggest mistake the faith has made in my memory. By claiming some characteristic is a sin when those who have it had no choice the door is left open for every weird idea to be used by any faith. Why not back to being black or brown as a sin?

Gay people who are happy with their sexual orientation will insist the ghosts stay.

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  1. Sorry to burst your anti-Christian bubble but the people behind this claim/theory/lunacy are Hindu, not Christian. I know you were hoping it was a Christian science group but a little bit of research would have led you to His Holiness Dr Athavale.

  2. Juan Ruiz

    A stunning couple walks into a restaurant. My glance immediately goes to the woman. For a gay male, it goes to the man. Why? What is the innate attraction he has? Understand that knee-jerk reaction, and I believe you can understand the gay mindset. It isn’t perversion, but a natural response for him,.

    1. Juan 7:37 A stunning couple walks into a restaurant….
      Great post. It reminds my of a true story 40 or so years ago. A Lutheran pastor who was an administrator for some branch of a national Lutheran denomination had written me a beautiful letter thanking me for my gay advocacy the telling about his gay adult son. Not long after he came through Fargo and I helped him host the very first meeting of parents with gay children. He told the story about shortly after learning of his son’s same sex attraction. He wanted to know if his son could be “fixed” so he made and appointment with one of those Christian gay conversion therapy places.

      He talked at length with the two men who owned and ran it, both gay but married to women and had children. My friend said they were both open, friendly and seemed to have every question covered concluding they themselves were no longer gay and their clients cured as well. Then my friend thought of this question: “When you go to the beach today, do your eyes fall on the attractive women or on the attractive men?”

      Both men admitted their eyes still fell on the men. They did not regard this as a problem for themselves but had to admit their sexual orientation had not changed. They had simply trained themselves to react to it in a different way.

    2. You speak as if you know. A behavior such as you described is learned. Your glance would spot both individuals. You might then opt to glance at something else or return to your pre-glance disposition. You might focus on looks, clothing or a host of other features. A man in love with his wife focus on the man’s suit or wish the couple to move so he can summon a waiter. The knee-jerk reaction does not in any way help me to “understand the gay mindset”, whatever a gay mindset is supposed to be.

      1. Matt 11:41 A behavior such as you described is learned.

        You are a Catholic. I’d suggest you seek information about homosexuality from the appropriate parts of a Catholic research university. That way you could learn whether you are reflecting contemporary knowledge of homosexuality or just making up your own explanation of it.

        1. Perhaps we can just shortcut the process and you can tell me the answer.

          As for a run of the mill Catholic research university, the existence of an LGBT club has no force of faith. There are a lot of illicit and immoral things happening in Catholic universities in the world. There are a lot of great things happening in Catholic universities in the world.

          While you are doing your research you can also point out where it is a scientific fact that people are predisposed to homosexual or heterosexual behavior. … I didn’t think so.

        2. I already know the Church teaching on homosexuality. I don’t need to check in with a Catholic research university when i can go straight to the Vatican for answers. You can feel free to cherry pick information from a Catholic research university. I’ve seen plenty of garbage from high level research universities, especially in the social science departments. Thankfully, I chose an Engineering career. An electron can not self-identify as a microprocessor.

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