Atheists Of The Past Were Always Right

Before the written word there were religions. Hindus and Buddhists are older than Christianity and origins perhaps predate the written word.

Since there have been skeptics and nonbelievers since the beginning of the written word it seems safe to believe they were there prior to it as well. If this is true, the atheists among all those societies where the religions have now died out were right. The gods did not exist. It is thought there were thousands of long lost religions so thousands of time atheists had it right.

So, how can what atheists have taught us since the beginning of time help us today? It is self evident. Past religions were bogus. Present religions are as well. Fans of present religions might consider the wisdom of past atheists.

But, of course, I am saying this tongue in cheek. Past religious people despised atheists and current believers do as well. Current people will say, “Well sure, atheists were right about those other gods. They weren’t real. Our god is. Just because atheists were right for hundreds of thousands of years and religious people were wrong all that time can’t mean we are wrong. We are right. Our god is the first real one.”

Time simply eliminates gods and brings on new ones. A while from now, people will look back on atheists and say they were right. But when that time comes, they will also say those future atheists are wrong because the new god is the first real one.

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    1. Brandon 8:09 Wow you are spewing out opinions and treating them as proved facts…unbelievable

      Yes, I’m guilty as charged. If what I wrote was in the Bible this could be handled by “It is God’s word” or “It was revealed to me” or “I saw it in a dream or vision” and we could then treat it as fact. In my case these did not happen. Please add this disclaimer. “When I refer to the prehistoric past and the unknown future it is my opinion.” Now, please add that to the Bible.

    2. Nothing shocking here, including the title. Jon is proud of being an atheist. He considers it intellectual superiority. He more or less thinks he invented the sport of making fun of Christian inconsistencies and sinfulness, as if Christians are immune from sin.

      Faith is a gift and many reject the gift. According to my Faith as a Catholic, rejection of God results in an eternity in Hell. I aspire to an eternity in Heaven for everyone. Since I have the greatest influence on those in my family, I try to focus on my family. But since all are called to be lights in the world, I reach out in a small way to everyone. Christ’s love, mercy and forgiveness is there for everyone to accept or reject.

    3. Chuck Z

      You must be new here, Brandon. Lol. Tread easily. We all know “making it up” is his go to move. It’s when he decides to start deleting your posts that you know you’re really on to something.

        1. Yes, I dump some posts of yours and Chuck Z. You both, and one or two others, have a predictable pattern. You challenge me with some question. Often it is an old question we have covered before and I doubt readers are interested. Nevertheless, I answer the question.

          Then, instead of pointing out why you think I’m wrong, you toss back a snarky insult. Readers have to scroll on past your snarky insults to find something interesting. I delete these to help the reader find something better.

          If you want to waste your time writing uninteresting posts with no information you can keep posting them and I will keep on deleting them.

          1. Chuck Z

            I asked you what your definition of a human being is. You’ve never answered that question. You simply tap dance around it with non-answers like “well, I know what isn’t a human being”. We all know why you won’t answer it, Jon. You know it to. Because as soon as you do, your argument is over. So keep doing the safe thing and delete everything you don’t want to be confronted with. And then make up some BS reason later in an attempt to save face.

          2. Rob

            Wrong, Jon. The ones you delete are where I ask you a question you don’t want to answer. Or can’t answer.
            After reading thesis after thesis length posts by Entech, I think your readers are capable of reading a paragraph or two by Chuck or me.

  1. Steve

    There has only ever been the One True God, and demons posing as gods with impressive tricks to draw away the unwitting. Over the centuries the demons abandoned old personas in favor of new and more effective approaches befitting the times. Recent top approaches include bolstering naturalism and posing as aliens… . Clearly they play the gamut.

    Recent trends toward revival of long dead religions and the worship of old personas are intriguing. As further discoveries in archaeology and paleontology continue to render evolutionary theory untenable, we may be in for some “greatest hits” signs and wonders .

    Any atheists, ancient or modern, have been wrong at every turn.

    1. Steve 9:53 …demons posing as gods with impressive tricks to draw away the unwitting. Over the centuries the demons abandoned old personas in favor of new and more effective approaches befitting the times.

      Interesting. Did all this come from the Bible, visions, dreams or reveals??

      1. mark anthony

        Jon, as far as I know this is nowhere in Scripture. I’m relying on my undependable memory here but as I recall I ran across this view somewhere in my reading about the Church Fathers.

      2. mark anthony

        re humanness. I think that I have a general idea of your views on that matter. Nevertheless, I think that you owe Chuck Z and the rest of us a detailed explanation of your position, complete with your rationale for holding the beliefs that you do.

        1. mark 8:29 Nevertheless, I think you owe Chuck Z and the rest of us a detailed explanation of your position with the rational for holding the beliefs that you do.
          You are relatively new here and would not know I have covered this a dozen or more times with the likes of Chuck Z. Chuck Z and others think I have painted myself into a corner because I have said repeatedly that one fertilized cell is not a human being. The anti abortion industry claims abortion after “the moment of conception” is murder. It is important for me and others to point out that one fertilized cell in not a human being because they are trying through politics to put this absurd notion into law.

          Chuck Z et al say if I point to the fact that one fertilized egg is not a human being I am obligated to have a view on when the fetus changes from a fetus into a human being. No such obligation exists. I am not trying to put into law any view that affects others the way right to life zealots are trying to insert themselves into the lives of women.

          That said, I have repeated that Roe seems a workable compromise with all the political factions. Abortions in the last 3 mo. of a pregnancy are rare but need to be available for medical reasons that come along. I have pointed out, as well, that our laws do not begin the life of a human being until birth and a doctor signs a birth certificate. That is simply a fact. Now, cranks here have said that because I point out this fact I am advocating abortions be available up to the birth. I have not said this.

          I have written several blogs, maybe it’s time for another one, that a law declaring a human being exists after “the moment of conception” puts women under the surveillance of law enforcement from that moment on. They will be essentially under house arrest. That is because a missing fetus must be treated as a missing human being. Did the mother smoke, drink, eat and exercise according to required standards? Did the mother’s computer show visits to self home abortion sites? Did the mother’s computer show purchases of any suspicious medicines etc etc.

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